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KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive, Clear 0.176 Oz KPLGL01


  • Formaldehyde And Latex Free
  • Super Strong Hold
  • Brush applicator for thin and precise glue line
  • With Aloe


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10 reviews for KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive, Clear 0.176 Oz KPLGL01

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Jennifer

    I tried this for the first time and it instantly set my eyes on fire. My eyelids have been swollen and red since last night. It is very hard to remove the glue residue as well. I will go back to my previous glue I’ve used.

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  2. QuayQuay

    I had my lashes on all weekend I pulled them off this morning which is Monday and out on new lashes with the glue will buy all the time and won’t use another one
    I posted pictures because pictures make the viewers look

    Bue guys it works

    Update 2days later and still on

    So far so good I really don’t feel the need to post a picture because it’s just glue
    But I must tell you this glue is holding on baby and I’m loving it
    I put the glue on about 5pm last night and it’s the next day I went to sleep woke up still on I’m at work now and it’s still on
    I even touched and pulled a little just to see if it would move and nothing

    I must admit that I put the glue on the lash and let that first one dry and put more 30 seconds later

    And I will not order another glue I will use this one until somebody tells me it’s better out there and I see if more self

    Good in all areas…..

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  3. Hana

    Whether you’re just now going to start practicing putting on false lashes or you’ve been doing it for years- I highly recommend this glue above all others.

    I’ve been wearing falsies for years and still think a wand applicator is easiest. With a tube you always have the option of using a toothpick/bobbypin/cottonswab as an applicator but there’s just something nice about unscrewing the glue, doing the job, and screwing it back on as a job well done. But it also seems easier not to over apply glue while also adding just enough to get the lash to stay. Which brings me to my next point!

    When this glue is applied thoroughly on the band, end to end, the falsie will be secure. Not once have I had a problem where the glue has come loose and unsteady. But it’s not a painful, potent smelling, must-use-eyelash-glue-remover sticky either, it comes off with some careful tugging or just water. It also doesn’t smell or make my eyes feel irritated like some other glues have. It’s a fantastic eyelash glue.

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  4. Talia

    These hold my lashes to my lid very well. I think this glue requires a bit of practice before getting used to it, such as how fast it dries and how tacky it gets. Though, practice makes perfect and I recommend this lash glue for beginners to makeup.

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  5. Briannaxparanoia

    Exactly what I needed for my lashes, I love the brush on applicator, lot less messier than dabbing a dot of glue or squeezing it out all over your lash, and I like how it dries quick because I’m a very impatient person and the number one thing that makes me late to work is applying my lashes cos I have to wait til the glue gets tacky and sticks on good, this takes no less than a few seconds. And it lasted me my whole work shift. (I’m a cashier)

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  6. Adilene Mojica

    The best eyelash glue I have ever used. The brush makes it easy to apply to lashes and once on, it stays on. It dries clear so you can’t really see the glue.

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  7. Stephanie Lopez

    This eyelash glue is my go to. Reason for that? its latex and formaldehyde free (no one wants to put that on such a sensitive area like their eyes). Additionally, it has a brush applicator, doesn’t dry too fast or too slow, and doesn’t have an odor. Only downside is it isn’t black, an extra step is required to ensure it looks seamless with your lash band.

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  8. Heleina

    Sweethearts DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU DONT3 KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. If u make a mistake you’re so on your own. It sticks on ssooo hard. If u know u want to keep your eyelashes on for like a week…cool…this is the glue for you. But if it’s a one or 2 days thing? Do not buy it…it is ssttrrrooonngg like gorilla glue for eyelashes.

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  9. amie

    I do love this glue, it works perfectly for me. Its sticky so it keeps the false lashes on all day. The only let down is that after air get into the tube it very quickly goes clumpy and you can no longer use it. Great while it lasts

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  10. 👑 Bargain Hunter

    I’ve been loyal to DUO lash glue for over a decade but recently it’s been irritating my eyes and I don’t know why. I bought this on a whim based on all the great reviews and I’m SO happy I did!! Latex-free, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, strong all day and night hold (I’ve accidentally slept with my lashes on a couple of times and they were still 100% on with this glue—NO LIFTS!), and super easy to peel and remove! WHAT?! GAME CHANGER! Officially switched and stocked up on this eyelash glue. Bye-Bye DUO! 👋🏽

    HOWEVER, I can’t get over the ridiculous markup of this item on Amazon.. $12?! It’s seriously only $4 from Walmart!! What’s with this major ripoff pricing, Amazon?! I knocked 1 star off for this because it’s not fair to punish the product review when the only bad thing about it is the pricing offered here. Amazon, please get it together and sell this as a $4 add-on item as it should be. Don’t hesitate, buy this lash glue (from your local drugstore until Amazon fixes the price) and try it out for yourself. It’s absolutely wonderful!!

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    KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive, Clear 0.176 Oz KPLGL01
    KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive, Clear 0.176 Oz KPLGL01


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