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uni Ethernet Adapter, USB 3.0 to 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Network Adapter, Driver Free RJ45 Internet Adapter Compatible for MacBook,…

$15.99 $13.59

$15.99 $13.59

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  • 【USB 3.0 Fast Transmission】uni Ethernet Adapter supports 10/100/1000 Mbps at fast USB 3.0 speeds, and is also backward compatible with both USB 2.0 and USB 1.1. Note: To reach 1Gbps, make sure to use CAT6 & up Ethernet cables.
  • 【Plug & Play】USB to Ethernet adapter serves as the bridge between RJ45 Ethernet cable and your USB 3.0 devices and does not require any driver or software installed. Choose uni and enjoy your hassle-free network speed boosting experience.
  • 【Secure & Stable】Wired network is known as being securer and more stable than wireless connections, and uni’s USB to RJ45 adapter is the perfect solution to maintain a safe and smooth network during online classes, video conferences, downloading large files, video streaming and gaming on your USB 3.0 devices.
  • 【uni’s unique design】The built-in intelligent chip RTL8153 offers high-speed transmission. USB connector fits snugly into the port ensuring stable signal transport. Nylon braided cable adds up the durability without compromising on its flexibility for easy storage. LED indicator informs you of the working status and premium aluminum case for better heat dissipation.
  • 【Compatibility & Features】NOT compatible with Nintendo Switch. Supports ChromeOS, Windows (32/64 bit) 8/7/Vista /XP/10, Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Linux. Note that you can connect the adapter to a USB 3.0 hub. Supported features include Wake-on-Lan (WoL), Crossover Detection, timing recovery and IEEE 802. 3az Energy Efficient Ethernet. Supports IPv4/IPv6 Protocol.

Specification: uni Ethernet Adapter, USB 3.0 to 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Network Adapter, Driver Free RJ45 Internet Adapter Compatible for MacBook,…

Product Dimensions 5.92 x 2.36 x 0.67 inches
Item Weight 1.44 ounces
Item model number AE01
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Best Sellers Rank 8 in USB Computer Network Adapters
Date First Available April 27, 2020
Manufacturer uni

10 reviews for uni Ethernet Adapter, USB 3.0 to 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Network Adapter, Driver Free RJ45 Internet Adapter Compatible for MacBook,…

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Ray

    I bought this to replace my TP-Link gigabit usb ethernet adapter. This uni adapter is a perfect replacement that feels more solid and works straight-away without any configuration. I’ve purchased a few uni-branded accessories and they all have a great quality feel with lightly-textured (powdered) metal and tough, braided cords and this is no exception. The cord on the TP-Link adapter is shorter and flat so it can only bend one direction. The cord on this adapter is about 4″ long (and round) which allows me to position the adapter much better and put less strain on my usb port. I tested it on my Lenovo Ideapad with Windows 10 and my (early 2011) Macbook Pro with Linux Mint (ubuntu-based). Both computers immediately recognized the adapter and connected to the internet without the need to download drivers (kind of a non-negotiable). Both connected at gigabit speeds to my home network (though the macbook only has usb 2.0 ports). Linux reported it as a Realtek adapter so support should be easy to find.

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  2. Pritpal Singh

    I recently upgraded my broadband to Full Fibre 900 package, I was only getting 350-400Mbps download speed on WiFi.

    I decided to buy this adapter and give it a go. Right out of the box I’m getting 911Mbps download and 110Mbps upload.

    I’m using this adapter with my iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. Just plug and play no drivers needed. Would recommend if you’re looking for a USB 3.0 ethernet adapter.

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  3. P-izAlong4ThaRide

    I am starting to buy a lot more products from the UNI brand – they are good value for money, generally a lot cheaper than the major brands and they tend to have good quality chips / controllers built in. The customer service people are friendly plus all the products I’ve bought from them come with lifetime warranty like the major brands so why pay more? Saying that it is always wise to check out the quality of electronic products, but UNI seem to be doing the right things with quality control as far as I can see.
    I ran the device on Windows 10 on two different ASUS computers and works straight out of the box / plug and play… (It’s always a good idea to check for driver updates for the device using Windows Update or Device Manager.).. I made a point to do that and Windows provided an updated driver so it was worth doing.
    It runs on Realtek USB GbE Family Controller – I have always found Realtek to be very reliable and good quality.
    The device definitely works at 1Gbps speed allowance (as expected for a Realtek controller).
    Weighs appx 29g so it is very light.
    The USB cable is relatively thick, stiff, and nicely braided, and the connector is well made / anodised-aluminium layered and fits securely into USB ports. The device itself is layered in dark grey anodised-aluminium which protects it well and also helps heat to dissipate. Its definitely a perfect size for travel – small and light enough to carry but just big enough that you wont misplace it easily. And the UNI emblem is cute and simple as well – doesn’t take away from the overall look of things. The power and data lights are of decent brightness as well.
    I like the fact that the packaging is very simple – no plastic / no unnecessary packaging to go in the bin – just a simple little box that provides enough protection for transport.

    Definitely worth buying and trying it out.

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  4. Paul L.

    I bought the Uni USB A Gigabit adapter so I could be wired in instead of using wireless and amazing what a huge difference it makes. When connected via ethernet my speeds went up. Speedtest (as shown) show perfectly speeds on gigabit. The adapter is very small and required no extra drivers. It uses Realtek GbE hardware so you can expect reliability. It just works. Plug it in and go.

    I am using a Lenovo X1 Thinkpad Gen 7. And I have the adapter connected to a USB C hub and everything works perfectly.
    I highly recommend, its very small and easy to carry around as well. And the build quality is excellent from the metal / plastic shell and the braided line.

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  5. Starcrescendo

    My new laptop didn’t come with an ethernet jack and as an IT person, I constantly find myself in situations where people don’t know their wifi credentials (believe it or not!). Having an ethernet jack to just plug directly into a router is almost always easier and more efficient than trying to hunt it down.

    This device is much smaller than similar devices which is great, but I purchased it specifically for the advertisement of being “driver-free” as previous devices like this I’ve found have that tiny little CD that you have to install before hand. I’ve utilized this device a number of times and on two different computers and can say that the “no driver” claim seems to be accurate. I have used on a Windows 10 laptop as well as a Windows 7 PC, so I’m pretty convinced. This way I can simply carry this in my bag and not have to worry about having an installer.

    This device is also capable of delivering gigabit speeds which is nice to know that whatever connection I get from their network is not being slowed down on the way into my computer.

    Overall this is a great device and a much-loved tool in my arsenals. I’ve spent a couple years stubbornly saying it is a device that would be “nice to have” while refusing to buy one and doing things the hard way. Now that I have it, I use it so frequently I forget how I did things without it.

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  6. Paul

    Using my company laptop on wifi to do Teams video confernces was not working well, even though my router was in the same room my video and speech were choppy. I used this to hard wire my router to my company laptop and everyone can see and hear me so much better. Works for me so thumbs up.

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  7. DJScott4843

    This Ethernet adapter is a great accessory to add to any modern day ultra book. Whether its a MacBook or Windows computer. Most ultra book style computers no longer come with Ethernet ports as they continually try to make these devices smaller and smaller every year. For the average consumer this will not pose too much of an inconvenience as WiFi is suitable for most things. However if you are trying to download a larger files having the freedom to plug in to your internet via a wired connection can come in handy. We currently own a Surfacebook 2 and this adapter works great with our device and will find its way into our travel bag when we go on vacations. One of the things everyone can agree with is that hotel WiFi is always garbage. But by purchasing this little device we can take advantage of Ethernet ports when they are provided in the hotel room (usually they are). This will help to increase productivity when we are on the go. Or allow us to stream movies more easily when we are in bed at night.

    Whether you are looking at this adapter for traveling use, or just for at home use with a laptop that does not currently have an Ethernet port, you will not be disappointed with this adapter. It works great, maintains excellent speeds. Also having a braided cable allows for a rugged and durable feel to ensure the product lasts a lifetime. I highly recommend this product as well as other devices made by UNI. I have purchased several different computing accessories from them in the past and have not been disappointed yet.

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  8. Matthew

    This is there for those with laptops either too thin for an Ethernet port or suffer from a 10/100 rather than a 10/100/1000 port and for this, can’t fault it. It just works fine. All Ethernet cables slot in firmly in place and remain connected. With Windows, it’s just a plug and play experience so don’t have to worry about getting additional drivers. I haven’t tried this on Linux however. With it, I receive my advertised DL speed of 550mbps on my Laptop which by itself has no ethernet port.

    I like that it is a braided cable, but the only thing I would improve is slightly more cable reinforcement at either end, purely for longevity of the receiver. Other than that, if you need one – this gets the job done.

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  9. Bethzaida Crespo

    Undoubtedly a good choice. My MAC Ethernet port stopped working after a nearby lightening strike that affected the devices inside – traveled through water pipes and met up with electrical. This meant I could not use my Ethernet to my router. I wanted Ethernet to leave WiFi for other devices that travel the house. Plus, nothing better contends with wired. My opinion.

    I like the thick braided cord and the heavy sturdy casing. I was skeptical because anything that has to convert or translate loses its intent of use on the other end. Meaning, I look at an Ethernet port as having the port configuration to accept a direct connection, whereas a “USB-2-Ethernet” device that plugs into a USB would surely not be able to truly work like a direct use Ethernet port.

    I had to do some research and found a lot of these “conversation” devices, as I call them, not working as intended. Because I also had other network issues I was resolving, new modem and router, I had to determine if any issues happened, what was it really: modem, router, or this USB-2-Ethernet device.

    After troubleshooting other issues and using the USB device on other equipment, I found it was working as though I had true direct connection to an Ethernet port.

    I hope it continues to work as prescribed considering I will not be getting my MAC Ethernet port fix.

    I would recommend to anyone who needs to have a “traveling” device such as this that makes it a very flexible tool to have.

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  10. James Berry

    I’ve got a couple of other USB ethernet adapters and this is absolutely up there with the best of them.
    I’ve got a MacBook Pro 2016 and it worked straight out of the box no drivers.
    The build quality is very good – the main body of the dongle is metal and feels very solid, with a braided USB cable of a good length (must be 6 inches I guess)
    As I always do, I did a quick performance test – to a server on my LAN that has a 10gbE connection. I was able to fully saturate a the 1gb connection (941Mbits/sec tcp as recorded by iperf3).
    For those interested the device identifies as having a Realtek chipset (Product 0x8153, Vendor 0x0bda)

    This is my third uni accessories device, and I have to say they are rapidly becoming one of my favourite vendors

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    uni Ethernet Adapter, USB 3.0 to 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Network Adapter, Driver Free RJ45 Internet Adapter Compatible for MacBook,…
    uni Ethernet Adapter, USB 3.0 to 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Network Adapter, Driver Free RJ45 Internet Adapter Compatible for MacBook,…

    $15.99 $13.59

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