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Industrial Rustic Modern Wood Ladder Pipe Wall Shelf 4 Layer Pipe Design Bookshelf DIY Shelving - SoppiGO
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Industrial Rustic Modern Wood Ladder Pipe Wall Shelf 4 Layer Pipe Design Bookshelf DIY Shelving

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Last updated on March 21, 2023 7:42 am



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  • Rustic Industrial DIY Handmade Multifunction Pipe
  • Beautiful and practical.
  • Bedroom, kitchen, living room, bar, cafe, no matter what the occasion it is the best choice.
  • Add additional shelving space easily and effortlessly.

Specification: Industrial Rustic Modern Wood Ladder Pipe Wall Shelf 4 Layer Pipe Design Bookshelf DIY Shelving

Manufacturer HUITONG
Part Number 43396-324493
Item Weight 15.42 pounds
Product Dimensions 8 x 45.6 x 24.4 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
size H:24.4L:45.6W:8 inches
color Brown
material Pipe and solid wood
Shape Rectangular
Installation Method Wall Mount
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No

10 reviews for Industrial Rustic Modern Wood Ladder Pipe Wall Shelf 4 Layer Pipe Design Bookshelf DIY Shelving

3.8 out of 5
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  1. buyer0815

    Very elegant and sturdy. Looks really nice, brings character to any room.

    Wanted to give 5 stars, but only 4 stars since there were no instructions, had to look at Amazon users reviews to find copy of instructions.

    But once I got the instructions (attaching here for others – that I found from another user of this product), the assembly was very easy. As others have mentioned, putting up on wall will require help of one more person.

    I am buying another one too.

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  2. Andrea

    UPDATED REVIEW: took it to my shop and had my plumbers try to get it together. They had to use fittings and finagle it because it was that impossible to assemble. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I am literally the vice president of a plumbing company and could not be more frustrated and confused by what looks to be a simple shelf…. I have had to walk away from this thing for a month taking breaks mental breaks to avoid losing my cool.

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  3. Tony Verge

    This looks awesome once it is installed BUT the instructions aren’t good. Once together, mounting it proved even more frustrating. Got it done, looks great but it is a good thing I am bald because I would have pulled all my hair out with this setup.

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  4. Rick Snyder

    I can understand the frustration of the folks complaining about the instructions. The paper supplied does not explain much about taking apart and rebuilding them to put on the wall. Please let me tell you how to install them with no help, I installed them in my grandson’s wall in about a half hour by myself. Yes, you must take them apart to reassemble with the shelves in place, understand that you don’t have to have all the fittings tight to put up on the wall. The key part of putting them up solidly by yourself is to mount the center round mounting bracket up first on the wall, preferably on a wall stud so it is as solid as possible. After mounting the center bracket, you can then with a level, mount one side, then the other using all four holes on each round bracket with the rawl plugs supplied to get a strong mounting on all shelves. I was going to build similar shelves myself but when pricing out the different parts it was way more than this kit. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed with the final results.

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  5. Lacrosse Mom

    I put this together in about 15 minutes. It’s not that hard see the picture of the instructions which are very vague. However if you carefully unpack in kind of line up the pipes to the picture then from there it’s pretty easy. The shelves are finished differently on each side so just decide which you want facing up in which you want facing down. I have not yet mounted it on the wall and I suspect that that will be a little difficult to maneuver so I’m going to get help with a buddy. Hopefully I’ll post a finished picture I think it’s going to look really great. I like the way it looks all put together.

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  6. lin

    Arrived much sooner than expected. Mine did include “instructions” which is just pictures. The pipes arrived already put together and you have to take some pieces apart to add the shelves. It was difficult to get the joints tight while keeping its shape so it’s loose and wants to bend while trying to pick it up. I would definitely recommend having someone help hang it, I couldn’t imagine having to put this up alone. Overall we’re pretty happy with it!

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  7. Donny Donowitz

    The Good:

    It looks great once you’re done. Quality parts and pieces etc. So honestly the pipe is good quality – it saves you the money of going to home depot and probably spending triple on the “real” stuff.

    The Bad:

    Assembly is not as easy as it should be.
    I had to manually rasp the holes in the wood because they were about 1/8″ off on either side so 1/4″ overall.
    Some of the wood is definitely warped a bit

    The Ugly:
    The instructions are about as helpful as air conditioning on the moon. No words, blurry pictures, and no idea what to do. Figure it out I guess.


    Not a bad piece. The shelves can be leveled pretty easily. It is called USE A LEVEL. I mapped out how i wanted everything, loose fit it all up, and then secured the middle flange FIRST. This made everything else much easier. I also put the wood shelves in place before anything else. once you get there tighten everything up as much as you can. You won’t always get a perfect alignment. Either crank it down within reason, or back it up a bit and deal.

    Looks great when its done and mounted. Just wish the assembly and wood holes were properly done out of the box.

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  8. Jules

    This shelving unit is spectacular. The instructions are worthless. You can put this unit together in several different ways, providing you are good at puzzles. We ended up turning one of the shelves into the corner. The pipes are all different lengths so it will not come together like a standard unit. It is made with multiple tiers, with separate fittings to allow for shorter piping on one side and longer piping on the other. All of the shelves are level, provided you correspond the correct pipes. Mounting is a bit more challenging, my best advise is to put it together, tighten all the connections including the mounting brackets. Have one person hold the entire unit to the wall while the other secures the unit with screws directly into the wall.

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  9. Israel Beaupré

    Le design est vraiment génial. J’en ai acheté 2 et j’ai pu monter une configuration différente pour éviter la répétition. Par contre, je vous conseille d’être 2 pour le visser au mur et de vous armez de patience pour le montage car c’est pas évidant. Il faut bien suivre les instructions. Petit info supp: après l’avoir installé au mur, j’ai dû tout enlever le lendemain car les ancrages n’étaient pas assez solide et tout a failli arraché du mur. J’ai dû installer des ancrages en métal et même installer un équerre pour être bien sûr que ça tienne. Ça fait maintenant 6 mois que c’est installé et c’est vraiment génial !

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  10. Amanda Pacheco

    The product is in very good condition and looks fantastic once it is put up. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with instructions as to how to put it together. I had to pull it up on here to put it together and it took me a good hour. But once together, it is wonderful!

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    Industrial Rustic Modern Wood Ladder Pipe Wall Shelf 4 Layer Pipe Design Bookshelf DIY Shelving
    Industrial Rustic Modern Wood Ladder Pipe Wall Shelf 4 Layer Pipe Design Bookshelf DIY Shelving


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