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EZshoot BoreSighter Bore Sight kit with Button Switch for 0.177 to 0.54 Caliber Rifles Handgun Red Laser Sight



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  • Improve Accuracy: Laser bore sight emit a straight red laser beam, providing a precise reference for zeroing in on your target.
  • Applied More Model: Upgrade 9 bore adapters in set, the laser bore sight can be applied to all .177-.54 caliber rifles and pistols.
  • Push Button Switch: Upgrade bore sight add push button switch function, control it conveniently.
  • Brightness Enhancement: Power:
  • Easy to Use: Simply choose the caliber adapter and place the laser bore sight unit in the muzzle.

6 reviews for EZshoot BoreSighter Bore Sight kit with Button Switch for 0.177 to 0.54 Caliber Rifles Handgun Red Laser Sight

4.7 out of 5
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  1. K. Inouye

    Pros: Pretty close to universal, especially if you’re willing to tinker with things a bit – there’s different size plastic plug things that screw in the back to work with different calibers, and if you don’t mind making something that fits right (maybe from a bore brush?) or using a little plumber’s tape or something to get a good fit, you can probably make it work with anything less than a .50. Dot is nice and bright, whole thing feels pretty solid and well made, comes in a nice box with batteries that worked and all the tools you need (allen wrench, screwdriver) and a little sight adjustment target table thing.

    Make sure you screw the back end thing in enough to push it up onto the post, which spreads out the plastic. Otherwise you’ll have a bit of a wobble in most firearms. Tried it with a .22, .223/5.56, two different 9mms, and a .30-06. Pictures above show it in a Springfield Hellcat and a S&W M&P Shield 2.0… the latter with the factory Crimson Trace laser also on. As you can see, the two dots are pretty darn close to each other, which is good. You do need to jam the thing in there as best you can, though, or maybe wrap the end in something to get a tighter fit on some guns. A dedicated single-caliber bore sight won’t have that wobble… but then if you’re like me you’d need a half dozen different bore sights.

    So long as you remember that these things are not for precision adjustments, just for getting it on the paper before you fine tune your scope, you’re good. My guns spend far too much time just sitting in the safe, so it’s an easy way to do a quick check and see if anything’s been knocked out of line before I go shooting.

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    This boresight is intended to get your firearms close to zero. I have only used this boresight to get my red dot on my handgun close to zero, then I zero at the range. 4-Stars because the battery compartment can be better designed. The battery compartment is tricky to install and fits very loosely. The laser is also not perfectly centered within the boresight itself. Spinning the boresight causes the laser to trace a circle around my red dot instead of maintaining a singular point. For less than $20 bucks, you can get fairly close to zero, but would still need to properly zero at the range.

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  3. J. Grafford

    My only knock on this item is the adapters are not marked. you just have to see which one fits by trial and error. Once installed it is a tight fit, no noticeable movement. I have not been able to go to the range to verify its accuracy but I think it very close. I had my red dot sight sighted by a gunsmith. His comment was he was getting the red dot parallel to the barrel. Just because it is parallel does not mean that the bullet is going where the dot is. When I used this sight kit it was real close to what the gunsmith said he sighted. The nice thing about this sight tool is you can zero in at any distance you want – 15 feet, 23 feet, 136 feet. Bedroom door to front door 21 feet.

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  4. Damon_EDA

    This is a nice kit comes in a nice case for all the parts. Saved time and ammo! Very easy to use. Wasted lots of bullets previously and still didn’t get more accurate, hard to make progress for staying old way to practice. Within an hour of messing around with the laser bore sight, I can aim my target more accurately and firmly. I designed ser real small games to help me practice with this Lazer sight. Also It’s nice that it comes with clear instruction. The kit comes with different sizes for different purpose, this is very thoughtful

    1. Super easy to install
    2. High quality, made with quality materials for precision and long life
    3. Long battery life
    4. Very accurate
    5. come with beautiful case for all the parts. It makes it a decent gift for

    Overall I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a sight

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  5. daniel gravitt

    This bore sight is really powerful and comes with all the tools needed.The accuracy is unbelievable. I would recommend for anyone with a rifle!

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  6. Mikel Berry

    I don’t own any long guns. But, I do have a few handguns. Because the sights cannot be adjusted on most ‘iron sight’ pistols, what you need to do is adjust your aim. Using this lazer to ‘paint’ your target before you fire, gives you a strong indicator of how far off your aim is. Then, you can adjust accordingly. This bore sighter by EZShoot does a great job. It’s very accurate and easy to use, with adapters for most calibre handguns. The target in the picture shows a lot of rounds that are on top of each other in the bullseye. Those were AFTER I adjusted my aim with this bore sighter. I am very pleased with this purchase. Five stars. (Note: I have tried to submit this review several times, with pictures of the sighter attached to one of my handguns, several of my handguns on display, and a firing range target showing accuracy after using the laser sighting tool. None of those reviews were published by Amazon. Nor did Amazon give any explanation as to why not. I can only assume that Amazon will not post pictures like that. It must offend their sensibilities or be against their review policies, somehow.)

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    EZshoot BoreSighter Bore Sight kit with Button Switch for 0.177 to 0.54 Caliber Rifles Handgun Red Laser Sight
    EZshoot BoreSighter Bore Sight kit with Button Switch for 0.177 to 0.54 Caliber Rifles Handgun Red Laser Sight


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