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Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player

$34.99 $33.00

$34.99 $33.00

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  • Fast/Slow Playback with Sound. Progressive Output 480p; Power Consumption (Standby): Less than 0.5 Watt
  • Multi Brand TV Remote Control. CD, MP3 and JPEG Playback
  • Playable file format is video is mpeg 1 cyber shot data, photo is jpeg dcf format, music is mp3 except for mp3 pro/ wma except for wma pro/aac/lpcm/wave
  • 12 Bit Video DAC with 108 Mega Hertz Processing. 96 kilo Hertz/24Bit Digital Output
  • Playback: Disc Resume, Fast Playback with Sound, High Speed Search, Instant Advance, Instant Replay, Slow Playback with Sound, STEP Playback (FWD/REV), Zoom

Specification: Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player

Brand Name Sony
Item Weight 2.6 pounds
Product Dimensions 12.6 x 10 x 1.26 inches
Item model number DVPSR210P
Batteries 2 AA batteries required.
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Color Name Black
Specification Met Energy_star

10 reviews for Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player

4.2 out of 5
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  1. del gray

    Nice little unit the fact you can’t see if the power is on makes start up slow. Did take a while to read disc but other than that it’s worth the money

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  2. Ron W

    I guess you get what you pay for. The first one I ordered didn’t work at all so I returned it. I trusted the Sony name and figured I must have just got a lemon so I went ahead and ordered another one. Big mistake. I only used it 2-3 times since I have it set up on my basement bar TV. I just went to use it to watch a couple Christmas DVD’s and it won’t work unless I beat on it and then it keeps cutting out. I even tried new DVD’s to see if that made a difference but no go. I bought it over a year ago so no way I can return it now. Go with a better unit and spend an extra $10 – $20 bucks.

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  3. R. Gallagher

    This is a nice, inexpensive DVD player suitable for televisions which do not have an HDMI input. It does not have an HDMI output, so if you need HDMI Sony has a similar unit with HDMI which costs $10 more. I do most of my viewing with a Blu-ray player connected to my Panasonic plasma TV, but in my bedroom I have a 35-inch Toshiba CRT TV which I use to watch old TV shows on DVD, and this DVD player works fine for that purpose. Hookup is simple and the audio-video quality is fine. Drawbacks – when you push the power button on the remote it takes a couple of seconds for the power light on the DVD player to light up, so at first you might think that it’s not working, and there is no display on the front of the player. Longevity remains to be seen, but if it fails to hold up I’ll come back and update my review.

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  4. IslandSandy

    We needed a small DVD player when our television in the kitchen which had a built-in DVD player died. We had a replacement TV but it did not have a DVD player. We have used this Sony in a variety of places in the house and both of my daughters have barred it from time to time. It always works flawlessly and is one of the easiest to set up DVD players I have ever seen.Excellent quality for such a low price. One Note… The photo is a little deceiving as it really does have a small footprint and the photo makes it look very long. Check your measurements before ordering

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  5. 4 kids mama

    I have purchased two of these DVD players and they are great! The first one was for the younger kids’ tv, and we ordered a second one for our oldest daughter after buying a cheaper Sylvania player that was frustrating to use. We returned that one because we couldn’t get it to play certain dvds.
    My daughter’s favourite feature is that her Sony remembers where she stopped watching and allows her to restart a DVD from that spot without fast-forwarding. Some cheaper players don’t even have an option to skip forward, which is annoying.
    We definitely recommend this Sony DVD player!

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  6. Honest Customer

    I have had one like this for years I bought from Wal-mart on vacation. After all of our expensive DVD players went out this one became our number one and has been for a while now. We watch Nemo every night for bed to put my daughter to sleep and the baby sitter also plays nemo through out the day for her all on this $30 player! Sometimes she forgets it on all day and this thing never gets hot. This is the second one we buy, this one is for my daughters room, and any time I need another this will be the one we buy. I cant say enough good things about this player. The only drawback I would have to say is it does take a little while to power on/off and load to play but its worth its weight in gold.

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  7. TiGeR CLaW

    This review covers the Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player

    I purchased this DVD player (for the GF) to replace an older unit that failed. I wanted a no-nonsense simplified player without all the so called ‘Bells & Whistles’ a higher priced unit might offer.

    Out of the box this unit looks real nice and performs great as a 100% dedicated DVD player. For the price you can’t go wrong, but be aware of the differences between using at typical RCA Composite cable vs. using a RCA Component Video with audio cable (See below). This player only includes the RCA Composite option.

    720i-1080i HD TV users with Widescreen DVD media:

    If your TV is 720 HD or 1080 HD make sure you have and/or purchase a RCA Component Video with Audio cable. These come in various lengths. 3 FT and/or 6 FT will probably be all you need to reach the DVD-to-TV connectors. The cable contains (5) RCA connectors at both ends, i.e., RED, Blue, Green (Video) and White and RED (Audio). Also make sure you check the side and/or backside of your TV for an available set of Component connections. This is the only cable type that will support the DVD’s Progressive scan and higher screen resolutions associated with 720 and/or 1080 HD TV’s. Basically Component video is quite similar in what modern day HDMI connectors offer in image resolution up to 1080i, etc.. Of course the DVD media being played also needs to provide a recorded wide screen format as well.
    Please understand that the Composite video cable (included) only supports the native 480 resolution. This means you can still display and see all of the widescreen video, but its reduced in size and confined within blank borders on the top, bottom, right and left side of your TV screen. I’ve attached a few pictures to show you what I mean.

    Clearly you can see the difference using the Component video option provides. Next step is to enter the DVD setup menu and access the SCREEN SETUP options. Here you want to do the following after upgrading the included cable.

    – TV TYPE: 16:9
    – SCREEN SAVER (Optional) I choose ON –See User Guide
    – BACKROUND (Optional) I selected JACKET PICTURE –See User Guide
    – BLACK LEVEL (Component Out) –Leave the default. It will turn ON after activating the below
    – PROGRESSIVE (Component Out Only): ON
    – MODE (Progressive): AUTO
    – 4:3 OUTPUT: NORMAL (this seems to only apply to the startup menu and DVD Disc menu)

    Overall this is a great DVD player. I compared the image quality alongside my Sony PS3 and PS4. Both platforms are top notch media players using HDMI connectors. The image quality appeared to be the same on all platforms.
    Sometimes rock bottom basic means less things to go wrong and/or to find faults with.

    I give this sub-$35 dollar DVD player TWO THUMBS UP!

    Thanks for taking time to read this review. I hope it helped.


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  8. Barry Cleveland

    Before I bought this item I read the reviews and some of them don’t do justice for this player…At 73 years old I had absolutely no problems with this player….Connecting it and making it work….Looking forward to many hours of watching DVD movies

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  9. DRob

    Can’t beat this price! The picture is very crisp, and except for one problem, it was easy to set up.

    My husband could not get it to play in color, however. He watched several movies in black and white, and said the picture quality was great, even in black and white.

    I had read through the other reviews and knew it had something to do with the cables, but when I told him that, he said he was using the cables that came with it so that couldn’t be the problem.

    So I went back and pulled up the reviews about the cables, and he went away muttering that he was using the stupid cables that came with the stupid machine.

    After a while he came back in and said he heard fixed it. I asked how, and he said he had used the cables from our old DVD player, and now he had high quality picture in color.

    I praised him for thinking of trying that, and he was very happy. If he’s happy, I’m happy.

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  10. Lisa T.

    so far so good. Had a problem hooking it up to my tv and could not get a signal. This was because the yellow cord had to go into a green connector on the tv. I had it in an orange one thinking that was the yellow . Looking closely I saw underneath the green connector were the words ‘y/ video’.( yellow video) Laughable I know to you techies out there but hope this helps a fellow technically challenged person !!!! I almost returned it because I thought it was defective- works fine now. .

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    Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player
    Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player

    $34.99 $33.00

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