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Philips Norelco OneBlade Replacement Blades, 1 count, QP210/80



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  • 1 blade will last you up to 4 months based on average of 2 full shaves per week.
  • Only OneBlade replacement blades have rounded tips that protect your skin and provide a shave that’s not too close, allowing you to perfect your look, just the way you like it.
  • The OneBlade trims, edges and shaves any length of hair.
  • Our blades can be used wet with foam or dry, even in the shower.
  • OneBlade replacement blades fit on all OneBlade, OneBlade Face + Body and OneBlade Pro handles.

10 reviews for Philips Norelco OneBlade Replacement Blades, 1 count, QP210/80

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  1. Aaron Craft

    This is one of those scams where they make a product that is good while it lasts but is MADE TO FAIL FAST so they can sell you replacement blades. They even have a subscription program for getting new blades every three months.

    I bought this to shave my head and trim my beard to length. I use it about two or three times a week. These blades go dull after roughly three weeks – at max and cost $9 a blade if you buy 2-packs on Amazon.

    Functionally speaking, I’ve never had a shaver that performed this well (when it’s new!). It does the best job out of many electric razors I’ve tried. But after you realize you’ll be replacing blades so frequently – the math starts to make less and less sense. I’ve had this thing for maybe six months now and I’m pretty sure I’ve spent over $100…. knowing that I’m going to be spending $18 every month for blades…. that doesn’t make sense considering the other electric razors I’ve used still work after YEARS and I’ve never once replaced the blades. I just prefer the One Blade because of how small it is and how close the initial shave was.

    Dream product – blades are MADE TO WEAR OUT QUICK. I am searching for another product.

    Don’t feed this company reward money for making a product designed to fail so they can hook you for blade subscriptions!

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  2. Rodrigo Gonzalez

    I bought these after my original blade lost its sharpness and started pulling on my hair. The original blade that came with the shaver was great. It almost lasted the advertised 4 months. These blades however are junk. They last barely 5 weeks. I did notice that these blades have a wear indicator that is useless since it doesn’t even appear even though the blade is no longer effective. The original blades did not have this wear indicator and lasted a lot longer.

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  3. Gartzia

    Estos repuestos son réplicas exactas de las cuchillas originales, como podría esperarse. Y por ello tienen buena calidad y duración. De los 6 repuestos que he comprado, solo uno se rompió por aplicar demasiada fuerza en el rostro, pero la realidad es que no creo que se rompan con un uso normal. De cualquier manera, la cuchilla se rompió de manera reparable y lo pude pegar de nuevo, durándome un par de meses más.

    Mi uso es casi diario, tengo barba cerrada y por lo general no dejo que pase de los 5 mm, por lo que se puede decir que me rasuro alrededor de 20 veces al mes. Dándole este uso, a mí me ha durado más o menos 6 meses cada navaja.

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  4. Jeffrey Couch

    I have fine to medium texture facial hair. It grows in thin. (Momma is a ginger, so I gots what I gots)
    These blades cannot handle it for more than two or three shaves. After the first shave, there is a noticeable difference as soon as the second shave. It misses most of the finer hairs, and takes countless repeated swipes to catch enough hairs to count as clean-shaven.And simply FORGET about trying to shave anything that’s not your face. The blades choke and die.

    I have given these blades and shaver a good try for months, but am finally fed-up with the lack of quality results, and have gone back to bladed razors.

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  5. Tijuanitoo

    Estas navajas pueden durar hasta 6 meses usando la maquina 2 veces por semana o más.
    No cortan al ras! y eso es lo mejor de esta marca, que solo corta el vello lo más cercano posible a la piel, ya si quieren un rasurado perfecto, basta con pasar un rastrillo común.
    Puedes rebajar tu barba con sus diferentes niveles de peine y puedes delimitar mejor tu vello facial.
    Tengo casi 2-3 años con mi equipo y es el mejor de casi 20 que he comprado con anterioridad.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Product itself is great. I am only giving 3-stars because of the very irresponsible packaging. It’s just plastic in plastic in plastic, all none recyclable. Each individual blade is in a sealed pack of its own, then both of them are in another sealed pack, and they are even somehow connected by a plastic tape around them.. why?! Philips could perhaps be more environmentally responsible when packaging.

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  7. Thomas A Sorensen

    It’s great for shaving, definitely less irritating than other types I’ve used. I trim my beard down to 6mm roughly every 4-5 days and clean up my neckline pretty much every day and my neck used to break out a lot from it. Now with a fresh one of these there’s really no irritation however these blades don’t last long. I mean, there’s a point at which they’ll still shave & it won’t feel much different but it will irritate your skin. I thought I could stretch one more shave a couple days ago without putting in a fresh one & now I’m breaking out along my neckline & where I touched up my mustache. I haven’t paid close enough attention to just how long specifically they last me but it’s not as long as I’d like given the cheapest way to get them is this 3-pack at ~$12ea. It’s decent at edging, but not great. It seems the flat surface does cutting but also the tines that stick straight out guide hairs in to be cut along the edge, like a barber’s hair trimmers work. So for me it’s especially difficult to edge up those few straw mustache hairs around the edges of your mouth or too high above the mustache without accidentally pushing too far down & cutting too much. The less precise edging of the neckline is no problem however.

    I also shave my head. This razor is actually really effective for that with 2 caveats: First, you’ll wear out that blade super duper quick; two full head shaves (I’m balding, very thin hair on top of head) & then I wouldn’t chance it on my face again or I’m sure I’d break out. Second, it takes a little longer than the other style razor I’ve been using (Phillips Bodygroom, which basically all use the same trimmer head). My Bodygroom causes much more irritation but generally cuts through thicker hair on my head better. With that said, I’ve been having unacceptable levels of irritation with mine even after buying a new trimmer head so I’ve had to only use it for part of my head shaving which forces me to finish with the OneBlade so I’m burning through these $12 blades too quickly. For me, I’m not sure it’s worth it and I think rather than dropping more money on another thing to replace the Bodygroom I think I’m finally going to just invest in straight razor shaving and use this OneBlade because it’s great at minimizing irritation until I get competent at the straight razor. Then I’ll just keep the OneBlade for my weekly beard trim & I think it will be perfect.

    I’m tired of wanting a fresh clean shaven face & ending up with clean shaven acne from irritating razors and this OneBlade would be a really excellent solution if only the replacement blades were cheaper. I can’t say precisely but as I think about it I’m probably using one of these 3-packs a month.

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  8. Droc

    Philips OneBlade is great, don’t get me wrong. But these heads break easily and sharpness fades quickly. Obviously this is how they are designed, and I get it. But, at the end of the day, it’s a product designed to attain return business while contributing to a landfill, and that sucks.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    OneBlade replacement

    – Breaks at the neck hinge very easily (See attachment). The original OneBlade that comes with the shaver does not though. So this seems to be a deliberate strategy to increase recurring income (Shame on you Philips!!!)
    – Erodes much more quickly than the original OneBlade that comes with the shaver. Again this seems to be a deliberate design strategy to increase recurring income (Again… Shame on you Philips!!!)

    OneBlade shaver in general

    – Flimsy at best. Did not expect this level of deficiency in quality from Philips.
    – The motor is designed not to start while plugged in. So, only unplugged shaving possible. (Philips, it’s not hard to design a circuit which both charges and runs the motor at the same time. Some of your other cheaper shavers do this, so why not in such an expensive model???)
    – Arch nemesis: soft hair. Does not, I mean, DOES NOT cut soft hair at all!!! Unless you are OK with scraping your skin hard and have enough time and patience to go over an area multiple times to remove soft hair, DO NOT buy this shaver!!!
    – The hair length attachment is of poor quality again. The clip on the attachment that latches on to the head which holds it in place breaks very quickly.

    I would have been OK with the above issues if the cost of this shaver and its replacements were 1/10ths of what it is now.

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  10. RCQ

    La máquina funcióna muy bien pero las cuchillas se rompen muy fácilmente, no me cabe la menor duda de que están diseñadas para romperse a las 2 o 3 semanas de uso (obsolescencia programada), por algo la máquina con una cuchilla cuesta $750 pesos y cada cuchilla sola cuesta al rededor de $300, el negocio de Philip no está en vender está rasuradora, su negocio está en estarte vendiendo cuchillas cada 2 semana. Pésimo producto y muy arrepentido de haberlo comprado.

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    Philips Norelco OneBlade Replacement Blades, 1 count, QP210/80
    Philips Norelco OneBlade Replacement Blades, 1 count, QP210/80


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