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SOJOS Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses Hipster Metal Frame Women Eyeglasses She Young - SoppiGO
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SOJOS Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses Hipster Metal Frame Women Eyeglasses She Young


Last updated on December 1, 2021 1:11 pm


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  • BLUE LIGHT BLOCKER & REPLACEABLE LENSES – Reduce symptoms of eyestrain during prolonged computer exposure. These glasses are best used for long hours of computer use to maintain natural sleep patterns and eye protection. The original lenses can be replaced with your prescription lenses at any store.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS – These cat eye style blue light blocking glasses are made of reinforced metal frames, soft silicone nose pads, and durable spring hinges, all the quality details ensuring you a perfect performance. The soft silicone nose pads can adapt to different nose shapes. Reduce the burden on your bridge of the nose and create a new sense of fashion.
  • COMFORTABLE WEARING – Lightweight and durable. These stylish blue light blocking glasses fit well both for small faces and big heads because of adjustable temples and nose guards. You can wear our glasses for long periods in front of digital screens or your upcoming trip out of town.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSION – Lens Width: 52mm(2.05inches) | Lens Height: 47mm(1.85inches) | Temple Length: 133mm(5.24inches) | Nose Bridge: 17mm(0.67inches).
  • GIFT IDEAS PACKAGE – Blue light blocking glasses*1, microfiber pouch*1, microfiber glasses cleaning cloth*1, blue light test electric torch*1, blue light test card*1, glasses kit*1, beautifully designed box*1. It is also a gift packaged ready, making it a wonderful yet practical gift idea for friends and family!

10 reviews for SOJOS Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses Hipster Metal Frame Women Eyeglasses She Young

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  1. Dark Star

    Love these!! I tried 3 different brands before deciding on this one. They definitely block blue light, and they are high quality (which was not the case with other brands). Got them in black also, as well as another style. I can tell my eyes strain less when I wear them and I fall asleep better at night. 🙂

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  2. Cami Crisler

    Don’t listen to the reviews that say these don’t pass the blue light tests online. Unfortunately those people didn’t realize that these type of glasses aren’t supposed to pass those online spectrum tests. If they did then we wouldn’t see the color blue on our screens AT ALL. These just filter the blue so it isn’t harsh.

    They arrived today and let me tell you THEY WORK. I had a lazy day and pretty much stayed on my computer all day in bed (about 7 hours). Didn’t notice any headaches or dizziness in vision like I usually do being on the computer that long. I decided to go shower and came back and got back on my computer. Well an hour went by and I noticed I started feeling funny with headaches and dizzy frustration and then it hit me. I FORGOT TO PUT MY GLASSES BACK ON. So I put them back on and the problem was resolved.

    I originally ordered another pair because they were $8 cheaper than these and they ended up looking so cheap and hurt my ears so I went back and got these. Best decision ever. I was nervous that the rose gold would look too pink or copperish but it doesn’t. I was also nervous that these would look terrible with my bangs but they don’t. They’re so cute I don’t wanna take them off.

    Bottom line: do yourself a favor and just go ahead and treat yourself with these

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  3. Lentz

    I’ve been looking for blue light blocking glasses and these are perfect! They’re extremely comfortable, cute and affordable!

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  4. Student life🍊

    I’ve had migraines for ages and doctors always recommend going for eye tests to make sure your not straining your eyes which may be causing the headaches. But recently with the boom in technology alot of people tend to sit in front of their screens for hours which can also lead to eye strain due to increased exposure to blue light.

    Whether blue light actually causes headaches is still yet to be researched fully but it is very well known that eye strain can cause migraines. I needed a solution to my ease my eye strain so I could ensure my headaches and these glasses did just the thing!!

    They not only make my headaches bearable but they are also amazingly stylish, come in such amazing packaging and are actually tinted! (But not too much to make it look weird).

    I wouldn’t recommend wearing them all day like normal glasses (and definitely consult with your doctor if you have to) but only when your doing work for long hours in front of a screen.

    Hole this helps xx

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  5. HV

    Upon arrival I fell in LOVE with these glasses! They are so fashion and seemingly well made. I love the color options and how they fit my face without needing adjustment. They came in a cute sturdy box with a dust bag, mini glass tightening tool, and uv light (for testing the glasses). The packaging was super thorough and overall arrival was terrific!

    After a few days of use, the nose piece portion just started crumbling and fell apart. They are irritating to wear now as the plastic underneath the cushiony nosepiece is exposed. I was so disappointed because I loved them and would have recommended them to anyone and everyone before that.

    UPDATE: So Sojos Co is amazing and reached out to me a few days after my review dropped wanting to replace my broken pair of glasses or give me a full refund. I opted for the new pair and am writing this review after using them for about a month. I believe that the first pair I was sent were duds because the replacement pair is amazing! They are very sturdy and well-made, stylish and the nose piece has held up extremely well. I also like how the lenses seem to stay free of fingerprints and smudges easily. Definitely would repurchase.

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  6. Dianastrz

    Die Brille mit dem Blaulichtfilter kam gut verpackt mit einem Brillenputztuch und einem mini Brillenschraubendreher an. Die Qualität ist wirklich gut, vor allem für diesen Preis! Keine Kratzer oder andere Mängel. Die Brille sitzt wirklich gut, drückt nicht und ist bequem. Der Kauf lohnt sich wirklich, gerne wieder, bin begeistert 🙂

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  7. Amazon Customer

    Great glasses for the price. Sturdy yet lightweight frames. They also look very stylish and appear much more expensive than they were. I have had a few compliments on them, which surprised me. I got the rose gold colour and they are very subtle and classy looking, which I am pleased about as I don’t like anything too blingy.

    The lenses block out blue light from my computer, laptop and other devices and this means my eyes don’t get as tired or blurry. I have found them to be effective and I am pleased with their performance.

    I have had a few cheaper plastic pairs of blue light blocking glasses (also from Amazon) which I liked a lot, but I snapped a leg off one pair by sitting on them. I am quite a clumsy person so thought I might be better off buying a slightly more sturdy pair with metal frames. I will no doubt sit on this pair as well, but I am hopeful they will still be useable afterwards.

    As well as the glasses you get a few other bits and pieces, such as a blue light tester card and mini blue light. I think there was also a fixing tool for loose screws and there was a cleaning cloth and a little pouch for the glasses. The packaging was a sturdy box and the glasses arrived safely with no damage.

    No solid case with these glasses, but I had one already so I didn’t mind and plus for the price I can hardly complain. Great value, good quality glasses that look really nice and perform well. I would recommend these if you are looking for a pair.

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  8. Tori

    Pros: Super cute and stylish!
    Blocks blue light without having an obvious, ugly tint.
    Lightweight, comfortable
    You can wear them anywhere
    A little flimsy, so don’t be too rough.
    It blocks light so well that it glares (not that big of a deal, though. Just don’t wear them while driving).

    Overall, I love these!! My doctor recommended blue light glasses. I wanted them to be cute. I know there’s some out there that block blue light more because the lenses are completely yellow, but I didn’t want to look like an idiot since I wear them when I use the computer at work. I notice after wearing them during computer or phone use, I don’t feel super groggy/heavy eyed when I look away. I always felt that way after prolonged screen time without blue light blocking glasses.

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  9. Melisa luna

    Me encantaron estos lentes además en la gomita del lente tiene grabado la marca (SOJOS) y lo hace ver más lujoso ! El material es muy bueno resistente para nada se ve de mala calidad
    Pareciera ser más costoso! Además viene en una caja muy resistente e incluye su funda y un pañuelo para límpielo eso le suma muchos puntos! Sin duda lo recomiendo

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  10. Kindle Customer

    Let me start by saying I have 2 other pairs of blue light glasses purchased on Amazon. I work in an office where I’m staring at my computer, other peoples computers, television presentations, all day every day. I started getting headaches and just feeling real eye strain, so I bought a pair of blue light glasses.

    They were great, and I immediately felt a difference. What I didnt realize was that the lenses were tinted yellow and I didnt like wearing them at work, so I kept them as my “work from home” glasses in my laptop bag. I immediately bought two more in the same style, for the office, without the yellow tint. Still felt the same “relief” of eye strain and less headaches.

    I decided that with everything I do at work, plus at home being on my phone texting and messaging and then watching tv, that I wanted to protect my eyes with a pair to wear at home. I honestly would have gotten the same ones but I came across these and they were super cute and I thought I would like a different style I could rotate to work if I wanted.

    These are amazing!! They are extremely well made for a gold wired frame. They do not feel flimsy at all and I’m ridiculously impressed with the packaging, box, cleaning accessories, etc they came with for the price. My other glasses were $20ea and came in a cloth bag wrapped in bubble wrap.

    Now for the real question though, do they work-worth the money? I couldnt imagine they wouldnt, they even send you a tester! But I can honestly say I’ve never thought to “test” my other glasses. And I’m very glad I never realized the bad reviews for these for “not working” before buying them. I may not have taken the chance. However, it made me question when I got them so I did some googling on how to test. Basically flashing this blue light on a piece of white paper you can see how bright and blue it is. Once you slide the frame under the light you can see the difference in how it dims it. I included pictures of all 3 of my glasses so you could see the difference and I know two of them work- the physical improvement is undeniable for me. Surprisingly, these glasses performed better than my work glasses, but not quite as good as the yellow tinted ones. The difference is slight though. (You can test using the card it came with but I wanted to show all 3 together and paper was easier).

    Honestly, when I think of so many people, myself included, who’ve gone years never protecting their eyes from blue lights of technology, I’m glad I’m doing something. I dont want to spend a fortune to buy something that might improve the blue light blockage slightly more especially at the sacrifice of comfort.

    Im extremely thrilled with these and will probably purchase this brand again when I wear my other ones out or decide to change style.

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    SOJOS Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses Hipster Metal Frame Women Eyeglasses She Young
    SOJOS Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses Hipster Metal Frame Women Eyeglasses She Young


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