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fire-Cable Plus Wireless Adapter, Powers Streaming TV Sticks Directly from TV USB Port (Eliminates AC Outlet and Cords)

$15.00 $5.00

$15.00 $5.00

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  • ✅Go Wireless and power your Stick direclty from your TV with fC Plus Power Adapter ( Cable Replaces your Streaming TV Sticks USB power cable ) Powers your TVStick / streaming HDMI device such as Roku, TV Stick, Chrome & or any streaming HDMI device directly from your TVs USB port! Perfect for wall mounted HDTV TV’s.
  • ✅ELIMINATES HANGING WIRES from your flat screen TV. Instantly cleans up your messy hanging wire clutter, eliminating the need for AC power outlet. Giving your home theater system / TV wall mount, a clean wireless look.
  • ✅UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE. Works with ALL Streaming Sticks… 4K , Voice , Roku & other HDMI Players & Smart Sticks. IMPORTANT: some TVs can not supply sufficient power, however, fC Plus is compatible with more TV’s than standard cables and similar products. Built with heavy copper & premium materials made to safely draw maximum power from your TV.
  • ✅SAVES ENERGY & MONEY: Automatically powers your Stick down when you turn your TV off & auto on when you power your TV on, saving on your electricity bill. And completely replaces the need your Sticks USB power cable wall adapter.
  • ✅INSTALLS IN SECONDS & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Simply connect one end into your TV Stick, the other into your TV… done! PLUS! Money back guarantee, if your not completely satisfied, or find the product not to work with your TV we offer a no questions asked FULL money back guarantee, add to cart & get your fC Plus Now!

Specification: fire-Cable Plus Wireless Adapter, Powers Streaming TV Sticks Directly from TV USB Port (Eliminates AC Outlet and Cords)

Product Dimensions 8 x 0.01 x 0.01 inches
Item Weight 0.64 ounces
Item model number FCPLS2
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Best Sellers Rank 209 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) 13 in Streaming Media Players
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Date First Available January 4, 2017
Manufacturer fireCable

10 reviews for fire-Cable Plus Wireless Adapter, Powers Streaming TV Sticks Directly from TV USB Port (Eliminates AC Outlet and Cords)

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  1. Catherine

    this is a complete waste of money, it is totally unnecessary. The Amazon Firestick comes with it’s very own firecable plus, and after you finished connecting all that is in the package, then you’ll find out that there is absolutely no reason for this.

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  2. Book Listener

    Plugged it in and it didn’t work. Tv screen said, Insufficient power please use the cable and plug that came with your fire stick. aquos
    Ok update. I contacted seller and he said it doesn’t work on all TVs but he has one that he is sending that will.
    I got the new cable and it did the exact same thing.
    Do not order this. It is a waste of time and money.

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  3. Steven Y.

    This wire is well made and will work just fine to power your Fire Stick ONLY if you have a Very New TV with a 1 amp USB port. If your TV is older than approx. two years, it most likely does Not have enough power in the TV USB port to work. Of course you can connect the supplied 110 volt A/C adapted of the Fire Stick to this cable if you simply want a shorter cable . Check you have enough power on your TV USB, Before buying this wire.

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  4. William Morgan

    The product arrived promptly and was easy to install connecting it conveniently to the TV USB input. However, when I turn my TV to the Fire Stick input, the screen tells me the USB power is inadequate. So, a great idea, but the implementation did not work for me.
    Recently, I changed the cable to a different USB port on my TV and it works as expected, so perhaps the problem is not with the cable, but with the USB port.

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  5. Ray Gilmore

    After buying this and using it for a few weeks, I am not sure I like the fact that it turns off my Fire Stick every time I turn my TV off. My firestick remote has to reconnect every time I turn on my TV. For some this is a minor inconvenience, but I don’t care for it. I think the Fire Stick I have for my garage TV (that is plugged into the wall) is much more convenient. The FireStick seems to be designed to stay on all the time anyway so I would just plug it into the wall if I was to do it again.

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  6. I Am The Dark Side

    I was able to use this on my 4K Fire TV on 2 different TV’s without any major issues. I’m even able to run this off the USB port of my Visio sound bar. So yes, this works exactly as it’s supposed to and then some.
    To all those who keep giving it 1star reviews saying that “the cable doesn’t work”, stop blaming the cable because of your lack of understanding. All this cable does, and all it’s designed to do, is transmit power from Source (TV USB port) to Device (Fire/Chromecast/Roku stick). It isn’t a power supply, it doesn’t create power out of thin air. If your TV doesn’t have a powered USB port, or if it doesn’t supply enough power, there isn’t a cable in the planet that will fix that.
    Contrary to belief, not every USB port on a TV supplies power for an external device. Majority of them are input-only, meaning they are for cameras, camcorders, or USB memory sticks. And not every powered USB port is at the 2.0 standard or above.
    So if your streaming stick doesn’t work with this (not enough power, incompatible, etc), guess what sunshine? It’s your TV that’s the problem, not the cable.

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    Advert claimed that it was comparable with Roku products, it was not. The Roku needs a mini usb plug, the FireCable only had a micro usb plug and no adapter.

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  8. R.A.Diaz

    BUYER BEWARE: Product arrived promptly and is well made but is a complete waste of money. Yes, as others have said each firestick comes with it’s own power source but I wanted to have the least amount of cables showing so I opted for this product. Unfortunately, although providing a cleaner looking profile, I began to experience connectivity issues. The streaming became very laggy and would totally lose signal on several occasions. At first, I blamed my internet provider and location of my router but after testing the systems speed as well as relocating the hardware for “better and uninterrupted” service I CONTINUED to have issues. After some more troubleshooting I finally, as a hail mary pass, tried reinstalling the original power hook up and low and behold I have had ZERO problems since. This has been 2 months now and smooth sailing the entire time, plus, as an added perk, the firestick powers up much more quickly than when it did using this product. I really wish that I could have had the cleaner no cable look but I’d rather deal with that problem and have to hide an extra cable than be continually concerned that at any moment the show I’m watching will cut off and not be able to restart. Streaming is now carefree, as watching anything should be.

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  9. Robert Matcham

    I thought that this was going to be a great idea, however on the 2 tv’s that I have Fire Sticks on I had the following results:
    (tv1) plugged everything in properly, the Firestick could not completely boot up. It would boot so far, then restart, repeatedly. I finally pulled the FireCable Plus off and plugged power supply that came with the Firestick in to the stick, and everything functioned normally. Not sure why the tv’s usb could not power the stick.
    (tv2) realized that the tv did not have a usb port.
    I will see if the 3rd tv has the same results as tv1 when its stick is received…also I will try it out on the road and see what the results are as well.

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  10. Fujiphu

    Works well. Good cable and not much to it really. Saw the price against other cables and this one was the chepeast of the bunch. Good product no issues

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    fire-Cable Plus Wireless Adapter, Powers Streaming TV Sticks Directly from TV USB Port (Eliminates AC Outlet and Cords)
    fire-Cable Plus Wireless Adapter, Powers Streaming TV Sticks Directly from TV USB Port (Eliminates AC Outlet and Cords)

    $15.00 $5.00

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