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Anykit Ear Wax Removal Tool, HD Ultra Clear View Ear Cleaner Otoscope Ear Camera with Wax Remover, Adjustable LED Light, Ear Scope with Ear Spoon…

$39.99 $26.99

$39.99 $26.99

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  • PERFECT EARWAX REMOVAL TOOLS – this earwax removal kit is a ear cleaning camera with HD ultra clear view. This ear camera and wax remover will help you easily locate ear wax and remove them.
  • HD ULTRA CLEAR VIEW – 720P 1.3MP high quality Lens with color reproduction techonology. This ear cleaning camera provids user clearer image.
  • PLUG and PLAY Ear Camera-The diameter of this otoscope is only 0.17inch, allows easy entry to ear canal to examine eardrum.
  • ANDROID, MACBOOK, WINDOWS PC COMPATIBLE – NOT FOR IPHONE, IPAD. Android 4.5+ devices (support OTG & UVC function), USB-A, Micro-USB, USB-C supported.
  • BETTER LIGHTING for BETTER IMAGES – 6 LED Lights with adjustable light level for better and more realistic images.
  • COMFORTABLE and SAFE – The improved soft silicone ear wax removal tool protect your ear get hurt.
  • TAKE PICTURE and VIDEO RECORDING – this ear camera support take picture and video recoding on your device via APP, you can save photos videos, and send toyour doctors for a quick and easy professional consultation.
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Anykit digital otoscope, Type-C adapter, 3x ear specula, 4x ear spoons. Please kindly notice this usb otoscope DO NOT support iPhone or iPad.
  • Please kindly notice that this USB otoscope come with the USB and micro-USB in one head, and a USB to Type-c adapter in the box.

Specification: Anykit Ear Wax Removal Tool, HD Ultra Clear View Ear Cleaner Otoscope Ear Camera with Wax Remover, Adjustable LED Light, Ear Scope with Ear Spoon…

Package Dimensions 5.98 x 2.6 x 1.26 inches
Item Weight 3.31 ounces
Item model number AKNTE430
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Best Sellers Rank 19 in Camera Photo (See Top 100 in Camera Photo) 2 in Lab Handheld Digital Microscopes
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Date First Available November 19, 2018
Manufacturer Anykit

5 reviews for Anykit Ear Wax Removal Tool, HD Ultra Clear View Ear Cleaner Otoscope Ear Camera with Wax Remover, Adjustable LED Light, Ear Scope with Ear Spoon…

3.8 out of 5
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  1. R Young

    In the past, I’ve had a problem with excess ear wax build up and have had nurses irrigate my ear to clear it out. There are over the counter drops to basically do the same thing, but the problem was I never knew if I needed to use them and if they were doing anything. This camera helped with that.

    While it came with an adapter to hookup it up to my smartphone, I used it on my PC so I didn’t have to download an app. It worked flawlessly right away. I just plugged the camera into my computer’s USB port, waiting 30 seconds for Windows to find it, and then opened Window’s built-in Camera app. It instantly found and showed the camera.

    The camera itself has pretty good image quality. Because the lens of the camera has to be pretty small to fit in your ear, don’t expect stellar, hi-def image qualify, but I could clearly see my ear drum. The LED lights on it can get warm but they are adjustable with a built-in slide dimmer.

    The tool comes with 3 adapters to use in your ear and make sure you’re not scratching it and 3 scoops. I was very afraid to use the attached scoops because I didn’t want to damage anything. When I did see a blockage in my one ear, I then went an used ear wax drops and a syringe to irrigate my ear. Then when I used the camera again, I could see the blockage was reduced.

    Overall, it’s a pretty good product

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  2. redzavila111

    I had an iPhone and the one I received said “does not support iPhone “. They didn’t tell on the ad that this is only for android

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  3. Bookgamer

    I have been having a pressure problem with my ear for awhile now and the doctors have no idea. I got the Otoscope to see for myself that nothing was inside my ear. The scope is easy to install (on an Android anyways) and I had it set up in 5 minutes. It is hard to tell which side is up on the camera so you have to play with it a little. Make sure to use the little attachments that come with because the light gets hot. And DO NOT use the little scoops, you can’t measure the distance in your ear and will hurt yourself. I tried it just inside to see what it felt like and it also is scratchy. I’d rather not have to go to the doctor. It was a good tool to have to make sure I don’t have an ear infection. It also takes video and pictures so you can send them to your doctor.

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  4. Paul Hunter

    Get a product like this for your ears, nose and throat and not an endoscope. I was recently cleaning out my ears with cotton swabs when I found a very tender, highly sore spot inside my right ear. It was too deep into my ear canal for my wife to see what was going on. I had previously had an endoscope camera and was trying to look into my ears one time and even though the camera tube was small, it wasn’t small enough for me to see deeper into my ear canal. Besides, it had umpteen feet of extra cabling that I did not need for this purpose. I purchased this product because it was supposed to be a 1-day delivery if I ordered within a certain time-frame which I did. No extra payment was required for shipping. It just happened to be an item that offered extra fast delivery. I did not receive it on the promised day, but I did receive it 2-days later. Anyway, hooking this device up to my Windows 10 laptop was a breeze. I connected it to one of my available USB ports and then went to my camera app that was already already installed because I have a built in webcam. I had to flip a setting to switch to turn it off the internal laptop camera to the external otoscope device. After I did that, it showed up instantly on my screen. I did not use the black tips that came with it like the ones you see on regular otoscopes at a doctor’s office. Another reviewer suggested against it. Instead, I attached the pick device to the end of the very narrow camera. This type of camera will fit into your ears and that is why I would advise against getting a regular endoscope camera that has umpteen feet of cabling that you do not need. This camera fit nicely into my ear canal and I was able to see the problem for the pain in my ear which still continued several days later. I had a white pimple-like area that had become swollen and infected. I was able to scrape at it a slight bit with the ear pick attachment hoping to pop it open to relieve some of the pressure. I was able to do this and used some cotton swabs to absorb the fluid that came out. One thing that I must write is that the camera is not easy to navigate by yourself. You really need a second person that can guide it in gently and to have the camera facing in the right direction so that the image won’t be sideways or upside down on the screen. My wife was out of town at the time that I attempted this. Otherwise, I would have had her guide it in and look for me. I cannot say that the picture is high definition quality. You can see the image fairly clearly, but I certainly would not classify it as HD. Another thing to note is that everyone has tiny hairs inside their ear canal. Using the LEDS on full brightness will light up your hairs brightly causing a minor bit of obstruction of your view. I am unable to test it out on my phone because the included USB C adapter is too big to allow me to plug it into my Galaxy Note 9 phone with an Otterbox Defender case attached. Although it would be more convenient to be able to use my phone with this camera device, it is too much of an effort to remove the case off of my phone and then put back on. Keep this in mind. You may want to get one with a USB C cable that has a USB C to USB A adapter. My wife has a different case on her Note 9, so when she gets back in town, I will try it out on her phone and report back if there are any issues connecting and viewing it on there. Overall, I am happy with my purchase. Unfortunately, I think the issue in my ear is something that a doctor must treat and not the pick attachment that came with this otoscope. As for the other attachments, I have not given them a try. I don’t see any use for the tweezer attachment to pick out wax from your inner ear because there is just no way to navigate it into your ear canal and cause it to clamp onto any clumps of wax debris. Fortunately for me, it wasn’t really a need for clearing out clogged ear wax. It was simply the need to see deeper inside my ear canal to find the source of the pain when I was trying to use a cotton swab to clean my ears. I can say that I was able to see my ear drum clearly and will try to take a picture to attach to this review at a later time. Just for the record, I was not compensated in any manner to write this review, nor did I receive the product free or at a discount.

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  5. Jessica D. Pena

    So what started off a spur of the moment purchase because it was on sale on Cyber Monday as a Lightning Deal, turned out to be a pretty interesting story. My package arrived a couple of days after ordering so I decided to play around with it. I downloaded the endoscope app with the most ratings on the list from the Google Play store into my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phone. I initially thought the connection from the endoscope wasn’t compatible to the phone after trying to connect it but if you push hard enough, it does fit. We started checking it out and playing around with checking everybody’s ears. I have 4 little ones so naturally everyone is very excited and having fun looking in their ears. I have to say that using the black cone connections was the best and easiest to use. I used the scope without any attachments and the picture seemed more blurry and more uncomfortable. Using the black attachment was more comfortable with the kids. The little scoop attachments were very uncomfortable and for some reason was not able to get in the ear the same distance as with the black attachment so I think may be a little useless if you need to reach further into the ear. Well low and behold we are looking in my 7 year old son’s ear when we come across what looks like a spider in his ear! You can see the uploaded pictures. Well we spent hours and hours trying to figure out a way to get it out using the scope non stop. Not to fret! At the end of the night my son was able to use a pair of tweezers to gently pull out what looks like a piece of local weed LOL. Needless to say how relieved we were when we figured out it wasn’t a dead spider. Saved us a trip to the Doctor for sure!

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    Anykit Ear Wax Removal Tool, HD Ultra Clear View Ear Cleaner Otoscope Ear Camera with Wax Remover, Adjustable LED Light, Ear Scope with Ear Spoon…
    Anykit Ear Wax Removal Tool, HD Ultra Clear View Ear Cleaner Otoscope Ear Camera with Wax Remover, Adjustable LED Light, Ear Scope with Ear Spoon…

    $39.99 $26.99

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