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Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with Individual LED lit Power Switches (HB-UMLS)



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  • Instantly Add Four USB 2.0 Ports to all Compatible Device.
  • Easy Setup, Plug-and-Play, Hot Swappable, Hot Pluggable.
  • Gain Four, Downstream Ports Which Offer High-Speed (480Mbps), Full-Speed (12Mbps), And Low-Speed (1.5Mbps).
  • Intelligently Designed to Be as Thin as Possible, Allowing you to Maximize Precious Work Space or Travel with ease.
  • Backwards Compatible With 1.1 Devices and Hosts.

Specification: Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with Individual LED lit Power Switches (HB-UMLS)

Wireless Type 802.11bgn
Number of USB 2.0 Ports 5
Series HB-UMLS
Item model number HB-UMLS
Operating System Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems
Item Weight 0.353 ounces
Product Dimensions 3.4 x 1.4 x 0.61 inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH 3.4 x 1.4 x 0.61 inches
color Black
Computer Memory Type WRAM
Manufacturer Sabrent
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Date First Available March 19, 2013

10 reviews for Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with Individual LED lit Power Switches (HB-UMLS)

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  1. Allison

    My work computer has Windows 7, so when I started to run out of ports, I picked this one because it specifically stated it was compatible.

    Got the package, plugged it in. Nothing worked, even items that were working fine when plugged directly into my computer. Saw no drivers were necessary (nice), so called support. They said this device doesn’t work with accessories, like headphones, keyboards, and mice – only USB for data transfer.

    Why you’d need to transfer data from 4 sources at once is beyond me, as is why they wouldn’t support accessories. SMH. Returning.

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  2. sojourner

    I was amazed at the quality of this unit, (and I’m a gadget freak). It has solid USB connections. Nothing loose and cheesy about it. I attached it to the face of my tower PC with mounting tape. Looks and functions very solid. I’m an amateur photographer and am constantly disconnecting one-to use it for something else. Having this has saved me a great deal of frustration. I can even leave the cables plugged into the hub and just power off the L.E.D. power switches, so now I don’t need to hunt for cables. I’m using it full time now for a month and have had no problems whatsoever. I’m VERY glad I got over some of the “if’y” reviews and bought this.

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  3. Librarijen

    I was so excited to get this USB expander/splitter. My plan was to use this to charge multiple devices from one USB. I plugged in my phone and my tablet, and was very disappointed. The tablet shows that the charger is plugged in, but there is a red “X” over the battery icon, indicating that it is not actually charging. I tested that cord plugged directly into the original USB (the one that this new 4-port charger was plugged into) and it works fine. My phone gave me the message that it was “slow charging” and that I should check to see if it was plugged in properly. I checked to make sure all of the connections were good, and went off to take a shower. When I came back, my battery had DECREASED by 2%!! I then checked that cord the same as I did the other cord, and sure enough, it works just fine.
    Thankfully, it was only $8, because I’d already thrown away the packaging, and I’m not sure it will be worth the time and effort of a return.
    Unfortunately, this device will not work for me for the purpose I intended. 🙁

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  4. BC

    I bought this for power distribution, not data. The cable from the hub is so thin it limits the current to the devices …EG. My Bluetooth Speaker WILL charge from the wall-wart, but will NOT charge if I go via the hub …A shame, because otherwise the design is exactly what I wanted – ho hum!

    A bit disturbed that Amazon have asked me to review the Camera feature …Has this thing got a secret camera in it? …Hang on …[opens case] …No. It’s OK. It *was* a tiny person with a polaroid camera …I must say, he got some good shots of me making dinner …But I think he fell between the power rails and got electrocuted at some point – maybe the hub will start working when I bury the little spy dude …[solemn music] [nice eulogy] [21 flashstick salute] …Nope, it still won’t charge my speakers!

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  5. P. Robinson

    I needed a multi-usb port for several led lights used in Lego sets. This little device ID perfect when you need to expand the number of usb ports, each port has an on-off switch which is a great feature most rivals didn’t have. It is small, well built and a great price too!!

    One thing to note, several people have given a low score because there is a limit to the power available so it is not suitable for say multiple hard drives. This is clearly pointed out in the description and is NOT a fault of the product, This is true with any similar device. To power things like hard drives you need a POWERED usb port.
    Don’t downgrade a great product simply because you can’t read the product description and buy something inappropriate to your needs!!

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  6. Teacupz

    When I first got this little hub, I was impressed with it. It was just the right size, had 4 hubs and individual on/off switches. I use hubs a lot since I’m getting my book ready for my manuscript and my laptop only has 2 ports and I need 1 tor my fan, so I was tickled to get this hub
    But the romance soon disappeared as the hub started getting hot and kept getting hotter, heating my USBs along. Now I’m finding corrupted documents I’m trying to complete each for my manuscript. the pulling a document of one
    title and it opens to another document and I can’t find the one I was looking for. One thing that got eaten/ misfiled or … a document with the first four chapters of my book. I can’t find them, but something mysterious happened to them. I believe the heat from the hub is slowly corrupting my documents. But the heat today was frightening as I had located 3 documents that appear lost. and I was afraid of an explosion.
    So I’d suggest you check your documents and the heat generation B 4 you lose chapters.

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  7. Someone

    Bought this and am currently using it with a raspberry pi, though note you will need a plug converter as well for that. This item has a regular USB plug whereas the pi has a phone charger size connector.

    The useful feature is that each usb port is switchable. Raspberry pi’s don’t have an on off switch but if your wifi dongle is attached to this device, by switching it off then on again, this wakes up the pi which saves unplugging the pi’s power supply.

    We have had wifi dongle, keyboard, mouse and USB stick running fine through this all at once. Don’t forget though that you can’t draw 4x the power just because you now have four sockets; for example you can’t use it to charge 4 phones at once.

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  8. Anonymous

    A great little USB hub. I love the fact that it has buttons with blue light indicators to turn individual ports on and off. I was hoping to get the one with the power adapter hole and I did get that model! (Model HB-UMLS) BUT…The packaging and info included did not include any information of what kind of power adapter I’d need. The hole for it measures at 5mm but I’ll have to look up what exact voltage and amperage I need.

    In one of my pictures (attached) I show it powering a Razor Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 keyboard and a Logitech G35 surround headset (and a scanner and a second laser mouse – which don’t use that much power anyway; mostly data).

    Plugged my phone in with both of those going and it wouldn’t even register as a data device. I disabled the other two ports with those devices in them and my phone came on as a data device and started charging. I guess it can only power one device that needs that much power. It can power more if I get the right adapter.

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  9. Eric

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.
     So far so good. Works well, does not get hot at all (i read posts about them getting hot). All of the plug ins ports work. I have my interface, two hard drives and my iphone plugged in. I use them all day long have for the past couple of weeks since i got it and doing great. The buttons are smooth and easy to press. OOOOOOOONLY THING IS………THE PORT IS A LITTLE TIGHT SO YOU HAVE TO PUSH your USB IN AND PULL OUT A little HARDER THAN NORMAL ……but not that much.. it’s just noticable tighter.

    if what I wrote was at all helpful please click so below so I know this helps others. Thanx

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  10. Jimmy Beesechurger

    Better quality than I expected for a cheap device, but works flawlessly, running multiple peripherals as and when required. Pretty well made and should last a while. Very happy with it!

    My computer has been randomly making the sounds associated with USB devices being connected/disconnected, and I have never been able to pinpoint the cause. It turns out that this device is generating driver errors within Windows 10, and delving deeper into Windows health reports shows that there has always been a problem with the driver for this device. I have never been able to get a driver downloaded and installed for this device successfully. I have therefore deducted 3 stars from my initial review. The device is well-made and rugged enough, but it is not fit for purpose on my Windows 10 machine. It appears to connect and disconnect itself at will, and causes conflicts with other USB connected devices. It has now been permanently removed and replaced with a USB expansion card, which in hindsight, I wish I had done in the first place.

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    Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with Individual LED lit Power Switches (HB-UMLS)
    Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with Individual LED lit Power Switches (HB-UMLS)


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