Polaroid 2x3ʺ Premium Zink Photo Paper (30 Pack) Compatible with Polaroid Mint Camera, Snap/Snap Touch Instant Print Cameras & Polaroid Mint and... - SoppiGO
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Polaroid 2×3ʺ Premium Zink Photo Paper (30 Pack) Compatible with Polaroid Mint Camera, Snap/Snap Touch Instant Print Cameras & Polaroid Mint and…

$23.91 $21.06

$23.91 $21.06

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  • Stunningly Vibrant Detail : Premium quality photo paper recreates every Color and memorable moment with outstanding and brilliant Detail; Every image boasts remarkable Color integrity that is Perfect for Printing Smartphone shots or social media Photos
  • Earth Friendly Photos : Zink paper eliminates the need for costly film and wasteful cartridges, ink, and toners; Zero Ink Technology is a natural Printing solution that is Easy to load into Your Camera and Prints in a Single pass
  • Memories that last a LifeTime : Zink paper is Treated with a glossy, protective polymer overCoat that is Water resistant, tear resistant, smudge Proof, and dry to the touch; They are specially Made to be long lasting and fade resistant, even when exposed to light, heat, and humidity
  • Print & Post : Share or frame your mini 2×3 inches photo prints, or peel off the sticky back and post them in a book, on a wall, or Anywhere your creativity takes you; Zink paper also costs less than any other instant print brand, so you get more prints per penny
  • Multi Camera Compatibility : Compatible with Polaroid Snap Instant Print Camera, Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera, Polaroid ZIP Mobile photo Printer, and more

Specification: Polaroid 2×3ʺ Premium Zink Photo Paper (30 Pack) Compatible with Polaroid Mint Camera, Snap/Snap Touch Instant Print Cameras & Polaroid Mint and…

Item Weight 1.6 ounces
Item model number POLZ2X330
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Best Sellers Rank 337 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) 7 in Photographic Film
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Date First Available July 2, 2012
Manufacturer Polaroid

10 reviews for Polaroid 2×3ʺ Premium Zink Photo Paper (30 Pack) Compatible with Polaroid Mint Camera, Snap/Snap Touch Instant Print Cameras & Polaroid Mint and…

4.7 out of 5
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  1. gattacciopazzo

    Dopo svariate ricerche la confezione da 50 stampe è quella con il rapporto quantità/prezzo più conveniente. Nonostante questo non ho dato la quinta stella perchè 50 centesimi a stampa per foto tanto piccine mi sembra comunque un po’ troppo, confido che con il diffondersi della tecnologia ZINK i prezzi caleranno, ma non è questo il giorno.
    Premesse a parte, per ottenere belle stampe bisogna legge i consigli dati dal produttore dell’apparecchio (Polaroid nel mio caso) ed effettivamente, in condizioni di illuminazione perfetta poi le immagini sono risultate vivide, dettagliate e con colori realistici. Se invece la luce non è ideale al momento dello scatto anche la stampa ne risentirà presentando difetti, aloni magenta e macchie più scure.
    Ho letto di clienti che lamentavano un imbarcamento delle stampe, io ho atteso circa 5 minuti e la foto è rimasta dritta. Se vengono quindi riposte in un album il problema non sussiste, personalmente le ho appese con dei magneti al frigo per cui le ho incollate sugli appositi cartoncini per dare un tocco più allegro e rimangono perfettamente dritte.

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  2. Justine

    Bought these for my HP Sprocket printer and they work great.

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  3. Valerie Bonham Moon

    The picture quality of the images does well enough in brighter (but not too contrasty) light. Compared to earlier Polaroid papers, the images seem a bit sharper although the paper size is smaller. Brighter light is better than dimmer light, but on a point & shoot, that’s only to be expected.

    On value-for-money, I use the images in my journal. As a shorthand for lengthy description, the pictures worked just like I want them to: good enough.

    The print quality is good. One thing I didn’t know until I came across it Somewhere is that the pictures are sticky-back. One reason I didn’t know this is because the cover sheet on the back of the print is, um, ‘not easy’ to remove. I’ve developed a technique of bending the ugliest corner of the picture jusssst a littttle bit and rather rolling it to loosen the cover paper from the sticky-back of the print. Then I can winkle my fingernail between the two and (usually) peel it right off. Sometimes it takes a few tries as the two layers are thinny-thin-thin. Once they are separated, though, the stickum sticks ’em smack onto any paper it comes in contact with. That picture is _stuck_.

    For repositioning a mispositioned picture, cut the whole picture out of the page and get a glue stick.

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  4. Marcela Nowak

    The quality of this paper is amazing!

    I’ve been using it with my 

    Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer w/ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology – Compatible w/iOS & Android Devices – White

    You get 5 ten packs of paper (size 2×3 ), 50 in total.
    I really like that they pack them like this since, i don’t have to open the whole box to print a few pictures.

    Each pack has a blue Smartsheet card with it.
    You should use this card before running another pack of Zink paper through your printer.

    The blue Smartsheet calibrates colors and cleans printer’s head.

    The pictures come out dry, clear, and really smudge proof.
    They are perfect to carry in your wallet of for scrapbooking!
    The paper is water resistant, thick and not easy tearable.

    Don’t forget to use blue Smartsheet and enjoy your gorgeous prints!

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  5. JJCEO

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.
     I have a Polaroid Socialmatic camera and I had run out of paper. After taking a lot of photos at Christmas and at parties I found out that when you print out a photo everyone wants the copy of their favorite pictures and you don’t get to keep them. I had an upcoming birthday party to go to for my grandson and I wanted to take photos of his party to give to him so I ordered more paper. I allowed almost 3 weeks for delivery to make sure that I got the paper. After the order was placed I found out that the shipment would take 4 to 7 weeks and I was upset. I was still being optimistic that they would arrive early as I was told they shipped them on Christmas. After the birthday party date had passed I called Amazon and told them to cancel the order. The supplier told me that they were already shipped and the cancelled the invoice but told me to keep the Zink paper when it arrived. I promised a review of the papers and so here it is.

    This paper makes surprisingly good photos. The color is very good and the photos are clear. The camera makes these photos with Zero Ink thus the name is Zink. In my attached video I show the package, how the paper is delivered in 10 packs and how to load them into the camera. Make sure that you leave the barcode sheet on the bottom of the stack with the barcode facing down. Once loaded the camera will scan the barcode and configure the camera to make the best photos. The photos have a removable backing that allows you to stick the them on a wall, bulletin board or onto a collage board of photos. The backing is hard to get started to peel off but just take your time.

    In my video I show a photo that I want to print and print it out. As you can see the quality of the printed photo is very good. I like this paper a lot and the paper works well in my camera. I now see that my supplier ships the product directly from Amazon and they can ship the product and deliver it in 2 days. I compliment them for making this change. I rate the product at 5 stars as it works as specified and I feel the suppler has done a fair amount of assistance after the long delivery issue.

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  6. craftyfunstuff101

    So happy this paper works for both Polaroid and HP Sprocket – I really like it when products are compatible with one another like this, as it takes the stress away from the customer having to make the right choice every time. I would say, keep the paper in the individual packets of 10, and preferably in the box to avoid the paper becoming ruined. These little printers only take 10 sheets at a time anyway, so bear that in mind. This Zink photo paper is so cool! 😀

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  7. Jade

    I think zink paper is amazing and affordable. I have to buy it for my Polaroid zip (in red! it’s cute).

    Two things I use my zip/zink paper for: when my friends want a copy of an instant photo I’ve taken. I’ll scan it to my phone, then print them out Polaroid zips on the spot! They love it. (Or I’ll let them take the original and make myself a copy later!). I usually bring a few packs of this along to parties, with my Polaroid Zip and my Fujifilm Mini 90 instant camera.

    The other thing I use it for is when I want to display my instant photos in a sunny place. I don’t want to fade the original photo, so I scan it, make a copy on my Polaroid zip, then put the original photo in a safe, dark album!

    The quality isn’t jaw-dropping amazing but it’s pretty good! What exactly can you expect from printed iphone pictures/instant photo copies?

    I love it. 5 stars.

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  8. Paul I. Delgado

    I put some printed images on a STOP sign around my home to see how they last.
    I printed one two months ago, and just get a little darker. It was green.
    Then I printed a red one a month ago, the color remains.
    And just as a comparison I printed on my inkjet printer two stickers; with the first rain they faded.

    Basically the overall rating is good.

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  9. Kelly

    I purchased a Polaroid Zip for my daughter for Christmas but it only came with a small pack of paper. She’s a teenager and I knew she would go through it fast 😂 so I wanted to purchase her some extra. I was very happy when I found them for so cheap. In case you missed the description, they are 2 inches by 3 inches and you have the option to use the sticky backs if you want to. My daughter loves her printer and uses it all the time. Neither the paper or printer is perfect, you can see very faint small lines on the photos but they are still very nice and the color is very vibrant. I provided a pic so you can see for yourself. I hope it is helpful.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this photo paper as it was cheaper than the paper for my HP Sprocket. I followed the guidelines in other reviews and swapped the blue card in this packet for the one in my previous packet of HP paper and it has worked perfectly. I use my photos for journalling and the paper is of great quality, easy to peel backing if you want to stick the photos and i can write over them with a sharpie. highly recommended.

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    Polaroid 2×3ʺ Premium Zink Photo Paper (30 Pack) Compatible with Polaroid Mint Camera, Snap/Snap Touch Instant Print Cameras & Polaroid Mint and…
    Polaroid 2×3ʺ Premium Zink Photo Paper (30 Pack) Compatible with Polaroid Mint Camera, Snap/Snap Touch Instant Print Cameras & Polaroid Mint and…

    $23.91 $21.06

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