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Proactiv 3 Step Acne Treatment – Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash, Repairing Acne Spot Treatment For Face And Body, Exfoliating Toner – 30 Day Complete…



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  • THE ORIGINAL ACNE KIT THAT STARTED A SKINCARE REVOLUTION – Designed specifically for acne-prone skin, Proactiv Solution delivers finely-milled benzoyl peroxide deep into your pores to help stop acne-causing bacteria in its tracks and prevent breakouts.
  • YOU NEED MORE THAN A PIMPLE CREAM – Proactiv Solution is a powerful, comprehensive acne treatment system that goes deep into your pores, removes impurities and helps prevent future flare ups.
  • YOUR SKIN ROUTINE, MADE EASY – Just 3 steps a day gets you on your way to clear, radiant skin.
  • SAFE FOR DIFFERENT AGES AND SKIN TYPES – Proactiv’s 3-Step Kit provides the same powerful skin care for teens and adults, and is great for sensitive skin.
  • A WIN FOR YOUR SKIN – Our complete treatment system can clear existing acne blemishes and prevent new breakouts from occurring. What’s not to love?

6 reviews for Proactiv 3 Step Acne Treatment – Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash, Repairing Acne Spot Treatment For Face And Body, Exfoliating Toner – 30 Day Complete…

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  1. peasandthankyou

    Let me first start off by saying that I do not have acne. I have the occasional pimple or two that comes every month but otherwise my skin is clear. I’ve never had “sensitive skin” and this isn’t the first time I’ve used proactive to treat the occasional pimple. I generally do not wash my face everyday, usually every other day, because I do not want to ruin the pH balance of my skin. In the past when I got more than one pimple i would just use the three step system once or twice on my entire face and it would be gone by day 2. If I only had one pimple I would just use the toner or the lotion as a spot treatment. I was out and so I ordered the set. I had 2 areas that i wanted to clear up so I used the three step treatment. I have never in my life had any rash or irritant dermatitis from anything but it’s been 2 days and my cheeks are still so red after only one use! Initially my face was fine and later that evening i went to the gym and when i came home my face started itching along the jaw line and my cheeks turned red. I knew it was the proactiv as nothing else had changed. So i stopped washed my face with a gentile cleanser. I have tried several products to try to reduce the redness (feels and looks like a sunburn and I am indoors all day so it wasn’t the sun that caused the burn!) everything from topical benadryl, calendula, aveeno hydrocortisone cream, but i think my skin is just freaked out right now and perhaps I just need to not wash my face for a few days to let the natural oils work their magic. Right now I still look like a tomatoe but I’m hoping this goes away soon! I will not be using the 3 step treatment any longer. In the future, I probably will only spot treat pimples with the toner. Very disappointed and have a feeling that Proactiv may have changed the potency of their formula.

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  2. Lucero Cantu Garza

    Horrible damage in your skin..
    No for delicates skin, a lot of chemicals, pretty harmful.. choose something natural, essential oils, is the only thing that worked for me, this is expensive product and don’t even work.. So commercial…
    Don’t waste your money, go to Keeva or other organic/ natural brands.

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  3. Grace

    This is going to be a lengthy review and if you’re reading this, you’re probably in search of a solution for your acne. With that said, I think there are a lot of factors in play that affect how severe someone’s acne is, so take my review with a grain of salt because everyone’s situation and body is different.

    I’m not going to strictly say, “didn’t work! don’t buy!” because for some people, it does really work. and with things like diet, age, skin type (sometimes related to ethnicity), usage of other supplements/medications/makeup, type of acne, routine, etc., it’s really hard to pinpoint the cause and effect of a single factor. I find helpful reviews to be very detailed, so I hope you can compare my symptoms and experience to yours effectively. To make things easier to compare, I’ll list the things that I do to prevent acne and the things that I don’t do. Mind you, I don’t do many things to prevent acne other than cleansing/moisturizing…

    My background: female, 26 years old, Asian, have had adult acne for about a year now. It’s on both sides of my face from my cheekbones down to my chin. They’re mostly small bumps that occasionally form a whitehead, with some sporadic deep-rooted pimples that get red/darker in color without forming a whitehead and stick around for a while. My skin is prone to scarring where a pimple leaves a long-lasting dark area.

    Things I could improve doing to prevent acne:
    – diet: I eat quite unhealthy (good amount of sweets, fried foods, and alcohol/cigarettes, heh…)
    – exercise: I don’t exercise much
    – water: I drink slightly less than the recommended daily water intake
    – touching/popping pimples: I try my best to refrain from touching my face but still can’t help popping whiteheads and blackheads out when it gets realllllly bad
    – other irritants: I wear my long hair down almost everyday, and I wear makeup about 2-3 days a week

    Things I currently do to prevent acne:
    – cleanse: I make sure to wash my hands and keep my nails short, and follow the directions and wash my face (at least) twice a day
    – tone: I use a fresh cotton pad to wipe my face with toner after cleansing
    – moisturize: I use another cotton pad to apply moisturizer, as to prevent any germs and dirt I might have missed being rubbed onto my skin
    – other supplements: about once a week, I apply a clay mask. I use a AHA and BHA gel everyday.
    – irritants: I remove makeup as soon as possible, I keep my hair out of my face when I’m at home (which is the majority of my time), I keep my hands/fingers clean, and I touch my face less than I used to.

    My results:
    – I did not ease into using the product; I jumped right into using it and did not experience any surprise breakouts
    – I did not experience any dryness or redness. the repairing lotion is enough to moisturize my skin, except a small area at the corner of my mouth.
    – I felt that I noticed my small, non-whitehead bumps were a little bit smaller within the first 1-2 weeks, but now they’ve come back…
    – I still get the periodic deep and painful pimple every 1-2 weeks or so (maybe 1 or 2 on each cheek), which is an improvement, but I was expecting it to be less frequent than that.
    – Scars are still there and may even be accumulating, meaning that the rate of pimple-production is much faster than rate of pimple-prevention/healing
    – sun protection: I use an SPF product everyday

    So yeah, it’s been 30 days, which might not be enough time to really see true results, but I haven’t seen much improvement. If anything, it’s kept my acne at bay, and for a price that’s over $30, I’m willing to try a different product that may be faster-acting, longer-lasting (30 days is not that much to give real results, whether good or bad), and maybe even a little harsher in treatment. If your habits are similar to mine but you haven’t tried all your resources, I would suggest trying another product. Unfortunately I can’t recommend anything, but I’ve usually never been steered too far from amazon’s suggestions/best sellers. The only reason I tried Proactiv was because a friend highly suggested it to me, saying that he once had acne in his early 20s that was similar to mine, and it was cured after a month of using it. I guess he just got lucky that he found what worked for him… Also, it’s slightly embarrassing, but take pictures and record your results. I don’t vividly remember what my skin looked like 30 days ago, and I realize now that a before and after would be very useful, even if there wasn’t much change.

    I still have some of the proactiv cleanser and moisturizer, so I’ll continue to use that (along with a different brand of toner) and perhaps things will change. I’ll update my review in a few weeks.

    UPDATE: It’s now April and I unfortunately still haven’t found an effective regime for my skin. I still stand by my rating and review of Proactiv but I would also like to add some information that I’ve learned in the past few months that may help you find what you need. There will be some scientific terms I’m going to discuss but I’ll try my best to explain and connect it to skin care/acne treatment.

    First point – pH
    Naturally, your skin is relatively acidic, which sounds awful but is actually completely normal and harmless. To describe it in terms of pH, which is a scale from 0-14 to measure the acidity or basicity/alkalinity of something – the lower the value, the more acidic it is [think lemon juice], and the higher the value, the more basic it is [think laundry detergent]. Your face is typically at a 4 or 5. Water, which is neutral, is a 7. As with many other biological functions in your body, your skin will function and be healthiest at its ideal natural range. Unfortunately, many face washes are basic (pH +8) and said information is often left out of product descriptions. I honestly don’t know the pH of Proactiv, but if you’re on the market for effective acne treatment, search for a cleanser that has a lower pH than higher.

    Second point – hydrophobic and hydrophilic products
    Many people, myself included, attribute their acne to having oily skin, thus cleanse as thoroughly and often as possible to reduce oil. Adding any sort of oil would sound like the worst idea possible, but it’s actually quite the contrary. First, over-cleansing can cause even more production of oil as your skin tries to compensate for the oil that was just washed away. Second, many pore-clogging products like sunscreen and makeup are more effectively removed from your skin with oil-based products than makeup wipes and cleansers (even if you wash your face 3x over). Here is a brief chemistry lesson: polarity describes how symmetrically or unsymmetrically charged a compound or molecule’s electrical distribution is. Something that is polar has an uneven distribution throughout it, and something that is non polar does not. Water is non polar, whereas oils are polar. How easily something dissolves or evenly mixes together depends on matching polarities – polar molecules/compounds will dissolve with other polar molecules/compounds and vice versa. For example: a bottle of vinegar and oil salad dressing – when left undisturbed, separate into two different layers. That kind of separation wouldn’t occur if you mixed a glass of milk and a glass of orange juice (a very horrifying example, sorry). That’s because milk and OJ are of similar polar properties. Because we’re here to find solutions for our wretched faces, we can describe polarity related to water. Molecules/compounds that are non polar like water can be called hydrophilic, meaning they’ll be attracted and mix well with one another. The opposite is hydrophobic, which will repel and want to stay far away from water, like oil. So to effectively yet gently clean your face of oils accumulated from throughout the day or makeup, which are hydrophobic materials, you’ll want to use a hydrophobic/oil-based substance. There are products called “cleansing balms” or “cleansing oils” that are specific for this job. However, you don’t want to have all your face cleaning products to be like this – just the one for removing things like sunscreen and makeup.

    Third point – hydration/moisturizing with toners and creams/gels/etc.
    Oil-lacking and dried skin can be more susceptible to being reactive and unhappy. Even when it’s not visibly cracked or flaked, your skin can be dehydrated. Personally I don’t like the feeling of having anything on my face, even makeup – so thinking about using a hydrating toner and/or even more moisturizer was unappealing at first. I looked into various blogs and websites for recommended toners/moisturizers/gels/creams/serums for acne-prone skin before I picked a couple to try out. It adds another couple of steps to your routine and despite how it felt as I was going about through my day, my skin became less rigid and angry. However, due to how moisturizers will be left on your skin for the majority of the day or night, it’s really important to make sure you look into the ingredients to avoid potential reactions.

    It’s all trial and error though, to be honest. But I hope this gives you a better idea on what to look for in regards for treatment. Like I said before though, every person is different. You might not even have that much acne, or maybe you have a different type than me. I would highly suggest looking into Asian cosmetics, many of which are sold on Amazon. A great part is that many popular products are still very affordable – $10 or so for a bottle that’s three times the size as these proactiv ones. Don’t be discouraged if you try something and it doesn’t seem to work and continue doing your research and eventually you’ll find it.

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  4. Woah

    NOPE. I recently purchased this product thinking it would be the cure for breakouts of my chin, but NO. It aggravated the problem and led to my recent hospital visit to get a doctor’s opinion about my skin woes. Seriously, this product over-dried my skin and led to a disfiguring rash on my chin. My doctor recommended I stop using such harsh products like Proactiv (the chemicals seriously destroyed my skin) and switch to Cetaphil products only for face wash and moisturizer. Proactiv might work for others, but for skin like mine with perioral dermatitis, it is not the answer- it made my skin worse. Using Cetaphil and Metronidazole was the answer to my long history of chin breakouts and has made my skin beautiful again. Now, I don’t even have to wear ANY foundation or concealer. My recommendation: Ditch the harsh chemicals. I’ll be throwing away the Proactiv and urging others to steer clear of it.

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  5. Melissa Mawm

    The size of the bottles is tiny for the price you pay. Active ingredient in the cleanser is benzoyl peroxide. Check and make sure you’re not allergic. I have a red, burning, itching rash on my face from the cleanser. It didn’t burn when applied, but less than 24 hours later my face was on fire. I would say I definitely DON’T have sensitive skin, so I’m really surprised this reacted with my skin this way. Perhaps I am just allergic. However, this definitively didn’t work for me and the price per ounce is ridiculous.

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  6. TiffaniCalderon

    I have purchased proactive many times. It looks as though someone placed a 30 day trial in a 60 day trial box.

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    Proactiv 3 Step Acne Treatment – Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash, Repairing Acne Spot Treatment For Face And Body, Exfoliating Toner – 30 Day Complete…
    Proactiv 3 Step Acne Treatment – Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash, Repairing Acne Spot Treatment For Face And Body, Exfoliating Toner – 30 Day Complete…


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