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DR. J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector with 100Inch Projector Screen, 1080P Supported Compatible with TV Stick, Video…

$89.99 $67.99

$89.99 $67.99

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  • [100Inch Projector Screen Included] PORTABLE LED VIDEO PROJECTOR: To meet our customer’s new needs, DR.J has improved not only the brightness, contrast ratio of the projector, but also included a 100″ Portable Projector Screen in the package. Enjoy the great movies outside with your family in your yard.
  • HIGHEST 1080P RESOLUTIONS SUPPORTED: Supported resolution:1920*1080, Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9, Contrast Ratio: 2000:1, Lamp lifetime: 40000 hours, Watching Size: 32”-176” with projector distance 1.5m-5m. [Note: not recommended for PPT, word, excel or business presentation.]
  • MULTIMEDIA PORTABLE PROJECTOR: DR.J projector is compatible with TV Box, ChromeBook, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Blue-ray DVD player, SD Card, USB Flash Drive, Video Games, Media players (Music, Pictures, Video, TXT), Smartphones ( Wireless HDMI Dongle not included).
  • IDEAL CHOICE FOR HOME ENTERTAINMENT: DR.J LED projector is great for home theater, indoor and outdoor movies & kinds of video games by HDMI port connection. You can also connect your home theater system or surround sound system to get a better sound quality. Recommended to use in dark environment.
  • IDEAL CHOICE FOR CHRISTMAS: DR. J Professional HI-04 movie projector is definitely the best choice for Christmas. It works well with both your daily TV Stick but also smartphones. With DR. J Professional unique packed100Inch Projector Screen, you will enjoy the happiness home theater time with your family in both indoor or outdoor time.

Specification: DR. J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector with 100Inch Projector Screen, 1080P Supported Compatible with TV Stick, Video…

Product Dimensions 7.8 x 2.7 x 6.02 inches
Item Weight 3 pounds
ASIN B07174LM85
Item model number HI-04
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Best Sellers Rank 3 in Video Projectors
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Date First Available May 23, 2017
Manufacturer DR. J Professional

9 reviews for DR. J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector with 100Inch Projector Screen, 1080P Supported Compatible with TV Stick, Video…

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  1. Amazon Customer

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.
     The product description does not do this projector justice. It comes with a full 100 inch projector screen, remote control, HDMI and VGA wires, cleaning kit, and much more. The projector is light and can fit in one hand, but has every single port you could want (HDMI, USB, SD, VGA, AV, etc.) and is one of the brightest and clearest projectors I’ve used (even compared to full sized projectors). Warranty and direct customer service by the manufacturer is included. Official resolution is 480p, but when showing HD video, the quality ends up looking closer to 720p in real life. For anyone who wants a projector for casual at home use, I don’t think there is a better option on the market. Just keep in mind that the projector is only clearly visible when the room is dim or dark, but that applies to most projectors.

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  2. Timothy A McDonald

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.
     For what you pay all I can say is I am very impressed my husband had bought a $880.00 unit a little over a year ago. I find the sound quality better then the expensive one. I bought this to take with us when we camp in our little trailer or if we are visiting friends with it being so compact and light.

    Where as our hugely expensive one has all the bells I found I could do the same with the manual adjustments on angles etc. If you are just starting out and cannot afford an expensive TV then this is definitely the way to go.

    Have tried it with our Telus PIK TV box, Roku, Memory stick, External Hard Drive it does it all. If you have a teenager and your thinking of giving them their own space, this would be the ticket to consider. The picture quality does degrade a little at the bottom but that is due to the fact it is on an angle and adjusted until my stand arrives.

    Very satisfied for the price to be honest I am surprised it is so cheap.

    UPDATE: 15th March 2020.

    Since we bought this can say have a had an enjoyable time with watching movies TV shows etc, have added items to make our watching experience more enjoyable. An ANKER speaker which is an amazing to upgrade the sound. Also bought a small USB hub so I can have a USB memory stick and also charge the speaker at the same time. Since the ANKER speaker works on for 24 hours on a full charge, do not have to have it plugged in all the time.

    Now that we have a tripod to mount the projector the quality of the picture is even better. Cannot complain about the quality or the value for money. Also when I posted this original post received a free carry bag for travel.

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  3. jackb

    After reviewing several different projectors of different brands and price points, I decided to go with this one, DR.J 1800 Lumens for several reasons.
    1. MONEY VALUE – I am always looking to get the biggest bang for the buck regardless of what type of product I am buying. I am willing to pay more money for a more superior product if it means the product will last longer and the quality is better. However, this projector defied all the odds by being the cheapest at this price point and the best quality.
    2. INPUTS/OUTPUT OPTIONS – I wanted a projector that allowed multiple types of inputs and outputs (HDMI, USB, and Audio) which this projector had. Although the audio on the projector is enough for most settings, I wanted a deeper bass and crisper sound for music so the audio output allows me to use an independent speaker.
    3. TRIPOD MOUNT – Due to most projectors only allowing you to adjust the up and down level by about an inch, I wanted the ability to attach the projector to a generic camera tripod so I could have a full range of adjustment. Dr.J has that and I am incredibly grateful I decided not to sacrifice that.
    4. LUMENS – The majority of projectors at this price point were only 1500 lumens (give or take). 300 lumens more may not sound like a lot, but when you are projecting onto a wall in your home rather than paying more money for a screen, the 300 lumens allows the color of the projected image to overpower the color of the wall (being that the wall color is pretty light).
    5. HDMI CORD – I initially forgot about buying an HDMI cord. However, when I opened this projector they already had one in the box which works great. Couldn’t believe it was already there for me and they went above and beyond to lower their profit margin by a little bit to have a better customer experience.

    OVERALL – I would and have HIGHLY suggested this projector to anyone who asks or sees the setup we have at our house. Due to purchasing it in the winter time I have not tried it outside yet, but as soon as the cold breaks our family will be taking it outside for family cookouts and just fun in the backyard.

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  4. CyberSOFT Creative

    I purchased this for an outdoor party for my kids. As a projector, I knew it would have to be at night. EVEN with our exterior light on, this picture is still very vibrant. Again, I am not comparing this to a movie projector or an epson brand but for the price paid, it is very good. My brother and his wife were over and very impressed. They were looking to buy one for a long time for their game room but didnt want to drop $350+. Neither did I. So I took a chance on this one. The positive views are correct. I do not know what the issues were with the 1 star reviews, perhaps they got a unit that was beat up or something but mine worked great.

    Picture Adjustment:
    I do wish it had a little more adjustment in the focus area. But I imagine I am viewing the picture outside the recommended viewable area.

    The Remote:
    The remote IR sensor is on the side next to the plugins. So you can only control it from that side. I know some people were complaining about the remote having to be used right up on the unit, likely because the sensor is on the side rather than on the top. It is annoying but, not something the bothers me alot. Perhaps when I start using it more? But I imagine this is only going to be a problem when trying to change media.
    The built in speaker is kinda chincey. But I expected that going into it. Not only from the reviews, but I ordered a projector. Not a home theatre. It might be ok for a small room but outside, I hooked up some external speakers.

    Where do I begin. While I would like the unit to be brighter, it is brighter than I expected.

    I played 3 different movies as a test. Utilizing different movie formats and it played them just fine. Even with a resume function. That I liked alot.

    Other connectors:
    I have not connected a HDMI or VGA or microSD card to it. I may one day. More likely the VGA or HDMI but havent yet.

    WOW! I’m happy I bought this. My daughter is happy and my mother came over and was impressed with the idea of having a 10 foot tv! I even projected a movie on the next door neighbors house which was unfinished and unpainted block and it was ok. Not real bright obviously being unpainted. But the thought of having a 30ft TV in your backyard is pretty cool to me lol. (See the dimmest picture of the bunch)

    Anywho. If you are contemplating a projector, this one will likely fill the bill nicely.
    PS. I do not own the movies pictured. Please do not sue me.

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  5. Kenny G.

    I wanted to wait until I tried out the this projector and I’ve had the DR.J projector for two months now. I can’t say I have any complaints or surprises from it! I would highly recommend this product to anyone else.

    I’ve had this hooked up to a blu-ray player and my computer to stream Netflix and Amazon Prime movies. It has preformed exactly as was described in description. I don’t own a TV anymore, so this is the only way I watch movies and TV shows now. I run the projector nearly everyday for anywhere between 2-6 hours depending on the day.

    I have the projector set up so it displays about 100 inches. I’ve not noticed any blurriness or any other issues at this size.

    There are a few things that I do want to echo that other people have already mentioned. I do not recommend using this in a room that isn’t very dark. I don’t have blackout curtains in the room I use it in, and sometimes during the day it can become difficult to see or washed out. Also, it has an internal fan (projectors get warm so no getting around this), and it can be somewhat loud in a small room. This can make it difficult to hear the audio coming directly from the projector So I recommend hooking it up to an external speaker. Which, it is easy because it comes with a standard audio jack. I have mine hooked up to a Bose speaker, and ran the cord so the sound comes from the front near the screen. With it set up in this manner I don’t even notice the noise of the fan.

    If you keep these two things in mind when you order and are prepared for them already, I think you should have an equally great experience with this product.

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  6. Budz

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.
     The item came within 24 hours. The performance was beyond my expectation! I am a very happy customer and would gladly recommend, you will surely get your money’s worth.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    Works great. We had purchased to use outside for movies for the kids. I plan on using in the fall to watch college football with my friends. The picture is clear on the 10 ft screen we also bought. Works with amazon fire stick which was another bonus.

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  8. Nancy K

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.
     This projector is startling good for the price. Although the positive reviews far outweigh the critical, many of the critical reviews are based on issues that are completely fixable.

    Major issues:

    1. The colour is off – the reds are pink – Yes. This is true of all of the default profiles because they’re horrible. You have to make up a custom user profile in both the picture and colour menus and adjust those settings. You can make a dramatic improvement simply by desaturating the oversaturated colours. Feel free to use the settings that I’ve shown in the pictures and adjust from there to your own preference.

    2. Picture is horrible – Yes, again due to the default settings doing the projector no justice. The defaults are all too bright and don’t have proper contrast, so everything looks completely washed out with no depth or detail. Again, you just have to fiddle with the settings.

    3. No sound or very low sound. This seems to be a common problem. My projector came with zero sound coming from the internal speakers and very muffled, inaudible sound coming from an amplified external speaker. It took one email to Support which was swiftly answered. I was given an update to upload to the projector and, voila, I have sound galore from both internal and external speakers.

    4. You can’t make pictures full screen. Yes, you can. You just have to know how. When you click on a file, it will bring up a preview. If you hit OK on the preview, it does nothing, but if you hit the play/pause button it starts a slideshow which you can pause on your favorite image. Then, if you hit the down arrow, it will hide the controls for the slideshow and display the full screen image.

    5. You have to be in a completely dark room, with no ambient light, for it to show anything worth beans. This is simply not true and I assume it’s people just being cranky. I have watched videos and looked at photos on the projector in the middle of the day with the blinds closed, with ambient light in the room, and had no issue watching. And, projectors are generally intended to be used in darkened rooms…..

    6. You can’t read any words on the screen. Yes, you can. (See my photos for proof) I wonder if some people just don’t have a clue how to focus? And, the ad for the projector specifically states that it’s not suitable for Powerpoint or similar word presentations. So, maybe tiny words are not legible? I don’t know. I haven’t tried that.

    7. The lens is wobbly. Yes. It is. I find that my projector can tend to lose focus over a period of time as the projector heats up and works. But I’ve been able to lock it in place with a little creativity.

    8. It’s unbearably loud. This is just typical of projectors in general. They’re hot. They have fans that make noise. Imagine that. However, I can hear the movie just fine both through internal or external speakers. They can drown out the sound of the projector fan with little trouble because it’s not really unbearably loud.

    9. QC sucks. Yes. I agree. I think that they need to make greater effort when it comes to quality control. This sound issue shouldn’t be a common problem as far as I’m concerned.

    10. You don’t get any sound when you connect your computer via VGA. Of course you don’t – VGA transmits picture, it does not transmit sound. The sound will play through your computer.

    Please look at my images for details. Compare my Custom User settings on the Strawberries to the default “Vivid” profile to see the difference. These images were taken in the middle of the day – projected onto a soft grey wall at an approximately 80” screen size. In other words, these images were taken in less than ideal conditions.

    After a day of tinkering, I’m very happy with the result. At the price point, I’m pleased as punch.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.
     This projector is really nice, it fulfill my needs. I needed something light and not dangerous for my baby, a TV could fall and it’s too complicated for me to hook it to the wall, so the best solution for watching movies safely at home was this projector.
    We just have time during the evening to watch movies, so it’s prefect for us, I tired it during the day and it is not that powerful, but it works. This projector gives me the sensation that my eyes don’t suffer with bright lights like a TV.
    It does no have an option to fix the angle from the sides so you must locate it in the center. In my case I had to put it like 20° to the left, and it still works, however it doesn’t bother me, the image is clear.
    I have a small place, so this is prefect and convenient for me… Check the pic and video.
    The sound is great for me, not like a big sound system but is fine.

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    DR. J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector with 100Inch Projector Screen, 1080P Supported Compatible with TV Stick, Video…
    DR. J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector with 100Inch Projector Screen, 1080P Supported Compatible with TV Stick, Video…

    $89.99 $67.99

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