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The Watch

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3.4 out of 5
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  1. charlotte shaw

    Not the best DVD. No scratches or marks though

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  2. BRE86

    I couldn’t stop laughing, it’s not slow going at all. The action and alien looks so real. Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn are always hilarious. If you like crude comedy, funny situations and aliens, you will love this Ben Stiller comedy!!!!

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  3. Sam

    The Watch commits the worst crime a comedy can: it is in no way funny. It simply feels phoned in, as though this movie is the first draft of script that desperately needed the attention of a writer with talent. And a director with talent. And some comedians who have talent and are willing to do some work. The plot is generic, characters are uninteresting, I’m not convinced any of the leads were trying to act, and the “jokes” are unimaginative. There is nothing to commend here, and nothing worth watching.

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  4. The Rev Ari

    I love each of these actors, and thought they’d be an interesting ensemble cast if the writing held up. I also did not expect this movie to be about what it was about (no spoilers).

    Really, I am not sure why it didn’t do well in theaters except maybe it’s a bit formulaic and slightly crude. It was worth a $3.99 date-night rental, though, just to laugh together at all the, um, boy-parts-oriented jokes (and oh my, were there ever so many).

    Plus, Richard Ayoade! Why not?

    Pros: You’ll be surprised at what it’s really about, great actors; relatively non-repetitive crude jokes

    Cons: A bit formulaic, a bit crude (for those sensitive types), and Ayoade doesn’t get the screen time or writing he deserves

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  5. joel wing

    Several of Ben Stiller’s recent movies have been satires. 2008’s Tropic Thunder for example was about the movie industry. 2011’s Tower Heist was about heist films. The Watch was about the alien genre.

    Ben Stiller plays Evan Trautwig a manager at Costco who decides to set up a neighborhood watch group after his friend, a security guard named Antonio (Joseph Nunez) at Costco is mysteriously killed. The group collects together a number of misfits starting with Vince Vaughn as Bob, Jonah Hill as Franklin, and Richard Ayoade as Jamarcus.

    The movie hits the right note from the start when Antonio gets his citizenship and parties while doing his night watch at Costco. He listens to NWA, dances, watches big screen TV on a lounge chair before something kills him. When the neighborhood watch is brought together it’s nothing but trouble because of the cast or characters that join. Bob for example, thinks the Watch is a hang out group where he can get away from his family. He gets them to come over to his mancave at his house for drinks and a shouting match with his daughter. He then makes jackets for the group with a tiger’s face, wings and flames. Franklin on the other hand is a bit of a sociopath.

    It turns out Antonio was killed by an alien. That’s made fun of as well when they think they’ve killed one they decide to take photos and dance with the body only for it to come alive on them. Evan tries to put a sleeper wrestling hold on it, which of course fails.

    Ultimately there are some funny parts to the Watch but it doesn’t pay off in the end. There are some parts that don’t seem like they had any part in the story. Some better editing would have done this movie wonders.

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  6. Trish Swain

    Another Stiller frat boy comedy leaves me with the same questions that arose for me in Tropic Thunder. When will Stiller get a serious role? I think he’s got the acting chops and I’d like to see him without the dirty jokes. I’m a big Ayoade fan and it was more than disappointi
    ng to watch one of the smartest actors around stuck with disgusting, stupid lines. Same question: when will he get a role worthy of his talent?
    I’ll never like this brand of crude humor. The plot did move along quickly enough to keep me engaged, but it was groan after groan.

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  7. David T.

    The story line was very good and funny. However, the totally unnecessary filthy language that was pouring out in every scene destroyed the movie for me. Definitely not what I expected from the cast that is in this movie. Extremely disappointing! It gets 2 stars only because the story line was good. Otherwise, I would give it a minus 10!

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  8. ohnoella

    I was definitely expecting the movie to be funny considering who was in it, but it was actually MUCH funnier than I thought it would be. In fact, before sitting down to watch it I had it in my head that because everyone in the movie has already established themselves as being capable actors in the area of comedy that my expectations would exceed the acting as well as the movie itself. I can very truthfully say that the movie far surpassed what I thought its ability to make me laugh would be. These four actors have a really very good comedic chemistry together and NONE of the acting felt strained. At no time in ANY part of the movie did I feel like they were going for laugh…I mean to say that it felt very off the cuff and natural which is amazing considering it is a comedy AND about aliens wanting to destroy the earth at that. Very funny movie!

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  9. Phill

    A daft and rather weird and wonderful film at the same time.. I suppose it had to be with Ben Stiller and the rest of them.. Funny nevertheless and enjoyable if your daft like me 🙂

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  10. Kyle McMillan

    In all seriousness, this movie was BOMB! This movie brings together actors from several genres such as R Lee Ermey (best known as Gunner Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket). The combination of story, cast, and directing all makes for an explosion of laughs and action as some disgruntled citizens stumble upon an alien conspiracy to invade Earth, but first the aliens have to invade their small hometown in Ohio of all places. Four mediocre men join forces, but can they seriously stop an alien invasion that crossed untold distances through space with technology centuries ahead of ours? You’ll have to see it to believe it!!

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