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All-new Fire HD 8 Plus tablet, HD display, 32 GB, our best 8″ tablet for portable entertainment, Slate

$109.99 $79.99

$109.99 $79.99

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  • 8″ HD display, 2X the storage (32 or 64 GB of internal storage and up to 1 TB with microSD card) + 3 GB RAM.
  • All-day battery life & wireless charging – Up to 12 hours of reading, browsing the web, watching videos, and listening to music.
  • Now with USB-C for easier charging. Fully charges in under 4 hours (with included cable and adapter).
  • 30% faster thanks to the new 2.0 GHz quad-core processor.
  • Enjoy your favorite apps like Netflix, Facebook, Hulu, Instagram, TikTok, and more through Amazon’s Appstore (Google Play not supported).
  • Introducing Game Mode – A distraction-free and optimized gaming experience.
  • Hands-free with Alexa, including on/off toggle.
  • 2 MP front- and rear-facing cameras with 720p HD video recording.
  • Dual-band, enhanced wifi.

6 reviews for All-new Fire HD 8 Plus tablet, HD display, 32 GB, our best 8″ tablet for portable entertainment, Slate

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  1. Malia S.

    I purchased this as a long overdue replacement for my 4th generation Fire HD 6. I primarily use my Fire tablets as Kindle devices because I’m a fan of the text-to-speech functionality. (Did you know you can also ask your Alexa Echo devices to read your Kindle books to you?) Aside from the improved specs in the new 2020 10th Generation version, I was especially looking forward to being able to Alexa in Show mode without having to be tethered to an outlet – this functionality alone is well worth the product price IMO. The Fire HD 8 tablet is a great choice for people who want to read or listen to Kindle books, watch streaming video content (Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, etc.) or casually browse the internet. Both of my Fire tablets have had the ‘Special Offers’; they don’t bother me at all.

    Favorite Features:
    – Amazing Battery Life!!
    – Alexa ‘Show Mode’ – like having a wireless Echo Show!
    – Text-to-Speech functionality for Kindle
    – Expandable Memory up to 1TB
    – Dolby Speakers = decent sound quality
    – Has a 3.5mm Audio Jack
    – 3GB RAM & Wireless Charging (Plus model)
    – Angreat 10W Wireless Charging Dock (sold separately) is well-designed

    A few minor gripes:
    – I wish the included charging cable were longer, but I ordered a wireless charging dock
    – It would be great if the ‘Plus’ model came in more colors
    – Camera quality could be improved
    – Fingerprint Magnet
    – Google Play Store not included by default

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  2. Richard Colby

    It is well known that the HDX was the holy grail of Fire tablets. I have been a Fire user since gen 1 (which I recently traded in for the new HD 8 Plus), but the HDX was the epitome of an inexpensive, quality Android tablet. It was speedy, reliable and had a great screen. I used mine so much that the battery died and I replaced it just so I could keep using it, even after Amazon stopped updating apps for it. When I decided to upgrade to the HD 8 (8th gen), I was so disappointed. The HD 8 is trash. It is an embarrassment. It doesn’t even run Amazon products like Alexa or Music properly, and the browser runs so slow to be almost unusable. When I stumbled on the new HD 8 plus, I decided to replace the HD 8. Finally, a worthy successor to the HDX! As you can see from the image I uploaded, it finally nudges out the 7-year-old HDX in speed, but better yet, Amazon supports all the apps and it runs great. Finally, a snappy browser, reliable email, and (check this out), it actually runs the Amazon Music app without crashing! It’s a steal at a hundred bucks.

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  3. Harlan Lebo

    Once again, a tablet billed as “all-new” is anything but. I suppose if you are buying an 8” tablet for the first time, the new Fire HD models may be worth considering (although there are better deals and features from other manufacturers – see below). However, if you’re thinking of an upgrade over your current Fire 8”, you may want to wait, or look elsewhere.

    Yes, the new Fire HD 8 and 8 Plus are somewhat faster than previous models – but previous models work just fine for almost everything we do with a small tablet: email, video, and web browsing. The screen on the new Fire 8 is the same resolution and size as on previous models, even though the body of the new Fire 8 is now wider (which means you’ll need a new case, too).

    So what do you get for $89 or (for the Plus) $109? You get a USB-C connection, and a modest speed increase. That’s it. There is nothing here that defines the new Fire 8 as “all new.” This tablet is billed as “allowing you to enjoy your favorite apps,” but you could already do that with previous models. And the heavily-touted battery life of 12 hours? That’s the same claim Amazon made for the Fire 8 in 2018!

    A truly useful step would have been an upgraded screen, but we don’t get that feature on the Fire 8.

    If you are eager to get a new 8” tablet, you may want to consider other products. For instance, the new Lenovo Smart Tab M8 costs $99, but for the extra $10 you get a tablet with the same size screen, RAM, and processor speed as the Fire 8, but the M8 is physically smaller, lighter, has a metal body (instead of plastic like the Fire), and ships with smart charging dock for no additional cost.

    Someday, Amazon will create a tablet that is indeed “all new.” Today is not that day.

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  4. Andy

    This new Fire 8 HD Plus is a leap above the 8th gen Fire 8 HD. Speed and battery are great. The QI wireless charging works like a charm. The 3gb of RAM definitely shows in the use of the tablet.

    Here is my beef. The trade in program is a joke. They quote you $10 for the 8th Gen and when you mail it in they say that it didn’t meet standards and reduce the amount to $5 and charge you the extra $5. I don’t know how mine didn’t meet the standards. It had a screen protector since day 1 and a case. No scratches, not blemishes, full charge, wiped as ordered. This seems to not meet their standards. I have been hosed on their trade in program before trading in a Echo 1st Gen so you would think I would have learned my lesson. Amazon gives you a joke of a trade in and then they cut that joke in half or all together and expect you to just grin and bare it.

    BE WARNED, DO NOT USE THE TRADE IN PROGRAM. While I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon I will never promote their trade in program and I will voice my opinion anytime someone is thinking of using it. Shame on you Amazon.

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  5. Thomas Mitchell

    I like the build and over feel of the device. Even though it is made out of plastic it still feels very rugged and durable. I recommend this product. I have had a Kindle before and it is still in perfect condition.

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  6. ChicoCR

    The tablets fine, no problems there. But where are the cases? Accidents happen and how many times have you seen people drop their smartphone/tablets and the screen cracks? I know we’re going thru corvid-19 right now, but there is no mention on the webpage how Amazon is going to address this.

    The one case listed on amazon has the access for the camera, power and volume buttons in the wrong place.

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    All-new Fire HD 8 Plus tablet, HD display, 32 GB, our best 8″ tablet for portable entertainment, Slate
    All-new Fire HD 8 Plus tablet, HD display, 32 GB, our best 8″ tablet for portable entertainment, Slate

    $109.99 $79.99

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