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PERLESMITH Tilt Low Profile TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32-82 Inch LED LCD OLED Flat Screen TVs – Fits 16”- 24” Wood Studs, Tilting TV Mount with…

$26.99 $20.99

$26.99 $20.99

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  • ▶ UNIVERSAL DESIGN: Tilted TV wall mount is for 32″ – 82″ TVs weight up to 132lbs / 60 kg. Our tilt TV mount has a compatible faceplate that fits VESA 200X100mm (8″x4″) 200X200mm (8″x8″) 300X200mm (12″x8″) 300X300mm (12″x12″) 400X300mm (16″x12″) 400X400mm (16″x16″) 600 x 400 mm(23.6″x16″) . Please check VESA ( Mounting hole pattern on the back of TV and please be noticed that it can’t fit 100x100mm), TV weight, wall stud location and possible blocked cable/input
  • ▶ SAFE TO USE: High quality steel construction ensures safety. This wall mount TV bracket has high standards. It has been tested to hold 4 times the weight they’re rated to based on UL standard so you can rest assured that it will hold the weight of your TV. It also comes with a locking mechanism with quick release which easily secures your TV to the wall
  • ▶ EASY INSTALLATION: Hang your television like a pro! Easy to install on 16 inch, 18 inch and 24 inch wood studs with standard hardware. Get rid of the irritating glare from your screen and conveniently tilt your TV up to 7 degrees forwards or backwards as well as the ability to shift your boby laterally for perfect centering on your wall
  • ▶ SAVE SPACE: Keep your TV close to the wall to save space. Our low profile tilting mount holds the back of the TV just 1.2″ away from the wall for a sleek and tidy appearance
  • ▶ PRODUCT INCLUDES: Standard mounting hardware, 5 pieces pack of cable tie, and our friendly US based customer service. We provide what you need to make installation as easy and convenient as possible!

Specification: PERLESMITH Tilt Low Profile TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32-82 Inch LED LCD OLED Flat Screen TVs – Fits 16”- 24” Wood Studs, Tilting TV Mount with…

Item Weight 4 pounds
Product Dimensions 26.4 x 8.5 x 0.7 inches
Item model number PSLTK1
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Color Name Black
Special Features Tilting

10 reviews for PERLESMITH Tilt Low Profile TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32-82 Inch LED LCD OLED Flat Screen TVs – Fits 16”- 24” Wood Studs, Tilting TV Mount with…

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  1. Chris

    Due to the way this mount has been designed (the wall mount has two parts that attach to each other to form the ‘backplate’) its near impossible to get level. Checking one side of the mount shows level, the other is off. You can’t level at the middle as its not where the screen is mounted. I had to get creative with a metal file to get it straight. Great value if you keep this in mind beforehand and work out a better way to check if its level before mounting.

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  2. David C

    I have a 37″ LCD toshiba tv from a few years ago and wanted to ditch the TV stand. The TV is ~ 55lbs, so I wanted something rated for a much higher weight. This item fit the bill, and install was straight forward and easy. Plenty of extra screws and spacers to fit almost any TV (mine was 400 mm x 200 mm with M4 screws), and I’ll probably order another one for my next TV.

    Maybe the only issue is there is little room after you get the TV positioned on the wall to attach any cords, so be sure everything is hooked up prior to hanging your TV. If your TV AV ports/HDMI ports are facing towards the back and not down, you’re going to probably need a 90 degree adapter to use this wall mounting system. Double check the back of your TV before your order to save yourself the hassle.

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  3. DisneyFamilyMan

    I have put together many, many theater systems in my house over the years, but strangely this is my first wall TV mount of this variety so I am not sure if the following is exceptional for this specific mount, or if pretty standard across the industry. A wall mount is, admittedly, a pretty simple tool. Assembling it was straightforward and the instruction sheet included was one of the most comprehensive and easiest to follow I have ever seen. Real effort has gone into the instructions unlike the usual one sheet of broken English and tiny illustrations included with most accessories.

    The mount came with a package of every type of bolt and spacer imaginable to attach the mounting arms to your TV. My TV already had the bolts so I didn’t need any of them but it was wonderful that they included them. It also had the hardware to attach the other part of the mount to the wall. The slots on the wall portion of the mount give you some leeway in positioning the mount on 16″ center wall studs, but if you have a large TV (like my 65″ screen) with the 16 X 24 VESA bolt pattern you will only have an inch or so horizontally to move TV on mount once hung, so plan ahead when you decide where to hang the wall portion.

    My wife and I were able to easily lift (and then lift again when I forgot a speaker wire that needed to be run behind the TV) the TV and hang the TV portion of the mount on the wall portion. Perhaps we were just lucky, but there was no “fishing around” for the right height like when trying to hang a picture on the wall with those little triangle rings on the back. We just lifted and placed. The mount allows you to tilt the top of the TV out a couple inches and in fact if you have a heavy TV you should decide before hand if you want it to tilt or not because out of the box mine ends up gradually moving into tilt position. There are screws you can tighten to end the tilt, but you will have to take the TV off the wall to do so so again, best to plan ahead and decide if you want to tilt or not before hanging.

    The HDMI cable included seems to work fine. I hooked it up to a Roku box with no apparent issues.

    If I had to make one change it would be this, and it is a minor one. There are two hanging straps that allow you to reach under and behind the TV to unlatch the TV portion of the mount from the wall portion if you need to remove the TV from the wall. At least with my large 65″ TV, those straps are just a little too short to reach up far enough to make it easy to grab if you have big hands like mine. I can just barely get my fingertips on it and pinching it between my pointer and middle fingers and pulling does release the latches because there is very little pull strength needed, but it is difficult to get between my fingers. I understand this would not be an issue with a smaller TV so if there was a way to adjust these straps beforehand then this mount would be absolutely perfect. This isn’t a major enough gripe to dock a star, however, as one likely will never use these straps after the initial mounting until they are ready to dismount the TV for good.

    Oh, one other thing… the included level is great as a toy for my 4 year old, but not as a real tool. It is usable in a pinch (even though the bubble may not be centered on a flat surface if you swap level end to end and make sure the bubble is hanging the same amount out of the center on each side when you swap ends then you can still make something level.) I didn’t use the included level anyway so no big deal.

    In all, great mount that does what it is supposed to with comprehensive instructions and more included hardware than you will use.

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  4. E.P.

    All inexpensive wall mounts are relatively the same. What I really liked about this one was the quick release tabs at the bottom which allow you to release it from the bracket if you need to move the TV. I will say to pay attention to the way the brackets screw together to keep it all straight otherwise putting the level in the middle when installing will give you a false reading because the two sides will not really be even with each other. There is some play in the adjustment when the two halves are attached to each other, so make sure to push both sides all the way up or down on the center bracket before tightening the screws on the center brace. You may want to loosen the side that comes already attached to make sure it is in the same position as the other one. It’s a small detail that may help leveling the bracket accurately. Overall the kit has everything you need to mount a new tv and install it yourself in most cases. I mounted a 55” samsung with it and had no issues putting it on or off the wall alone.the nice part of the quick release is that you can hook the tv on the top of the bracket and it clicks into place when the bottom falls into place.

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  5. Twitch

    Product was as described. I was limited on height for placing the mount, and this came in at ~5″ tall (only had a 7″ space) and worked great. Unfortunately, the molding I have framing in a wall-mounted TV pushes against the TV because this mount is so thin. I had an Echogear mount for my 50″ and needed something different to raise my new 60″ higher. The small mount size made it happen.
    My previous Echogear mount had a few inches behind it – enough to fit a Direct TV large Genie box behind the TV. This mount DOES NOT. It has a much thinner profile, the TV is practically up against the wall. There’s absolutely no ability to fit the Genie behind the TV now…. which can be a great thing, just something to be aware of. The small Direct TV pilot boxes would not be a problem to fit there.
    More pictures to come. Feel free to post questions.

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  6. Stephanie Dover

    Very happy with this TV Mount for my 50″ LG TV. It feels nice and sturdy, but is still inexpensive. I bought this because the store mounts were $80 to $100. At $20, this feels like a steal. It comes with tons of hardware (see picture), so you shouldn’t need to buy anything else to mount it. After mounted, it was nice and solid. There was another review I read about it being hard to level, which is true. Just monitor the wall bracket while you’re installing it and you should be good. Would definitely recommend!

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  7. E-Gene, Soh

    Ordered this on Thursday and received it on Friday. While it says that it’s made for TVs up to 70″, I’ve used this mount on my 75″ TV and it fits perfectly. Just be warned that it’s a very slim bracket, which means that it sits really close to the wall. So if you’ve got cables going into the TV, makes sure you have them plugged in before you mount the TV.

    A simple well made wall bracket that is cheap and well packaged.

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  8. Darcy

    Excellent product. Comes with almost everything (except for masonry plugs). Install was quick, you even get a small magnetic level. I installed this easier than one twice the price from bunnings and for the sheer fact that you get straps, it craps all over the bunnings one. Love it, would order more.

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  9. Jack Jensen

    Lots of hardware, good instructions and easy to accommodate different stud spacing. The magnetic level that it comes with is particularly nice. Once it’s installed correctly the TV is actually very close to the wall which has a visual appeal…

    However if it’s also so close to the wall that fishing wires between the TV and the wall is extremely difficult, and putting the wires in first makes it challenging to hang the TV on the rack. I actually had to use an electrical fish line meant for running wires behind drywall.

    If I were to start the purchase process from scratch I would buy one that would swing out, simply for the sake of installing wires and then being able to push the TV back against the wall.

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  10. Proud Aussie

    The wall mount back plate itself comes in two parts making it hard to get the correct straight level.
    Challenging to attach the cables after hanging it on the bracket since it sits very close the wall. The HDMI cable provided is of poor quality it snapped while attaching to the TV, would have returned this product if I didn’t invested too much time and energy installing it.

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    PERLESMITH Tilt Low Profile TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32-82 Inch LED LCD OLED Flat Screen TVs – Fits 16”- 24” Wood Studs, Tilting TV Mount with…
    PERLESMITH Tilt Low Profile TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32-82 Inch LED LCD OLED Flat Screen TVs – Fits 16”- 24” Wood Studs, Tilting TV Mount with…

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