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ThinOptics Keychain Case + Rectangular Reading Glasses - SoppiGO
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ThinOptics Keychain Case + Rectangular Reading Glasses


Last updated on December 7, 2021 2:21 am


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  • Plastic lens
  • Non-Polarized
  • Lens width: 44.45 millimeters
  • COMFORT: Designed in Silicon Valley, ThinOptics Readers are feather-light and engineered to grip with gentle pressure.
  • STRENGTH: Every ThinOptics Reader is made of shatterproof, thermo-injection molded, optical-grade polycarbonate. The bridge is made from a shape-memory metal called Nitinol, which is 10x more elastic than spring steel and encased in medical-grade silicone tubing
  • QUALITY: The lenses are made by one of the most advanced optical lens manufacturers in the world use the same lens material regularly used in high-end prescription glasses
  • FIT: ThinOptics Readers have been designed to fit the vast majority of noses. They can be positioned higher up or down the nose for a comfortable fit. If fit is a problem, we offer a 30-day, money-back-fit guarantee
  • CONVENIENCE – ThinOptics Keychain Readers include both the ThinOptics Readers & handy keychain case to keep your readers Always With You

10 reviews for ThinOptics Keychain Case + Rectangular Reading Glasses

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  1. Amazon Customer

    Amazing. A little fiddly to start but with practice, deployment and re storage in the case suplied becomes second nature and slick. The glasses them selves are lightweight, feel well made and the correctly stated magnification.

    Obviously they will not be as secure as conventional glasses with legs but you sacrifice security for convenience. It took a few attempts to find the right place to clip them to my nose. Once I got used to this, they grip well, feel secure and do not fall off. Its worth trying a few spots to see what works best, otherwise they do fall off.

    Materials are light weight but not flimsy, despite compact design of both the case and the glasses, there is a quality feel, inspiring confidence of longevity.

    As compact as a monocle but much more effective and a more conventional look. Fantastic design, nicely executed.

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  2. Out and about

    I like these glasses overall and particularly the way they store. Convenient and practical and that was the attraction for me. Fit well enough though a little sore on the nose and not that stable it you move your head about – you need to keep altering them to the best position. Watch out for the lifetime guarantee “catch”. It could be costly to many as it could cost you more to register your purchase that you paid for them. They say it’s just ten seconds to register on the purchase packaging but when you visit the website the only option you get is to phone a Canadian phone number; no online method! They clearly publish that they are experiencing large number of enquiries and so there will be a delay in their response time! So ten seconds it will not be. If your phoning a Canadian number from the UK and paying full cost (BT 22p setup plus 50p/min) and if they are on huge delays you’ll likely pay largely for the privilege. Then you have to pay return postage if something is wrong and so it will all adds up. Better for me to ignore the registration and take the chance – marketing gimmick at it’s worst.

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  3. John

    Lenses scratch easily. These scratches were made by dispensing and returning the glasses to the keychain case. I receive these only last week. 😕

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  4. Marty Squillaci

    Great concept, wonderful idea, but poor quality. I attached these to my keyfob which I carry in my pocket all day long. Besides the point that it doubled the size of keychain (like having 2 keyfobs), the lenses became scratched almost immediately now rendering them almost useless. I have only retrieved them twice from my pocket in 30 days and was shocked to see scratches on the lenses from just being in the holder. Inside of holder has no cushion protection and it’s plastic is obviously harder than the lens plastic. At least they should have scratch coated the lens like most readers are made with. Again, great concept but disappointed with quality of lens. Will be searching for another “pocket cheater”. Wasted $21 in less than a month.

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  5. Antonio P.

    These glasses work very well for me in limited use. They are not my main readers. They seem way too fragile for the work I do. I’m in the service industry so I need readers that are more durable. I use cliq readers for work. At home I use a regular set of readers which are way more comfortable for extended reading sessions. These glasses are my going out readers. They are small and light I can pop these out to read a menu at a restaurant and then put them quickly away. I like my cliq glasses but hated having them around my neck all the time. And my other readers were always get crushed or broken in my pocket. So for going out or for a backup pair these glasses are great. I would caution anyone who intends on using these daily that they are very delicate and probably will not hold up for long. That’s why I’m taking away one star. Also if you don’t place these on your nose just right they can fall off. Overall they are serving my needs perfectly. But I would not depend on these for daily use.

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  6. KCee The Animal Lover

    Perfect! I never have to worry about where my glasses are OR even if I have them with me! First time I used them was out to dinner with family and friends and I took out my keychain, and popped up the glasses and slid them on my nose and everyone went wild and they just had to try them on!! Where did you get these, I love them was the comments I received. I’m so happy I stumbled on these glasses LUCKY FIND!

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  7. hairdude4247

    WARNING!!! THEY DO NOT LET YOU RETURN THEIR FAULTY PRODUCT. YOU PAY THEY KEEP THE MONEY AND YOU ARE LEFT WITH A SUB PAR PRODUCT.! So sad I had these for 3 days and the glasses fall out all the time once you take them out. The inner hook that holds the glasses doesnt hold them well so they fell out of my keychain. Its not secure and the glasses are lost. I went to tell the sellerand it says they dont deal with returns so I lost money and was dissappointed. Onto find a better made product with better customer service. Seems thin optics will take your money bit not replace their poorly made product.

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  8. Kathleeen Bullock

    Seemed like a great idea but I cannot keep them on my nose

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  9. Chachi69

    ThinOPTICS Keychain Reading Glasses, Clear Frame, 1.50 Strength

    Now that summer is here and I’m not wearing a jacket, I need super small reading glasses that fit in my pants/shorts pocket. The case is bulkier than I’d like, but I suppose there’s only so small you can go and still be usable.

    They’re good in a pinch — reading a menu or a price tag — but you wouldn’t try to read the newspaper with them. They’re not comfortable or stable enough for longer reading sessions. I have an average nose and there’s only one spot farther down my bridge where these rest securely, and your mileage will vary depending on how oily your skin is. I won’t be throwing out my Warby Parkers, but these are good “mobile readers”.

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  10. MAM 8670

    The nose piece broke in about a month. Either I eat $25 or I have to go through the return process mailing the tiny glasses back.
    Not impressed with the quality. Idea is cool but flushing $25 down the drain not so cool

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    ThinOptics Keychain Case + Rectangular Reading Glasses
    ThinOptics Keychain Case + Rectangular Reading Glasses


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