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Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player, with HDMI port (Upscaling)



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  • Ultra Slim, New Mid Size Design, HDMI Output, 1080P Upscaling, JPEG, MP3 Playback, Multi Disc resume, Multi band TV Remote, Energy Star
  • 1 Year Parts & 90 Day Labor Warranty
  • Region: DVD: 1; Power Requirements:120V, 60Hz
  • Video: DVD, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW, DVD R, DVD R DL, DVD RW; Audio: CD, CD R, CD RW; File Formats Supported: JPEG, MPEG1
  • NOTE: This is not a Blu ray player; POWER CONSUMPTION (STANDBY): Less than 0.5 W

Specification: Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player, with HDMI port (Upscaling)

Brand Name Sony
Item Weight 1.98 pounds
Product Dimensions 8.3 x 10 x 1.26 inches
Item model number DVPSR510H
Batteries 2 AA batteries required.
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Color Name Black
Special Features Precision Cinema Progressive Technology, Multiple-Disc Resume, Child-Resistant Tray Lock, Upscaling DVD Player Via HDMI, Multi-Brand TV Remote Control, Multiple Format Disc Playback

10 reviews for Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player, with HDMI port (Upscaling)

2.5 out of 5
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  1. Aviator

    My old CD player died it was 15 years old, so I needed something to playback CD on my analog stereo system in a hurry with the RCA input for sound. To buy a good CD player these days you are very limited in choice either pay $400 or so or $4000 for a very good one. This Sony CD/DVD player would do for the occasional CD play back. This machine is very disappointing (regardless the price) it should work. I plugged into my power bar, to the same as my old one was, nothing. Didn’t even turned. I had to plug it in several times before it connected. When I pressed the on/off button – nothing, it is not an instant on, you have to hold the button down for about 6 seconds before a tiny green light comes on indicating that there is power. I tried the remote, yes I installed the 2 supplied AA batteries, opened the tray which is so flimsy that it oscillates for several seconds and placed a CD on it. and pressed close. There is no indication that there is a CD in the player, no track, nothing! Pressed play, still nothing lights up. Pressing track numbers such as 1 or 4 or 8 did not do anything either. This Sony, made in China is an absolute junk! It should not even have a SONY logo on it!!! I will returned this to Amazon.

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  2. David VanDyke

    After two weeks, the remote went out (or possibly the unit’s ability to recognize the remote) and it started vibrating every time a disc was inserted. Not worth the money.

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  3. LegalTech

    it’s a great idea… nice and small… died after four months. i tried to save some money. i guess it was too cheaply made.

    Feb 19
    Sent unit to Sony so they could repair it or replace it because it failed under warranty.

    March 6
    Sony calls: they want me to pay $30 labor so they can send me a refurbished unit!

    March 8
    Sony: Please fax us your receipt.
    Me: I included it in the box.
    Sony: We didn’t find it.
    Me: faxed receipt to Sony.

    March 18
    Received unit from Sony. But it doesn’t work. So I called Customer Service again.

    Sony: Yes the unit was returned unrepaired. We did receive your faxed receipt. But we returned the unit anyway. But if you send it to us again, we’ll send you a refurbished unit…

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  4. denzel

    Fast shipping, excellent product equal happy customer. I just receive this product along with other today. which I’m very pleased so far with this product. For those that are thinking about purchasing this product. I have posted a few of the product. On the other hand, it was a great product and, fast shipping A plus.

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  5. Chelsea

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.
     Being that the brand was Sony and the reviews were decent I decided to buy this DVD player off amazon for my daughters dvd selection. It is nothing like anything else Sony- doesn’t work 3 out of 4 times you put a dvd in it. Everything is cheap and our DVD player from 15 years ago works far better. When you initially put a dvd in it won’t play for 10+ minutes and you need to keep turning it on and off to get it to work. Save your money and buy any other brand this one is horrendous.

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  6. Kaz

    A good, reliable DVD player that does what you want it to.

    Even in this day and age of digital streaming, a lot of people still have DVDs laying around. If you have DVDs, you need a DVD player. That said, I didn’t want one that did anything besides play DVDs (I have plenty of other devices for that); this player suits my needs exactly. It was relatively inexpensive, has a very low profile, plugs into modern TVs easily, works well, and comes with a remote. I’ve had it for several years and it still works just fine. Not much more you could ask for.

    Overall I have been very satisfied with this DVD player and, unless you are looking for advanced connectivity between devices, you will be too. If you are looking for a DVD player, you can buy this one with confidence.

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  7. Ali Julia

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.
    I purchased this DVD to play movies on DVDs attached to a high definition SONY TV via HDMI cable. I was looking for basic functionality that works well at a good price, and this is exactly what I got in this unit.

    I am attaching a collage of three photos that I will be referencing in this review.

    Photo #1 shows everything that came in the package: the DVD player, instructions, 3-RCA component video coax cable, remote and batteries. NOTE: HDMI cable is NOT included.
    I placed the unit next to the rulers so you can see the dimensions of the unit: 10.5 inches long x 8 inches wide x 1.5 inch high. The power cord is 58 inches long.
    The top of the DVD player is flat, so I was able to stack other things on top of it. The unit has no display, other than a green light next to the power button which tells you when the unit is on.

    Photo #2 shows the DVD on a digital scale. It is very light weighing in at 2 pound and 1.4 oz

    Photo #3 shows the back panel and the HDMI cable (not included). HDMI (High definition Multimedia Interface) delivers audio and high def video over the same cable. When you use HDMI cable you don’t need to use the RCA cables that came with the DVD. I am showing the shape of the HDMI connector in case someone will find it helpful as it needs to be purchased separately. Amazon sells them at a really good price 

    DVI Gear HDMI Cable 2M 6 feet


    HDMI cable is not required. I prefer it. Why? DVD will do upscaling with either cable but the quality of the output is likely to be better with HDMI. Using HDMI the signal remains digital. Using RCA the video has to go from Digital (source) to analog (signal) to digital (display). Each conversion results in a loss of quality.

    This unit provides good up-scaling. Up-scaling is the ability to play standard definition DVDs on a high definition TV. Standard definition TV set and regular DVDs have a maximum resolution of 720×576. The high definition sets have higher resolution. If you play a standard definition DVD on a high resolution TV the video without up-scaling feature the video will look pixelated. Up-scaling adds pixels to the video to smooth out the pixelated images. The final image is not as good as tru Blu-Ray DVD, but I find it completely acceptable. I am watching the movies on LCD TV. Up-scaling works best on LCD and Plasma TVs, and not as well on CRT-based high definition TVs.

    The default HDMI output from HDMI OUT output is set to 1920x1080p. This can be changed if needed, and is controlled by the TV/projector settings.

    SUBTITLES and FAST/SLOW SPEED CONTROLS (Section added based on an interesting comment question)
    The DVD player supports 5 speeds: 0.6x, 0.8x, 1x (normal), 1.2x, and 1.4x. The speed is changed by repeatedly clicking on the fast/slow speed button on the remote. There are two ways to turn on subtitles: at the start of the DVD and at any time via remote. The sound is very good at each speed, however the subtitles are only shown at normal speed. When I tried forcing them on at another speed via remote control the player generates a message “operation not possible”. As soon as I return to 1x speed the subtitles are shown again.

    DVD player supports the following file formats:
    1. Video: MPEG-1
    2. Photo: JPEG
    3. Music: MP3

    Supported extensions:
    .mpg, .mpeg, .jpg, .mp3, .wma, .m4a, .wav,

    Supported disks:
    DVD, DVD+-RW/+-R/+-R DL, Music CD/Super VCD, CD-R/-RW

    Files with copyright protection (digital Rights Management) cannot be played
    Lossless files cannot be played
    The player cannot play images in DVD-VR mode with CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media)
    The player is designed to play disks with Compact Disk (CD) standard. DualDisks and music disks encoded with copyright protection do not conform to CD standard and may not be compatible with this unit.

    WARNINGS from the manual:
    1. To play a complex hierarchy of folders may take some time. Create albums with no more than two hierarchies.
    2. The player will recognize a maximum of 200 albums and 600 files
    It can recognize 300 photo and 300 music files if Photo(Music) is selected
    3. The player cannot play a video file of size more than (720 width x 576 height)/2 GB

    The remote is compatible with the following TVs:
    Sony (default)

    1. Plug in HDMI cable
    2. If you are using HDMI cable ignore RCA cables enclosed in the box
    3. Plug in DVD into power and attach HDMI cable to the TV
    4. Now you need to configure your TV to recognize the new HDMI component
    For my SONY TV there were three steps
    4a. Under components menu – Label Video inputs
    This option tells TV which HDMI input to use and which one to skip. My TV has four HDMI connections, one already used and three were available. I was not sure which one I used for DVD so I enabled them all in this step
    4b. I went to the list of all inputs where I saw all 4 HDMI connections I tried each one. Two of them generated an error that there was no input, one was my old connection (DVR) and one was the new DVD. This told me which inputs I should disable.
    4c. I went back into “label video inputs” and set the label to “skip” for the two HDMI connections that told me “no input”

    Overall, DVD player works well. The tray operations smoothly, the quality of the display is good, the remote works well. The only thing I don’t like that the DVD turns off itself in 30 minutes if I put it on pause. I would have liked the ability to control this manually, or alternatively have the automatic power off be 2 hours. The unit does not shut off if it is being used. The auto shut off happens if the unit is in pause or stopped.

    Ali Julia review

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  8. Dutchrub

    I bought this DVD player for our workout room at work so I could play my workout DVDs thorugh our smart TV’s HDMI port. I didn’t care so much about Blu Ray or anything, but I had to have an HDMI port because it was our only open jack. Well, it works just fine. It doesn’t skip or falter, the sound quality is just fine through an HDMI cord, and the remote and sensor are acceptable. The only reason I docked a star is because this “upscaling” feature did a fat lot of nothing. If anything, it’s a very noticeable quality deduction through the connection. It’s not a deal-breaker for me because I didn’t buy it for the quality, but others might care more than I do.

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  9. Benny Booker

    Easy and smooth to install and operate, sound good, but picture is squashed. Defect of the product itself or this particular device? It’s a replacement as the other one didn’t work. So it’s 2 defective ones in a row, or the product is bad. But the reviews aren’t saying the picture is squashed. Also the HDMI cable is not provided, so it has to be bought separately, the connectors on the HDMI cable fall out easily, and the rewind doesn’t work. And Sony is basically impossible to contact. VERY disappointed. Now I’ll be without a DVD player again, ’cause I’ll have to return it and try to get a better make.

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  10. Ron Van Winkle same

    Don’t buy this piece of junk. I ordered one and it arrived DOA – would not turn on. Had to deal with Sony and it was not pleasant, Way too much effort required to get a replacement. Plus, I had to pay shipping (for a defective product?!). Waited six weeks for the replacement. Plugged it in an made sure it turned on – it did. After going though the arduous process of hooking it up to my system I went to turn it on again and it was DEAD – would NOT turn on. Nothing wrong with the power recepticle. So, two units that were never able to play a single DVD. Is there ANY quality control at Sony anymore? I’m done with Sony and this product. They can keep my money since it is the last they will ever receive from me.

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    Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player, with HDMI port (Upscaling)
    Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player, with HDMI port (Upscaling)


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