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BEBIRD Ear Wax Removal Endoscope Otoscope, Earwax Remover Tools, Scope, with 1080P FHD Camera, 6 Led Lights, Wireless Connected, Compatible with…



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  • 【1080P FHD Camera & Safe】 – With the 1080P high resolution camera, you can see the earwax clearly and remove the earwax safely with the soft ear spoon. Make removing earwax clearer, safer and more accurate.
  • 【Intelligence Camera & Constant Temperature System】 – The smart ear scope has a 360° wide-angle, help you reduce the number of misoperations. 6 strong leds can light up your ears but they will not hurt your ears because the Constant Temperature System.
  • 【Stylish Design & Friendly User Interface】 – The ear scope is light to carry and simple enough to use. 3 soft replaceable ear spoons will not hurt your ears. Download the APP and the software is very easy to use, you can not only see your ear but also check the remaining charge of the re-chargeable battery.
  • 【High Quality Rechargeable 250mAh Battery】 – The ear scope has a high quality rechargeable 250mAh battery which can be used up to 30 days. And you can see the remaining charge of the battery through the APP.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】 – This otoscope works with almost all of ios and Android devices. Download the app and contect to the ear scope with wifi, you can start to enjoy earwax removing.

Specification: BEBIRD Ear Wax Removal Endoscope Otoscope, Earwax Remover Tools, Scope, with 1080P FHD Camera, 6 Led Lights, Wireless Connected, Compatible with…

Package Dimensions 7.48 x 2.99 x 0.87 inches
Item Weight 3.98 ounces
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Best Sellers Rank 459 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) 4 in Lab Handheld Digital Microscopes
Date First Available June 30, 2020
Manufacturer Highdas

6 reviews for BEBIRD Ear Wax Removal Endoscope Otoscope, Earwax Remover Tools, Scope, with 1080P FHD Camera, 6 Led Lights, Wireless Connected, Compatible with…

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  1. MelB

    I wanted to see inside my head so I bought this. I was surprised at how clean my ear already were. I was able to take a picture and share it with all of my family.

    The plastic scoop is soft and gentle.
    The camera is clear.
    Comes with charger and replacement tips/scoops.
    App has video, photo options (for your new profile pic or Insta!)

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  2. Devin Valois

    By far one of the best ear wax removal aids that I have ever used. Very easy to set up, use and clean. Came with clear and easy to read instructions. The FREE app is also very easy to use. I did not expect such a GREAT item for the low price but I was amazed by the outcome!!! Also did I mention the customer service I have never ordered anything on amazon we’re the company sent me a thank you letter which also included there email telling me if I had any problems at all do not hesitate to contact them for a replacement which to me says a lot about the people who run the company and how they back their product!!

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  3. Ryan M.

    So i recently went to an ENT Doctor and got a cleaning. Felt good afterward but only less than a week later i would sometimes feel like there is a bug in my ear! So i took a shot with this mainly for the camera feature. The camera is pretty low quality but it gets the job done. The tips it comes with are fine although i wish they were a big longer. Probably to minimize ear damage. All in all i wish this had some sort of suction attachment to suck all the earwax out but i think this is as good as it gets. Also it is good to keep a little earwax so you don’t want to buy something so expensive that you’ll use maybe a few times a year. Based on this i say get it be careful with it

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  4. Leela Sirotkin

    I have horrific ear wax that gets to the point where it’s hard to hear. None of the commercial over the counter products help. I’m an emergency room physician and usually I have the nurses at work help me out if there is downtime but even that is often only a partial solution. There was a bit of a learning curve in maneuvering and the ear canal is sensitive but it was great to be able to do it myself in my house and best of all – I can hear.

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  5. Dale C.

    Okay, I’m just like you: I’ve got wax in my ears and I’ve always wondered if it’s really bad and my friends are just nice and they’re not telling me I’ve got slime monsters poking out of my earbud receptacles. I tried rigging up a series of lights and mirrors to see into my head holes just like you did, but that never worked (although one time I’m pretty sure I could see 27 hours into the future for like 13 minutes). So when I saw this ear wax removal endoscope at such a low price, I figured it probably wasn’t going to be that great, but at least I’d get to greet my little ear monsters face to face, even if it was a Windows Paint 16-color image from 1991.

    Well, I was wrong! This is a fantastic product at a great price, and it’s easy to use. I use it with my iPhone, so I just downloaded the app from the App store, then followed the directions in the app. The scope creates its own WiFi hotspot, which you connect your phone to, and that allows the scope to send a very high quality image directly to the phone without relying on any outside signal. (Woot! You can mine your ears even on a plane. But don’t. Turbulence. Don’t mine your ears on a plane.) The only difficulty you’ll encounter has nothing to do with the product itself, and that’s just getting accustomed to actually operating a remote ROV inside your own head. But pick it up you will, and soon you’ll be scooping out goop you never imagined or wanted to know was sitting millimeters beyond the reach of your earbuds! And then Imagine what you’ll discover when you go deep sea diving into your teeth or the depths of your belly button!

    But seriously: This small company has built an excellent product that delivers on all of its promises and then some. I’ve comfortably cleaned my ear canals and learned quite a lot about the anatomy of my ears along the way. The image quality is excellent and the app works exactly as it should. I recommend the product to anyone who is serious about hygiene or is just one of those curious types (the tip can be removed, turning the scope into an effective lighted “microscope.”

    Highly recommended!

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  6. Amazon Customer

    I was surprised after reading the reviews at how awful this worked. It is not designed to work it is designed to make money for the company! I threw it away after one use scared if I returned it the company would just repackage it and sell it to another gullible consumer. This does not help you “clean” it helps you see where your ear wax. If you try to clean it do not look for instructions in the box.
    Because if they put instructions in the box they could be held liable. I had to use videos I found on the internet (I should have thrown it away at that moment!) this product ended up impacting ear wax we did not even know existed before we had this product. This product is going to cost us even more in medical bills. Do not fall prey to this product do not buy. Just go to the doctor and get your ear wax flushed. In the hopes of “saving” money I have cost my husband his hearing in one ear. Our insurance plan is not the best so we thought this garbage would help his ears which have had a chronic problem with wax.
    I wish I had looked more into this product because it was not designed to be used to clean wax but to look at it. Once you look at it, you will want to clean it. I bet somewhere on this website they have some kind of do not hold us liable because for a product this awful you need a team of lawyers.
    Do not do what I did do not buy this product. I will admit it looks like it was in its true place when I threw it in the dumpster.
    You will impact wax you did not even know you had.
    You will have to go to the doctor.
    Do not buy this.
    Do not buy.

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    BEBIRD Ear Wax Removal Endoscope Otoscope, Earwax Remover Tools, Scope, with 1080P FHD Camera, 6 Led Lights, Wireless Connected, Compatible with…
    BEBIRD Ear Wax Removal Endoscope Otoscope, Earwax Remover Tools, Scope, with 1080P FHD Camera, 6 Led Lights, Wireless Connected, Compatible with…


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