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Maybelline Lash Sensational Washable Mascara, Blackest Black, 0.32 fl. Oz. (Packaging May Vary)

$8.99 $6.78

$8.99 $6.78

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  • LASH SENSATIONAL, FOR A FULL FAN EFFECT: Exclusive fanning mascara brush with ten layers of bristles reveals layers of lashes for a sensational full-fan effect. Add the look of length and volume without clumping. Opthamologist tested, contact lens safe
  • DEFINE YOUR EYE WITH MASCARA: No eye look is complete without Maybelline Mascara–amp up the drama with The Falsies Mascara, keep it classic with the iconic Maybelline Great Lash, or go for a smooth, clump-free natural-but-better look with Snapscara
  • MAYBELLINE IS THE EYE EXPERT: Whatever your signature eye look, whether natural or dramatic, Maybelline helps create looks that draw eyes. With a broad selection of pencil & liquid eyeliners, highly pigmented eyeshadows, iconic mascara, & eyebrow makeup
  • MAYBELLINE HAS WHAT YOU NEED to create any look–foundation, bb creams, concealers & highlighters to create a perfect canvas, eyeshadows, brow pencils & eyeliners for any eye look & lip products, from showstopping matte lipstick to au natural lip balms
  • REMOVE MAYBELLINE MAKEUP WITH MICELLAR WATER: Use Garnier Micellar Water as a gentle makeup remover at night, and as a facial cleanser in the morning to prep skin for Maybelline makeup

10 reviews for Maybelline Lash Sensational Washable Mascara, Blackest Black, 0.32 fl. Oz. (Packaging May Vary)

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  1. CRS

    At first I was going to give this a noncommittal “eh” and say it was average, but after using this for a bit, my opinion of it has actually decreased.

    The bad: it clumps my lashes together, giving me the exact opposite effect of adding volume; it makes my lashes appear even more sparse. One coat doesn’t do much, but the more you add, the worse this clumping is. It’s also extremely messy. It’ll get on my eyelids no matter how careful I am. I’m also not really a fan of the brush. I’ve gotten used to it, but still not a fan.

    I’m not sure if the problem is the brush, or the product’s formula. I’m going to wager it’s both, because even with an eyelash comb, the clumping problem is apparent.

    The good: it doesn’t smudge much. It’s also easy to remove. It appears to add length, as well, to the eyelashes, but I’m not a good judge on that, as my lashes are already long. My problem is volume.

    Sadly, those good points aren’t enough to save this mascara. It’s not a product that works for me.

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  2. Caz

    An amazing dupe for my Lancôme Hypnose mascara – and a fraction of the cost. I layer my mascara because I like a bit of a clump but it glides nicely if you just want separated and lengthened lashes – just make sure you use the correct side of the brush. Is it called a brush? The plastic bit on the end of the wand?
    Anyway, it dries out so work quickly and it’ll keep for the 6 months you should have a mascara open for. If you’re reading this and you’ve been using a mascara for longer than that, BIN IT IMMEDIATELY.

    No, really. It’ll be crawling with bacteria that you’re just putting next to your eyes every day. Replace it with this mascara as it’s cheap as chips and fab! Only downside is that the tube is ridiculously shaped. Is it mascara or a space ship? Who knows.

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  3. Ashlyn Alexandria Stackhouse

    I’ve used a lot of different mascaras, from higher end (benefit they’re real, clinique) to high street and I have to say this is the one I always come back to. It’s nice and affordable (I got this for £5 in the black Friday sale!) And gives me the most voluminous, dark, thick and elongated lashes in just one layer! I love the brush shape – the concave side is perfect for getting product onto your lashes to make them look nice and thick, and the convex side perfect for elongating your lashes. Honestly if you haven’t tried this yet, give it a go – it’s a big hit on YouTube and with beauty bloggers too and it really does live up to the hype.

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  4. VBell

    Taking a close-up of one’s eyes is surprisingly challenging.

    The brush is tricky, which is one of the reasons this doesn’t get 5 stars, another is that it seems to be quite thick. The thickness combined with the tricky brush left me with some clumpy spots and a bit of a mess on my upper eyelid.

    However, the results are really quite good. If you can manage not to get too much product on the brush at a time, the longer side of the wand really does help fan out lashes and separate clumps. I’ve tried a lot of different maacaras, and this one is hands-down my current favorite. I also appreciate the washable formula. Trying to remove waterproof mascara is a sysiphusian effort and often leaves my eyes sorry and red. I love not having to fight with it!

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  5. Hope

    So we did a little experiment and my friend compared Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Washable Mascara & Maybelline Lash Sensational Washable Mascara.. they seemed to have similar results as you can see from the pictures… while the Sensational Mascara seemed to lengthen her lashes, she did prefer the Colossal Mascara. It seemed to create fast volume on her lashes instantly while lengthening too. The Mega Brush and collagen-infused formula of the Colossal seemed to give massive volume in just one coat! Also, it was nice that it is clump-free!!!
    Both mascaras were washable which was nice when it came time to remove the makeup..
    So in conclusion: While both had good results she liked the Colossal Mascara’s quick volumizing in one coat over the Sensational 🙂
    Hope this review helps at least one person trying to decide between all the many mascaras on the market!😁 If it is helpful to you, then please let us know by clicking on the little helpful button below👍 Thanks so much!!

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  6. Dr. Danger Mousette

    This product is ok. Unlike other reviewers, my product was actually sealed when it arrived. At first it is pretty nice to use. The brush is quite fine (see pictures) which gives a nice even distribution of the mascara. However, after a while, it seems to dry up a little and even with the fine brush becomes quite clumpy / tacky to apply and sticks my lashes together. Water needs adding to thin it out, and even that doesn’t work sometimes.

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  7. Marcella

    So this product is thicker than I thought it would be, and almost a little clumpy. For me, if I don’t wash my face/rinse my eyelashes before using, it clumps like crazy. Also, the wand is weird to use. It works well once I get a feel for it, but the first few times I used this mascara, I was almost debating tossing it. I really have to ROLL the wand as I apply, blinking slowly to get a nice curve.

    It dries fast, so I can do a coat on each eye, then do another almost immediately. What works best for me: wash face and eyelashes to remove any random buildup. Use the longer bristles on the wand and roll up gently to lightly coat my lashes. One or two swipes of that, then a swipe on the shorter side to build up some colour near the tips. One more swipe of the longest bristles, just a little, to thin out the ends / flare them. Repeat on other eye. For second coat, I use the longest bristles of the wand very gently on the top of my lashes to thicken the look a little and darken the bases of my lashes (light brown lashes here).

    It washes off with soap and water in the shower easily, and doesn’t bleed too much from daily wear / sweat / accidentally rubbing my eyes now and then. It didn’t cause irritation to me after the first few minutes, but that may be because it’s a new formula for me and it was a little weird to use. After a week or two of occasional use, there’s no irritation at all.

    I’m not sure if I’ll purchase this brand again – I kind of like my other Maybelline line more (colosses, I think? The fat yellow tube with purple writing, hah.).

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  8. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this mascara to replace another maybelline mascara that I hated. I had read the good reviews, but I was skeptical. I get Birch box and have gotten some amazing mascaras in it…but I just can’t rationalize spending $20 for mascara. So I tried this. I didn’t like it at first because the wand is plastic…not the brush type, which I prefer. But then I learned how to use the wand…it’s like a combo wand of every type out there! It has you covered from every angle…and man, I love this stuff! My eyes don’t go a day without it. See the picture to see the difference between my eye without it (right) and with it (left ). Buy it!

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  9. Katie

    I love it! In my photo you can see the difference the mascara makes!

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  10. Sergio Garcia

    I naturally have eyelashes that go straight down. There is absolutely no curl to them whatsoever (the complete opposite actually) and I feel like eyelash curlers have also been culprit to my lash loss. This mascara is exactly what I was looking for. I have lost a lot of volume in my lashes over the years because I was using really intense mascaras that would not come off without having to scrub hard and lose a lot of hair in the process. This mascara stays on ALL day and as you can see, makes a huge difference in how full my lashes look. It removes easily with makeup wipes and does not flake throughout the day. I will say, it begins to flake after about an 11 hour wear and thats when I remove it. Great overall though. P.S. In the photo, I used about 3 coats. Also, it does not dry immediately (this does not mean it is messy) which is good because you can build the product without discomfort.

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    Maybelline Lash Sensational Washable Mascara, Blackest Black, 0.32 fl. Oz. (Packaging May Vary)
    Maybelline Lash Sensational Washable Mascara, Blackest Black, 0.32 fl. Oz. (Packaging May Vary)

    $8.99 $6.78

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