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AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount for 22-inch to 55-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVs



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  • Articulating TV wall mount accommodates 22- to 55-inch TVs (up to 80 pounds) for enhanced home TV-viewing experience
  • 15 degrees of tilt for optimal viewing angle (+10 to -5 degrees)
  • Articulating design extends up to 16.3 inches from the wall and swivels left to right up to 180 degrees
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum and steel for reliable strength
  • Bubble level and all mounting hardware included for easy installation
  • Fits VESA 100×100 – 400x400mm mounting patterns (The VESA mounting patterns are the distances (in mm) between the four screw holes on the back of the TV)

Specification: AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount for 22-inch to 55-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVs

Brand Name AmazonBasics
Item Weight 8.39 pounds
Product Dimensions 17.07 x 16.14 x 17.07 inches
Item model number 7851B
Color Name Black

10 reviews for AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount for 22-inch to 55-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVs

4.4 out of 5
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  1. danielplainvu

    This is a well engineered, high quality TV mount. The metal parts move smoothly, have no play and the powder black finish looks nice. I was impressed with the quality and ease of installation. You can set the swing arm tension so there is a smooth and even resistance, and the TV stays put. One important detail that every DIY installer would want to know is, how do I connect the TV to the wall bracket, or do I put it all together (TV and all) then try to mount it on the wall? Do I need a buddy to hold up the whole thing for the final install? Surprisingly this detail is missing from most product descriptions. This one at least, you can install easily by yourself, because the backing plate which screws on to the back of your TV, will slide in easily and hang securely from the wall bracket arm. You can then install the screws to secure the connection. You don’t need to hold up the TV end while you do this. It’s quite well thought out.

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  2. Arturo Villalobos Lozano

    Soy una persona que gusta de hacer y armar por mi mismo las pequeñas mejoras y reparaciones en el hogar.
    He instalado antes dos diferentes soportes para pantallas planas y éste es con mucha diferencia el mejor en diseño, resistencia y facilidad de instalación. Con sólo tres taquetes y tornillos hexágonales (por cierto viene una herramienta para apretarlos) se fija con firmeza a la pared. Mi pared es de ladrillo rojo con recubrimiento de yeso. El brazo articulado es sencillo de operar y puedes obtener muy buenos ángulos de inclinación y de visión hacia izquierda o derecha de la pantalla. Trae además una plantilla de papel para hacer los orificios y un nivel muy útil, para la instalación y para el futuro (es un plus).
    Dos tips que les doy: presten mucha atención a dónde están los orificios para la fijación de su pantalla en la parte de atrás (lo indica el manual), es muy importante porque hice caso omiso de ese paso y mi pantalla (una TLC de 55) se fija en la parte baja y me quedó altísima y tuve que volver a hacer un orificio para bajar el soporte (por necio) y el segundo tip es que aprieten bien los tornillos de ángulo de inclinación antes de montar la pantalla, yo los revisé superficialmente con los dedos y me llevé un susto, ya que al montarla se me movieron de golpe y pues da terror que se vaya a caer tu nueva pantalla.
    El manual indica que se debe de montar por dos personas, yo les quería dar la sorpresa a mi esposa e hijas y lo hice solo. Se puede armar por una sola persona, la parte crítica es cargar la pantalla y embonarla en la articulación del soporte, dado que uno no puede ver porque la misma pantalla te impide ver. Lo solucioné pegando con cinta canela el iPhone en modo selfie y me guié así (un espejo puede darles el mismo resultado), fuera de ese paso que es cargar la pantalla de unos 15-20 kilos y embonarla, todo lo demás es posible hacerlo con mucha facilidad uno mismo. Claro si para el paso de montaje de la pantalla alguien los guía, mucho mejor.
    Un plus que se agradece es que tiene un recubrimiento plástico de buena calidad que tapa el soporte a la pared dándole más estética. Otro es que tiene un sujeta cables que corre en el brazo de la pantalla, muy útil porque usutalmente uno tiene conectado el blue ray, el wii, el sky, etc y facilita la administración y estética de los cables.

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  3. Mr.Herrod

    This has been a surprisingly solid mount although I must say it was a bit difficult to set up even though I had a standard 400 x 400 vesa pattern on my Samsung 50inch 4K UHDTV (UN50KU6300 to be exact).

    -Ablility to use it on only 1 stud if need be
    -Offers full motion and tilt in a very compact design and at half the price of competitors options
    -Very versatile with many different screws and spacers included it should fit almost anything in its size range

    -Somewhat obscure/confusing instructions. Amazon seems to have gone kinda Ikea style with the instruction manual. There was almost no verbiage describing the different diagrams and it’s was very unclear which screws corresponded with which mounting types.
    -No documentation related to specific TV brands. It would have been very helpful if Amazon provided something like a guide to the most common screws/spacer combinations for the major TV brands or sizes so you didn’t have to just guess and try diff ones over and over again.
    -Cable Management seems to have been an afterthought. All they provided was a small u-shaped plastic thing that I guess was supposed to wrap around all your cables and then hang there I guess??

    Overall given that I only payed $20 for this mount I can’t complain too much although I must say I was expecting set up to be a little more intuitive just based on the fact this was an Amazon-made product. If you were looking for something cheap and you are trying to minimize the amount of damage to your walls this is not a bad option just be prepared to spend double the amount of time you THINK it should take! 🙂

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  4. David L. Crouch

    As good as mounts costing $100 or more.
    Easy to install – was able to install and mount my 37″ TV without any help. Larger TVs may require a second person.
    The unit mounts vertically on a wall stud – finding the stud is the only challenge. Since wall outlets are nailed to a stud, I located a stud by drilling 1″ inch or so from a wall plug. To insure the wall plate is level, add the top screw; level, then bottom screw. Middle screw last.
    The instructions on determining the height are overly complicated. Since the TV is mounted next to a standing height work table, I measured my standing eye height, then subtracted the offset (mounting plate was 2″ off center of TV) then aligned the center of the mount with that height.
    I used the PowerBridge in-wall cable system to hide cable runs.

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  5. DB

    Ordered this to hang a 32″ Samsung TV. Due to the set up of the mounting plate, I had to cut a 3″ by 4″ rectangle out of the side of the plate so I could access the HDMI connection and the power connection. Otherwise it is a great quality TV mount and simple to install.

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  6. A. Cardone

    Great purchase. Would buy again. In fact I am going to buy another one.
    First of all, at less than $25, this is a steal compared to other wall mounts at retail stores and other online sellers.
    Second, super easy installation. It took me about an hour and fifteen minutes. But it only took me that long because I’m a neat freak, super anal, and neurotic about putting holes in my wall. And also because no one would answer my calls or texts when I called for help attaching my 43 inch TV to the mounted bracket. I had to jury rig a ladder and grow a third arm to do it myself. My friends are bums.
    I’m deducting half a star because I don’t like the way the cover attaches to the wall portion of the bracket. As far as I can figure, it doesn’t snap into place. It just hangs there. It looks fine when you carefully cover the arm with the cover, but since it doesn’t snap into place it comes right off when you move the arm. I’ll have to get some double sided tape.
    Edit: Never mind. The cover just snaps into place. Derp!

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  7. schultz

    Product looks like great quality, unfortunately I can’t use it because the product description is deceptive!
    Product description indicates it will fit any VESA pattern from 100×100 to 400×600.
    NOT TRUE!!
    It will not fit the 300mmx300mm pattern on the TCL 65″ TVs.
    When you read the printed instructions it states that it will only fit the following VESA Patterns:
    Before you order this make sure the your tv has one of those sizes of mounts

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  8. Dan

    Amazon is the man! This is a quality wall mount for a great price! I was worried it might be cheap or feel inadequate. No dice! This thing is legit. It is fully articulated, so it moves in just about any way you’d want up/down, side/side, tilt, it provides plenty of viewing angles. It is also very well built. It is solid metal with heavy duty hinges. It’s not messing around, this mount means business. Installation was relatively painless, it does help to have a second person for when you are trying to center/level the mount, and the step of hanging the TV, but one person could definitely swing it if you were feeling frisky. Don’t be scared by the price. This is not junk. It isn’t going to break the first time you look at the TV funny. It’s a serious wall mount for an unbeatable price.

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  9. EremesNG

    El mejor soporte que he podido comprar.
    Yo lo compré con 20% de descuento en el buen fin porque tenia mis dudas respecto a que real mente valiera la pena su precio.

    Ya instalado puedo decir que el soporte vale totalmente su precio incluso sin oferta alguna.

    Incluye todos los accesorios necesarios para su instalación con excepción del taladro para hacer los orificios en la pared y el soporte en si cuenta con 3 puntos de giro horizontales y 1 vertical para ajustar la inclinación de la TV.
    Trae nivelador
    Trae llave para poder apretar los tornillos
    Trae un mini organizador de cables
    Trae los taquetes necesarios
    Trae rondanas suficientes y espaciadores para nivelar superficies curvas

    La calidad del material es excelente y se ve muy duradero, conforme pase el tiempo si algo sucede actualicaré la reseña para hacerselos saber, si no he puesto nada, es que todo sigue perfecto.
    (Instalado el 2 Dic 2018),

    Creo que cualquier soporte con estas características superaría fácilmente los $1300

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  10. Sam Ostroff

    Easy installation. *make sure to have a 10mm socket wrench to install bolts! Can be frustrating to use a screw driver. Easy to do with socket wrench!

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    AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount for 22-inch to 55-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVs
    AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount for 22-inch to 55-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVs


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