Adjustable Indoor/Outdoor Security Metal Wall Mount Compatible with Arlo Pro/Pro 2/Pro 3/Pro 4/Ultra/Ultra 2 & Others - Ring Stick Up Cam Battery,... - SoppiGO
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Adjustable Indoor/Outdoor Security Metal Wall Mount Compatible with Arlo Pro/Pro 2/Pro 3/Pro 4/Ultra/Ultra 2 & Others – Ring Stick Up Cam Battery,…



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  • ✔ VERSATILE MOUNTING – The Wasserstein Adjustable Security Wall Mount can easily be adjusted with the 360-degree swivel and 90-degree tilt, allowing the flexible positioning of your Arlo cameras. It’s sturdy enough to keep your camera in the same position you desire
  • ✔ BUILT TO LAST – The Wasserstein Adjustable Security Wall Mount is specially designed for various Arlo cameras. It is made of high-grade, rugged materials that can last over long periods of time
  • ✔ EASY INSTALLATION – Installation is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply attach the camera to the mount using the 0.25″ thread screw and place either indoors or outdoors. Once fixed to the ceiling or wall, adjust to your desired angle.
  • ✔ COMPATIBLE WITH VARIOUS ARLO MODELS – Our security wall mount is compatible with the Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Pro 3, Arlo Pro 4, Arlo Ultra, Arlo Ultra 2, Arlo HD, Arlo Go, and Arlo Light as well as other compatible camera models including Ring Stick Up Cam Battery, eufyCam E/2C, Wyze Cam Outdoor/Pan.
  • ✔ WASSERSTEIN 3-MONTH WARRANTY – If any of our products fail to meet your expectations, please get in touch with us and we will try to resolve the issue. If we can’t resolve the problem to your satisfaction, you will get a full refund or replacement – no questions asked.

10 reviews for Adjustable Indoor/Outdoor Security Metal Wall Mount Compatible with Arlo Pro/Pro 2/Pro 3/Pro 4/Ultra/Ultra 2 & Others – Ring Stick Up Cam Battery,…

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  1. Steve

    Holds securely and feels solidly built, but rust is showing up already within just a few weeks on the metal screw portion of the mount. Of bigger concern to me is that I’m trying to use these with power cables, but the wheel that tightens down on the camera is large, and prevents the power cable from fitting into the port…and both the mount and power cable are from Wasserstein! The original outdoor security mount that came with the Arlo Pro 2 kit I bought doesn’t have this problem, as it uses a small knob to tighten to the camera. I’ll try to cut off the wheel and see if it holds, but I may have to swap all of these I bought out for original Arlo ones, as my outdoor-mounted cameras are, (by design, to prevent easy theft or tampering) very difficult to get to every few months to switch batteries.

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  2. Jeff G

    I bought these mounts due to price and good reviews from other customers, but quickly found they are unacceptable for outdoor use. After being outside for just a week they began to rust. I’ve positioned my cameras underneath our gutters at various points on our house, for the most part they don’t get rained on. 6 months in and the mounts are completely rusted. I didn’t have to charge my cameras for a couple months due to living in a quiet neighborhood, but now that I need to, I’ve found that the mounts have literally rusted to the cameras. I had to use pliers to remove them. Aside from that, the rusty water has dripped into the charging ports and ruined 3 of my Arlo cameras.

    If you’re looking to save money, do not buy these mounts for outdoor use. You’ll end up spending hundreds on new cameras.

    Aside from that, the hardware provided was useless, I needed to use my own screws since the screws provided are very short.

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    These seemed like a good deal at first. Now they are in the trash.

    First off they are cheap knock offs. The camera kit I bought came with 1 of the secure outdoor mounts like these and 3 magnet mounts. I wanted a more secure mount so I added these two here.

    Right out of the package I knew I made a mistake. They are slightly smaller than the factory mount and they are made from a much cheaper pop metal. I installed them anyways. I had difficulty positioning the camera because the ball joint was not offering resistance to hold the camera in place. After fiddleing and fine tuning for a bit I made it work but barley.

    A few months went by and it’s time for a battery change. The threads on the mount rusted so badly that it seized the mount onto the camera. Thankfully it did not damage the camera thread after I wrenched it off with some pliers.

    Spend the extra 5-10 bucks. Buy the fficial Arlo recommended mounts. These are garbage.

    You have been warned 😉

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  4. Graham Grief

    Cheap alternative, cheaply manufactured and very poor quality material. Buying these could have been a very costly mistake when one of the two cracked at the ball socket whilst adjusting. Luckily I caught the camera before it crashed to the ground. Fitted the second from the box and discovered a stripped thread on the camera securing nut. Managed to make one functional bracket out of the two in the box so my purchase didn’t work out much cheaper than the Arlo brackets would have done. I will stick to the originals in the future. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.
    Added a star following concern and support from the seller who has provided a replacement for the broken mount. Yet to fully trust the product though.

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  5. ChrisMcC

    Very awkward to hold the camera in the desired position whilst tightening the clamp.

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  6. DjB

    Good, fit an arlo hd well. The screw wheel covers the battery compartment so thread locking isn’t really a good idea.
    Comes with all of the plugs and screws necessary to install. Easy to set the camera angle and has 360* rotation.

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  7. Mac_Cat

    Simple, strong and painted white.
    Hard to beat these simple and fully adjustable camera mounts.
    But, it won’t work with ARLO Pro 2, because the plastic backup nut is to big, if you use the power cord.
    So, you have to remove the plastic wheel and replace it with a standard 1/4″ metal nut.
    That allows you to tighten up the threaded rod, with a power plug inserted.
    To avoid it, buy the mounts that have a large metal ball, because it works better if mounted using magnets!

    Also, avoid the screws. Get sheetrock or decking screws. The little acres they included only work in sheetrock with anchors, and they strip very easily.

    I like the way the mount locks down on the swivel ball, but the treaded rod really needs to be 1/3″ – 1/2″ longer, for the ARLO PRO 2.
    This is probably fine for the earlier models , which I never tried, but I can see they put the mounting plate on the bottom.

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  8. twitte

    Think twice before you buy this. I finally go around to trying to install the wall mount outside my house. The heads of 2 of the provided screws broke off as I was screwing them into the wood. I used some other screws that I had in my toolbox. After mounting I screwed my Arlo Pro camera onto the mount screw and tried to adjust it for a downward angle. Something about this design wouldn’t let me tighten it all the way. My camera is not tight and can be moved by touching it. The adjustment on the mount just won’t let you tighten the camera down where you want it. Bottom line: I’m going to stick with the OEM version which I have used without any trouble at all. The OEM version is a higher quality and worth the extra money especially when you have an expensive camera hanging from it.

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  9. KG

    These white metal wall mounts work perfect with our Arlo cameras. I didn’t trust the magnet mount on our front porch, the camera was too easy to remove and I was worried someone would just reach up and grab it. This wall mount is nicer! We hung it up at the top of our porch to the side of the front door. It’s about 7′ up as recommended for the camera and we were able to angle the camera so it catches people walking up the walkway. I can see when we get deliveries, and also when people walk across the lawn past our porch.

    Since the camera screws onto this wall mount I’m not too worried about someone grabbing it. By the time someone unscrewed the camera (7 feet up) we would already have been notified that someone was there. These wall mounts are perfect for the places you really need to monitor. The round magnetic ones we use for different areas in the backyard/house so we can move them around easier to monitor the pets.

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  10. Christy

    I bought two of these for my Arlo Pro 2 cameras. Installation was easy, and despite being a bit awkward to get the angles right they seemed ok. After 6 months both had rusted, and it was obvious they are a cheap imitation in comparison to the Arlo genuine mount, (which i also have one of). After the second time i had to take the cameras down to charge them, i could not get either of them back on satisfactorily. The threds on the mounts were so rusted i could barely screw the cameras on to them. And then when i did the tightening plastic piece simply wouldn’t tighten. So i was left with a ‘floppy’ camera that just kept aiming itself at the ground. Great for watching leaves but that’s it. So i’ve had to order two more Arlo mounts. (My original has not rusted at all, and it looks as good as new by comparison).

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    Adjustable Indoor/Outdoor Security Metal Wall Mount Compatible with Arlo Pro/Pro 2/Pro 3/Pro 4/Ultra/Ultra 2 & Others – Ring Stick Up Cam Battery,…
    Adjustable Indoor/Outdoor Security Metal Wall Mount Compatible with Arlo Pro/Pro 2/Pro 3/Pro 4/Ultra/Ultra 2 & Others – Ring Stick Up Cam Battery,…


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