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Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub Coconut Lime 18 oz



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  • Made in the USA, in our own factory in Watsonville, ca make kids bath’s safe
  • Dino eggs: Apatosaurus, tyrannosaurus or stegosaurus
  • NOTE: This is an assorted product; color and print advertised are subjected to vary.

10 reviews for Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub Coconut Lime 18 oz

3.8 out of 5
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  1. QBP Rubén Flores

    es un producto muy bueno para utilizar en cuerpo. Yo lo empece a usas durante el baño, por un problemita que tengo en mis piernas, la verdad desde que me la empece a poner sentí el aroma y los granitos que exfolian tu piel sin maltratarla. En lo personal me hizo sentir muy bien mientras la usaba, luego la retiré con agua tibia y oh sorpresa, mi piel quedo muuuuuy lisita y suave de las zonas en las que no me aplique la crema. Fue lo que más me sorprendió por que no esperaba tanto por el costo. El producto tiene buena cantidad, pues debes usar poco aunque hay que considerar el o las áreas donde deseas aplicarla para que te pueda ser proporcional. Sin lugar a duda volvería a comprarla. La sensación que te deja después de usarla no la compara con nada y creo que si la recomendaría.

    La he usado una vez pero definitivamente seguiré informando más sobre este producto. Y que mejor seguir comprándolo a futuro.

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  2. Jenny Gyde

    Believe it or not, I don’t like coffee, or anything that smells like coffee. Because caffeine is in so many firming products, I decided to give it a try. The scrub is quite coarse, and not something you’d use on thin skin like your face or the back of your hands, but it is AMAZING for legs, abs, and booty firming.

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  3. KarenH

    Thought this was great until I realized some of the brightly colored bits are plastic – the Polyethylene on the ingredient list. This is about to be outlawed in many states, CA among them, because of the harm they do to the environment. I’m not waiting for the state to ban them…I’ll just discontinue use of this product now. Hopefully the maker will eliminate the plastic, and let the coconut shells and sugar do the job. I’m sure they’d exfoliate just fine without the plastic.

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    I absolutely love Tree Hut scrubs. They are a staple and I have ordered multiple delicious scents. Every scent is amazing. Adequately coarse enough to remove dead dry skin (think sugar, not cornmeal) texture.
    Moisturing. Rinses off and leave trace amounts of oil… But not greasy and excessive. I’ve purchased lesser products at higher prices. I keep a tub of it in my shower and use it regularly. Inexpensive, over the board wonderful product for dry elbows, hands, legs, etc.
    ***Too oily and coarse for face though… But that’s not its claim.
    Perfect for body. Ships with a firm, foil seal… So no worry about leakage during shipping.
    I really think you will love this product!

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  5. Amazon Customer

    This scrub really smells good. But the fact that the scrub did not have a protective lid means that anyone could had use this before and put the fingers inside the scrub and i wouldnt have known. It really lacks in hygiene especially in the times we live today. It really should come with a protective lid to ensure customers that the product hasnt been used. Apart fim that it smells amazing and is an amazing product

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  6. Angela

    I love this scrub and have purchased again! Leaves my skin looking and feeling great. Its not a miracle product they dont exist! Ive noticed a good amount of improvement on stretch marks and loose skin and i only use it a few times a week. It doesnt last me that long but you really cant beat the price. I dont recommend using it on your face.

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  7. Motherof2boys

    The ingredients contain TALC. Talc may contain ASBESTOS as it naturally occurs in talc in many sources where talc is obtained. Yeah, you might think that companies make baby powder with talc and that because it is marketed for use on babies, it must be safe. The truth is it is absolutely not safe!!! A major manufacturer of baby powder has been successfully sued for asbestos related diseases. It has been revealed that this same manufacturer had not only known about the dangers for decades, but had purposefully HIDDEN the evidence!!!!! Therefore, how can a consumer of this scrub verify whether or not the talc in this product contains ASBESTOS? I would rather not take the chance of using this product at all.

    I also regret this purchase because of the damage to wildlife that the microbeads in this product does to wildlife.

    Note: Never take anybody’s word for anything. I urge you to please do the research and verify all of this information yourself.

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  8. MD

    The product description is misleading, tricking consumer to believe it’s a natural and organic and product. At least two of the key ingredients are not good either for human or for marine life.
    I bought it because of all the good reviews. When I received the product I got suspicious of the presence of poly beads as i could clearly see bluish beads all over which looked anything but natural. I googled and found out a 2016 list of US products that contain poly beads and sure enough this product is one of those. Here are couple of link for anyone interested to look for herself:
    This is so disappointing. These plastic beads are causing tremendous harm to the ocean creatures as these can not be strained out during sewage treatment process. This ingredient is banned in the state of Illinois and there is a proposal to put a nation wide ban on micro beads.
    Also if you scan the ingredient list the second ingredient listed is Polysorbate 20 which again is another debatable ingredient. google the term and one can see all the warnings against continuous exposure to Polysorbate 20, especially skin exposure.
    I, for myself, cannot use this product after knowing what goes in, especially because I quit using personal care products containing micro bead years ago. I am sure those of us who are using and liking this product were tricked in believing every word that so wrongfully describes the product as a natural one and did not feel the need to take a closer look to the ingredients.
    As far as the ‘Certified Organic Shea Butter’ (which is brazenly displayed as ingredient on the lid) is concerned, that’s a distant 9th ingredient in the actual list while Polysorbate 20 makes it to the second place.
    Will ask for a refund for wrong product description.

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  9. Sarah

    Love the smell! Good quality product. Exfoliates well. The container was filled very high which is nice, gets your money’s worth.

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  10. Dixie Ortiz

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.
     I love this product! I use for scrubbing my lips, and since is sensitive area, I tested before and everything well. Since is a big jar just for lips I used on other areas as elbows and neck and was good. I not used in my face, just a little on my lips, and inmediately after I wash. I do not leave on lips. Neither on any areas. Just scrub and wash. Scent is so good. Is a big jar as i Said. Great! Very satisfied! Love the scent!

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    Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub Coconut Lime 18 oz
    Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub Coconut Lime 18 oz


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