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PURA D’OR Biotin Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning (16oz x 2) Shampoo & Conditioner Set, Clinically Tested Effective Solution w/ Herbal DHT…

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Last updated on November 25, 2021 4:22 pm


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  • PURA D’OR IS THE LEADER IN HAIR THINNING THERAPY FOR THICKER & FULLER HAIR: PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Anti Hair-Thinning Shampoo and Biotin Conditioner Combo is proven & tested to reduce hair thinning. It promotes hair strength & thickness with increased volume & reducing breakage. Results may vary.*
  • IMPROVED HAIR APPEARANCE: No more bad hair days due to thinning hair and dry scalp. Our Anti-hair Thinning Shampoo w/ Biotin and 17+ DHT Herbal Blend is here to the rescue. Packed with essential vitamins, our exclusive formula helps hydrate the scalp reducing dryness, brittle strands, and improves hair manageability.
  • PROTECT & STRENGTHEN YOUR HAIR: Our Key Active Ingredients such as Biotin, Argan Oil and 17+ DHT Herbal Proprietary Blend protect your hair from further damage caused by external factors that lead to thinning hair. At the same time, these ingredients strengthen the hair shaft and cleanse the scalp, improving the overall health of your hair.
  • THE ORIGINAL, GOLD STANDARD, UNDISPUTED AND ONLY FORMULA WITH BIOTIN & OVER 17+ DHT HERBAL BLEND: The secret to thicker hair is using a shampoo with gentle ingredients. Our formula is packed with a powerful blend of Biotin, Nettle Extract, Pumpkin Seed, & Black Cumin Seed Oil. PURA D’OR is always vegan, cruelty-free & manufactured in an environmentally responsible way.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Healthy hair for happy customers. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with our hair thickening shampoo, let us know and we will give you a FULL refund.

10 reviews for PURA D’OR Biotin Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning (16oz x 2) Shampoo & Conditioner Set, Clinically Tested Effective Solution w/ Herbal DHT…

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  1. Catrina Summer

    I think this company must be putting up their own reviews to get good ratings. The shampoo smells unpleasantly like lemon grass and did nothing to reduce thinning or hair loss. The instructions say to use it for 3 months to notice results and that satisfaction is guaranteed. However, the Amazon return window expires after 1 month and the company will not stand behind their guarantee. After speaking with the company they asked me to send them my receipt. I sent them my receipt from Amazon and customer service wrote me back, “Unfortunately, since we are unable to verify this purchase you will need to contact Amazon directly. We apologize for any inconvenience.” Unfortunately for me I am passed the Amazon window which is for before the product is supposed to show results. So in conclusion, if you are going for dry, frizzy hair, and don’t mind the smell of lemon grass, this product will probably do that for you. If you still want to try it, when it doesn’t work, be sure to send it back via Amazon before the 1 month is up and don’t fall for the “use for 3 month and satisfaction is guaranteed.”

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  2. Hannah B.

    UPDATE: I have been using this system for two months and began experiencing more hair loss when washing. I gave it some time because I didn’t want to jump the gun. After experimenting with both the shampoo and conditioner, I’ve discovered that it’s the conditioner causing the additional hair loss. So to everyone who is experiencing clumps of hair loss after using this, try giving up the conditioner. I had almost no hair loss when I did this. I have been using Pura D’or’s aloe as conditioner and have had great results. On a side note, I am also experiencing hair growth inany areas of my scalp, including area that never had hair before. Hopefully dropping the conditioner with give the results I’ve been hoping for.

    I’ve only used the shampoo and conditioner once
    so I can’t speak on its hair growth assistance but holy crap my hair feels better than salon results after one use and I contribute this to the ingredients list entirely. I LOVE that the first ingredient is aloe. I was worried that the biotin would leave a greasy, waxy film on my hair and weigh it down as biotin shampoos have done in the past but my hair is well moisturized and light. My hair immediately felt 2x thicker than usual which helps with self esteem. Im very hopeful this will help with my postpartum hair loss.

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  3. Bonnie

    Like other reviews I had high hopes from reviews i had just got it tonight and used it and omg how freaking scary I had so much hair falling out like when I had hypothyroidism it was non stop hair kept slipping out my head in the shower and peep this I dyed my hair black 3 weeks ago never did I had any black hair dye washed out until also tonight when using this product wtf! I saw gray blackish dye washed out my hair when using the shampoo it was crazy this is a real review on my experience and I hope you guys do becareful by the looks of it its seem like its not legit as it claims ill leave it to you people taking my words with precautions or taking a chance risk losing more hair i wish I had took a picture of how much my hair ran down the drain It clogged my drain thats the bubbles from the soap couldn’t even run down.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    I will add my third photo after the sixth month has passed it has been three months. I will tell you straight up how it is I was scared to try this. it’s expensive but was worried did it work? After trying this I did notice that when I got out of the shower I needed to put in leave in conditioner. it did kind of leave my hair feeling a little tangly. leave in conditioner takes care of all that also I used my wet hair brush it’s a brand name hair brush that helps D tangle hair. I feel like the people that gave this a bad review did not give it a chance to actually work so I stuck through and kept using it after one week of using the shampoo and conditioner I stopped losing gobs of hair in the shower Before this I even quit washing my hair because I was tired of losing so much hair I really feel that it was the store-bought shampoos that I was using they have shelflife chemicals in them they’re just not good. this shampoo I can honestly say has improved the amount of hair that I was losing in between washes I can also say I am seeing a little bit of hair growth I’m gonna give it like I said three more months to see where were at. Ps. My bf even noticed I wasn’t leaving behind so much hair in the bath anymore and thanked me for finally cleaning it up I laughed told him it’s not me it’s the shampoo but your welcome.🤪😎

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  5. Divya Palreddy

    Anti Hair thinning Gold label is not same as old Anti Hair Loss Gold Label. I used to receive anti- hair loss before now I received the anti hair thinning and I had bad hair fall on the first day I used.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    I bought it a year ago and it went a long way. After I ran out I tried a few other things and within a few weeks I noticed my hair did not look as nice..it was very flat and had lost its shine. Bought a refill and within a week my hair just looked a lot better. I definitely think it helps with hair loss as I have not had significant loss since I started it (the few weeks I was out did not seem to hurt). It’s a little more expensive but you do not use much and running out has made me a believer.

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  7. Can’t stop buying things

    This is my second time purchasing, the first time I bought this in 2019 it was by far the best shampoo/conditioner I’d ever used and had made my hair feel the healthiest it’s ever been. However I purchased again in 2020 from the exact same seller and have noticed major inconsistencies in the product and packaging and I’m now wondering if I’ve received a counterfeit product..
    The biggest difference is that my conditioner is labelled ‘biotin deep moisturizing conditioner’ and not ‘deep moisturizing conditioner’ as pictured. The actual conditioner has a much more runny texture now and smells entirely different (and not in a good way). The worst part is I can’t find this exact product on Pura Dor’s official website? The shampoo packaging is the same but the 2020 shampoo has a much stronger fragrance. I bought this batch early as my 2019 batch was running low as I wanted to be stocked up before it ran out (that’s how much I loved this stuff) but this has backfired as I’m now out of my return window and have received a product that is
    A) not as described
    B) potentially counterfeit

    Please could the seller get in touch with me to see what can be done

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  8. Sonya

    This product scared me into thinking I had a serious health condition. I purchased on September 1st and since then I have lost so much hair it is unbelievable. I am devastated!!! My hair is falling out in literally handfuls in the shower. Not until I went to the bad reviews for this product and saw the photos did I realize it is the shampoo and not my health. It will take months if not a year to recover the hair that i havd lost using this for the past month. Please do not buy this product.

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  9. Di Cole

    I tried this product for a week, before I realized it was the cause of my hair LOSS. It dried out my hair, causing breakage and splits. My combs and brushes were filled with loose hair. It will be months before my hair recovers.

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  10. Jayne

    I have used this now for a few weeks and its made no difference whatsoever. in fact my hair is more greasy than normal. It doesn’t lather up at all and I am very disappointed. Also, when it arrived, there was a note in it saying if I signed into a website of theirs (Pura dor) and enter my details a free bottle of shampoo would be sent to me as a thank you for buying from them. NOTHING ARRIVED! Total con and now they have my email details. I wont be recommending their products to anyone.

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    PURA D’OR Biotin Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning (16oz x 2) Shampoo & Conditioner Set, Clinically Tested Effective Solution w/ Herbal DHT…
    PURA D’OR Biotin Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning (16oz x 2) Shampoo & Conditioner Set, Clinically Tested Effective Solution w/ Herbal DHT…


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