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Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular Fit Jeans



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  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Zipper closure
  • Wash And Dry Inside Out With Like Colors; Liquid Detergent Is Recommended
  • Mid Rise Men’s Blue Jeans: Sits at Waist
  • These Men’s Jeans Have Extra Room Through Seat and Thigh
  • Men’s Straight Leg Jeans With Zipper Closure
  • Wash and Dry Inside Out With Like Colors; Liquid Detergent Is Recommended

8 reviews for Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular Fit Jeans

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  1. Benj

    I’m a simple man. I like well-made stuff that lasts forever. I don’t care where it comes from, and I’ll spend for perfection. I like classic, rugged things that respect a legacy of craftsmanship, rather than dance for the flighty whim of style. Always thought the 505s and 501s were that, ‘sfar as jeans went, but I’m learning I’m wrong, or more likely, something’s changed.

    First, I can’t wrap my head around the colors. Classic blue with yellow stitches looks as good as ever, but be real careful you don’t end up with crotch whiskers or whatever they’re called. You might also get food coloring grass stains. These are earned defects in a good pair of jeans, not borrowed from the labor of another. I had a pair of old 501s that ended up looking like today’s super hip fakies after I’d worn them for a decade and aged them to perfection, but today they’d look like I grabbed them off the shelf that way. This leads me to quality. I’m in my third pair of 505’s in as many years, and am here on Amazon reviewing them because this morning, I noticed a hole in the crotch. Yes, I’m hard on jeans, but, well, they’re jeans. I don’t wear them just to look awesome, that’s a passive benefit. I wear them to protect everything from my flesh to my sensibilities, and I have to say I’m dismayed that the only way to get a perfectly aged set of denim these days is to buy them that way, for they’ll fall apart long before you have a say in it.

    So let’s talk fit and style. I’m a jeans guy. 32×32. It’s almost a cliche. I like jeans I can pair with cowboy boots, lace ups, oxfords, and sneakers, topped with everything from button-downs to tee shirts, and the 501’s and 505’s both fit the bill, but it’s the subtle misses that bug me. Like, why only five belt loops? Seven would do a much better job of keeping your jeans in place without stressing your belt or the form of the jeans waist. Speaking of waist, why on earth do these sit where they do? If you’re a man with neither a belly nor a greased six-pack, the waist is ridiculous. I want it just at my waist, above my hips, because, imagine this, I do more in jeans than stand. I sit, from bike seats to barstools and on all sorts of other things. I kneel. Sometimes I’m even lying down or doing some weird halfsie position, and I don’t need my belt digging into my stomach or my shirt coming untucked or the back dipping down to show the world my johnnies. All these problems are solved with a slightly higher waist.

    Look, I know the kids like what they like –nifty tears and low rises and fits best for slouching– and bully for them. For your classic, western styled man –and I don’t mean western like bolo ties, but more like Americana; boots and jeans and leather– these are no longer the ubiquitous solution they once were. Bottom line, they’re fine for style, but for lifestyle? That’s a negative, good buddy. I’ll keep an eye out for a new model. Maybe as trends go back to the old school, Levi’s will make a jean more fit for me. Wish they’d stick with it regardless of what the fashion is. Introduce new jeans and new numbers but keep your classics classic. Until then, I’m on the scout for a new jean.

    Update: Unable to find another jean and needing a new pair badly for an upcoming event, I bought my old standby, but got a different color; “Range”, whatever that means. These are made in Lesotho. It’s in Africa, before you ask… I know because I had to look it up. They fit unlike any other Levi’s I have ever nor currently own. They are basically “skinny” through the thigh, slightly flared at the leg, and the seat is basically too tight to sit in. Same 32×32 I always buy and still wear, same 505s, and completely, utterly a different jean. What on Earth is with Levi’s? Quality control is gone, attention to detail, gone. I should have listened to myself and skipped them. I’ll return them and continue my hunt for an acceptable replacement. Am I alone in thinking that I’d rather pay twice and get a better jean?

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  2. D. Lyttle

    Add me to the list of folks giving 1 star to what was a 5 star product, and I’ll be returning these. The denim and construction are as good as ever, the fit is not as comfy but probably acceptable, belt loops also a step in the wrong direction – but inch and a half shorter pockets? Are you mad? Jeans are supposed to be practical, and decent pockets for guys to carry stuff in has always been part of that. In particular, I’ve always kept my phone in a front pocket, since I don’t like cracked screens, and my regular (not plus) iPhone 6 just barely fits now. Phones are getting bigger, not smaller, and I don’t think I’m unusual in not carrying my phone in a back pocket.

    Levi’s, if you’re listening – I have literally never bought another brand of jeans since the late 60’s – and that was growing up in Ireland where they were harder to find and a bit pricy. I intend to see if I can find one of your styles that is close to the 505 but with proper pockets, if not I guess I’ll break down and try another brand. And let me know if you intend to revisit this 505 redesign and right the wrongs.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    The jeans arrived faster than expected, which was great. I bought them as an alternative to the button fly 501s as my husband could no longer manage the buttons. They have elastane in the material which makes them softer than the 501s and they become a bit looser throughout the day so a belt is required which isn’t ideal. However on the whole, nice jeans .
    Also just received an import tax bill from FedEx … for goods imported from the USA..
    sorry won’t be ordering these again.

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  4. Dixie

    Bought these jeans as a gift for my husband. So pleased to actually find some Levi 505’s as these are my husbands favourite fitting jeans, not too tight & comfy although not many places seem to sell them these days. The price was also excellent & as always with Levi’s the quality is good. The delivery took several weeks to arrive but we knew this when ordering & they actually arrived before the projected arrival date. Would certainly recommend & purchase from this Company again.

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  5. Kim toomey

    Good colour and fit. Nothing to dislike. Delivery was nice and early. Would but again.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Been looking for this style of jean with the slightly wider leg think they are a relax fit ordered 34×34 fit perfectly going to order another pair while I can get them.

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  7. C A Sowerby

    Well fitting levis with a zip fly

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  8. JustNeverKnow

    Levi Strauss needs to rebrand its 505 jeans so they are consistent, and Amazon needs to clarify its description of this product. Levi 505 jeans are not all 100% cotton. They do not all have the same fit. It seems to depend on the color, but it’s unclear what makes the difference. They are made in different countries.

    It’s also unclear why they are called “Regular Fit.” That description appears on no label of any of the three 505 jeans I own. Two of the three have a label inside that prominently states “Straight Fit” and 505, and the term “Straight Fit” also appears on the size label. Those two are 100% cotton, are made from thick cloth one would expect from Levi’s jeans, and fit as expected. One of those is black and the other is light blue. The black pair is made in Egypt, and the light blue pair is made in Nicaragua.

    In contrast, a slightly darker blue pair with the exact same Levi’s 505 label on the outside waist is very different from the two described above. It does not have a “Straight Fit 505” label inside. The term “Straight Fit” does not appear on the size label. The number 505 appears on the inside size label only in the cryptic number sequence “00505-1341.” This pair is NOT 100% cotton. According to the label, it is 72% cotton, 27% polyester, and 1% “elastane.” The material is much lighter and thinner than that of the others and also stretches slightly throughout the garment. The fit is different; it seems to sit lower on the waist. This pair is made in Vietnam. It is not necessarily a bad pair of jeans, but it’s not a pair of 505s as described here, like other pairs of “Straight Fit 505” jeans sold by this manufacturer, or as expected of any pair of Levi’s jeans I’ve ever owned.

    As it is, and judging from other reviews on this page, there’s no way to tell which type of 505 jeans you will get if you order them. Are all colors the same, so that if I order another black pair, it will be 100% cotton like the pair I just received? I don’t know. If I order a different color, will it be 100% cotton and like a 505 pair I expect? I don’t know. Levi’s needs to disambiguate this brand (to borrow a term from Wikipedia) and get its act together. It can’t simply deny there’s been a change. Many people on this website have described the changes. What is the deal? We don’t understand. And Amazon, until Levi’s corrects the problem, fix your description of the product: acknowledge that some of these jeans may not be 100% cotton and may fit differently.

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    Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular Fit Jeans
    Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular Fit Jeans


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