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LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 55″ 4K Smart OLED TV (2020)


LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 55″ 4K Smart OLED TV (2020)


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  • LG OLED TV: Only OLED pixels emit their own light, allowing for perfect black, intense color and stunning picture.
  • PIXEL LEVEL DIMMING: Millions of pixels emit their own light. Only OLED can turn pixels off completely and independently. See stunning picture, perfect black, infinite contrast and over a billion rich colors.
  • WEBOS AND MAGIC REMOTE: LG’s fan-favorite webOS platform makes it surprisingly fast and easy to stream movies and shows with your favorite apps and find new obsessions based on what you like. While our Magic Remote lives up to its name with voice and motion control — just speak or simply point, scroll and click.
  • α9 GEN 3 AI PROCESSOR 4K: Everything you see and hear is automatically made better, clearer, smoother, and more dynamic with our a9 Gen 3 AI Processor 4K. You don’t have to do a thing. Our most advanced 4K processor does it for you with AI Picture Pro, AI Sound Pro, AI 4K Upscaling, and the ability to help your TV to evolve over time.
  • GAMING: LG OLED TV is built for gaming. AI-powered picture quality transports you to the moment. Gaming features and the latest tech, like NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync, give you an edge with less lag, high refresh rates, and incredibly smooth and responsive gameplay.
  • OLED MOTION PRO: our most advanced motion handling for fast movements in sports and action sequences | Native Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • INPUTS & OUTPUTS: HDMI (HDMI 2.1 & HDCP 2.2) x4, USB 2.0 x3, RF Connection Input (Antenna/Cable) x1, AV Input x1 (breakout cable required, not included), Ethernet Input x1, RS-232C Input (Mini Jack) x1, Digital Audio Output (Optical) x1 | Wi-Fi (802.11ac) & Bluetooth 5.0 Enabled
  • DIMENSIONS W/O STAND(WxHxD): 48.3″ x 27.8″ x 1.8″ | DIMENSIONS W/ STAND: 48.3″ x 29.1″ x 9.9″ | STAND WIDTH: 39.3″

Specification: LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 55″ 4K Smart OLED TV (2020)

Brand Name LG
Item Weight 50.7 pounds
Product Dimensions 9.9 x 48.3 x 29.1 inches
Item model number OLED55CXPUA
Color Name Black
Speaker Type Built-In

8 reviews for LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 55″ 4K Smart OLED TV (2020)

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  1. ryan harold

    This is an absolutely brilliant T.V. The 65″ is such a massive picture with an extremely small bezel frame and its dramatically thin display is clear & vibrant with tons of menu options to help fine tune the overall picture of each input. Excellent for gaming and watching sports & movies. It has energy saver & screensaver modes to help minimize burn-in imagery, which can be a problem with OLED’s. Overall this is such a great product worthy of any home setup. Beautifully built.

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  2. Edward

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.
     Amazing picture quality and filled with smart features. Gaming is an absolute joy with this TV I use it as my gaming monitor. Great big size and near edgless screen. Sound could be better but sound bars will solve that.

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  3. NitroMethane

    I would rate the 65″ CX as a 5/5 TV, but the number of software issues/bugs I’ve experienced have made me very upset. I would actually pay more money to get most of the “smart” features removed. I will update this review if they update the software.

    My Setup: Apple TV 4K, PC with 2080ti, 7.1 surround sound receiver.

    Picture/Image Quality: [6/5] Superb. You can’t beat LG OLED, and this is no exception. Best color, black levels/contrast, and overall image quality I have ever seen. 4K HDR/Dolby vision is *spectacular*. Only warning: Display is very glossy, so make sure this is in a dark room or opposite a dark wall as any light source behind the viewer will be visible. Right now I am running 4k60 for movies and 1440p120 for most games. There are no HDMI2.1 sources as of this review so I can’t test 4k120 gaming on it yet but I am hyped to! TruMotion is useless, just turn it off. I actually prefer the smoothness, but the artifacts are unreal. Any scifi show with star fields is a great example, the interpolation makes tons of mistakes and glitches out constantly. LG Engineers: Load up The Expanse on Prime Video with TruMotion set to “smooth” to see exactly what I mean.

    Sound: [5/5] Not used at all (I have it running on an external 7.1 setup), but it’s fine for on-tv sound. That said, who on earth uses on-tv sound on a $3k TV?!

    Software/OS: [1/5]. BUGS FOR DAYS (more on this later) The gist of it is there are a million settings, often tucked away after menu UNDER menu UNDER YET ANOTHER menu. Options are in places that don’t make any dang sense. Like seriously just just give me a flat, unified “picture settings” and have all the options under there instead of 5 different settings panes down different nonsensical nested paths. Even better, some settings will silently wipe out your other settings. For example, if you find AI picture settings (which is not in video settings btw) and turn that on it will nuke your current profile’s settings without warning. And then there’s profiles. There are a lot of them, and you can customize them (Game, Standard, Cinema, etc). One thing that wasn’t obvious to me was profiles have different settings available. What I mean by that is you can change some things on “Cinema” that you can’t on “Standard” etc.

    Bugs on launch firmware:

    -Tons of flicker issues when using GSYNC with PC. Sometimes the flicker is the “long black” flicker that lands every 30 seconds or so and you get a black frame for ~0.5-1sec every 30 seconds. Then there is the gray static flicker that lands every 5-6 sec and lasts ~0.2-0.4s. The only way I was able to get both to go away was to use “game” mode with ALL filtering, TruMotion, etc set to off. Instant response and deep color on, and in Nvidia control panel make sure you’re using nvidia color settings, color type = RGB (the YC something something settings all caused flicker… and RGB is best anyways), full black level range (not limited!). GSYNC set to “GSYNC Compatible”, low latency mode set to ultra. This took a lot of trial and error on my part with a 2080ti/latest nvidia drivers. Of course I’m plugged direct into the TV and tried multiple HDMI cables. I think it’s finally working now with the above settings *knock on wood*. The system shouldn’t be this fragile!

    -Optical out audio will sometimes hitch every 15-20 seconds. Because of problems with Apple TV 4K -> receiver -> TV HDMI loop when using Dolby vision (looks like my receiver can’t handle it), I had to go source -> TV -> optical return to receiver. This worked great at first, but the TV will randomly begin hitching where audio will turn off/on for 1-2 sec every 15-20 seconds. Restarting the TV fixes this until it pops up again. NOTE: You must actually turn the TV off, sleep mode doesn’t fix it.

    -Not really a bug: The default shutdown behavior is “sleep”, and if you have to restart the TV to fix a flicker/sound hitch bug sleep will often not fix it. You need to go into energy settings and tell it to actually shut down when you hit the power button (lol). It’s fine, it boots up super fast anyways.

    -Instant Response bugs: The TV can get into a loop where the screen will flash, “The Instant Response is on” banner will appear, and then it will flash again and the banner will re-appear. This seemed to be a deal-breaker at first because with instant response off you get a TON of input lag (move mouse, cursor moves wayyy later. Controls feel rubbery). The good news is I was able to work around this by switching to the “game” profile, which leads to the next bug:

    -Auto power saver profile: The tv seems to want to randomly switch to the auto power saver video profile, and it causes lots of problems. Switch off this profile ASAP and if you have problems see if the TV randomly switched you back to it.

    [Misc Negatives]

    -Super invasive anti-privacy features are all on by default. This TV will report on everything you do/content you watch unless you opt out. Personally there’s so much tracking that I’m not giving this thing network access unless I want to update the software.

    -It’s SUPER thin. Like, half as thick as my iPhone. That’s technologically amazing, but handling this thing honestly spooks me. You really need to baby it setting it up and I was honestly paranoid it’ll crack just lifting the thing even with two people being careful. Imagine lifting a wobbly 90 lb glass mirror that’s half as thick as your phone. It’s kinda like that so make sure you’re spreading it’s own weight out (don’t grab by top corners for example!). I’d love something that I can lift and not worry it’ll crack. Once it’s on the wall who cares how thick the back plate is?

    -Smart Home features: Maybe this is cool if you want it, but personally I’d never use a TV to run my house. Given the privacy/invasive tracking that is on by default, you’d have to be crazy to hook your whole house up to this IMO. LG: Take a look at how Apple is treating privacy (on device learning, differtial privacy etc). When you start your relationship with the customer trying to track everything they do and making it hard to opt-out they’re not going to trust you when you want to have a hot mic in their living room and automate their toaster. Just my 2c.


    -This is the best TV I have ever owned. The picture is breathtaking, the only thing holding this back is the abysmal software. I’m also super hyped to try 4k120 this fall when the next gen GPUs come out. I’d LOVE to give this a 5/5, and if they patch the software I will certainly return to do so.

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  4. Michael A. Mccollum

    For $1800, you would expect a TV to have a great picture. This one does. It’s worth the price. I am very pleased with the television overall, but have found what I believe is a bug in the software. LG customer service is working on it. However, they have referred the problem to the technical people and haven’t found an answer in the last 10 days. I’m hoping they will soon.

    The problem is that the television is advertised as being able to connect two bluetooth-capable speakers for true surround sound without any wires. I purchased the two LG-recommended speakers for $200 and discovered when I went to install them that I could only install one on the left (No.1 position). There was no way to select the right (No. 2 position). Furthermore, the one that did hook up had virtually no volume at max setting. When I attempted to increase the volume by using the balance slider between internal and surround sound speakers, it appeared to be inoperative.

    Getting true surround sound wasn’t the primary reason I purchased an OLED television. It was, however, the thing that made me decide to bite the bullet and upgrade to the best tv on the market. I hope they have this problem fixed quickly.

    7/2/2020 Revised Review

    LG sent out a new software update today. My problem with the surround sound has been resolved. The functions that weren’t working have been fixed and the sound is beautiful. The screen where you pair the speakers now has icons that show which speaker is right and which left. I did not see anything that showed that when I was struggling with it.

    I can enthusiastically say that this is the best TV on the market today.

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  5. Jean-François

    Shipping ultra rapide et service courtois; je recommande fortement!

    TV LG oled sont les meilleurs téléviseurs. Différences majeures avec mon ancienne télévision LG 4K 2016.

    Toutes est parfait en plus d’avoir Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Vidéo, Apple TV, ect…

    Graphisme avec ma XBOX One X juste malade en plus d’avoir le HDR!
    Télévision pour la Next Génération des consoles de jeux.

    Je vous suggère vivement de vous acheter cette télévision le plus rapidement possible : best TV ever !!!

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  6. Jack K

    This is the OLED to get as of 2020. Was wondering is I should pick this of the Sony. The tech specs are similar (however this one is better for gaming). What got me convinced were the looks. This tv is crazy thin. The Sony looks thick side by side. Also there’s no branding on it so it’s just a clean wall of image. You can even turn off the standby light for a super clean look. No dead pixels and perfect packaging.

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  7. First timer

    I bought this tv in July when I did a very lot of research on the best tvs. I went over my budget by quite a bit to get this tv because of the reviews. This is the first and last LG tv I will buy. I have had Samsung, Sony and others and have never had the problems I’ve had with this tv. The picture is terrible right out of the box. It was so dark, especially when viewing night time scenes, that the picture was almost black and I had a hard time seeing the actors or scenery. I tried several other setting with little or no difference. The second problem was the voice sync. Shortly after buying it I started to notice the voices did not match the lips. The longer the tv was on the worse it got. It was so bad that the actors lips stopped moving and the camera had switched to the next actor before I heard the voice. I contacted LG about these problems and was told to make several adjustments to the setting including a setting they call AV Sync. Nothing worked. I find it funny that LG would have a specific setting for this concern. Nothing has improved in the past two months and I’m not getting anymore help from LG. A local repairman told me that this voice problem is common in the new Oled65cx tv and suggested changing the setting to “game” mode and also connecting the tv from the cable box with a component cable instead of HDMI. The game mode seemed to help for a while but soon the voice sync problem was back. Of note, I have other tvs in the house and none of them have these problems. Very frustrating.

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  8. Jeff Mahoney

    I just got this yesterday. So this review, at this point, is all about first impressions. I’ll try to write more later.

    I don’t have to tell people that the display is awesome. That’s why you are spending the money for it. What about the sound from the internal speakers? How about the remote? Are the menus easy to use and intuitive? Read on…

    For me, remote controls are sometimes a deal breaker. This one took me a few hours to adjust, but I think overall, the simplistic layout is easy to use and has everything I need so far. I was shocked to not see a fast forward or skip back keys. I learned that for Youtube, pressing up twice on the center navigation control and then right or left is a good replacement. It’s important for me to find the buttons without having to look at the remote. The volume controls are easy to find with my fingers. The center controls are very easy to find. The other main buttons have a high contrast so they’re easy to find in dim light. The pointer or cursor that appears to control menus and other options is FANTASTIC. It makes entering passwords and email addresses into the system a breeze.

    Setting up the TV for first use was one of the more simple TV setups I’ve been through. It communicated with the Dish box and my Denon home theater system automatically. The Denon was a little older so I was surprised.

    Internal Speakers: At first I thought the speakers were lousy. News programs and Youtube commentators sounded awful. I had the sound theme set to AI Sound Pro. As soon as I switched to Clear Voice sound mode it was great. AI Sound Pro is great for movies, but not for talking shows. For some reason when hosts had multiple microphone setups, switching between them changed the volume and the clarity. So now that I know to switch between the sound modes, the internal speakers are quite great. The speaker sound comes out of the bottom of the tv.

    I was worried about burn in on this OLED. To my surprise, a screensaver comes on after 30 seconds to display some random exploding color dots. Perfect. Pick up the remote and back to normal.

    My older Sony 4K TV wasn’t capable of displaying 4k video with 60fps. This TV handles it beautifully.

    There are many picture modes and sound modes. Getting to the TV settings is very easy. One button. The user guid is built in. There’s a web browser!

    More later

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    LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 55″ 4K Smart OLED TV (2020)
    LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 55″ 4K Smart OLED TV (2020)


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