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Invicta Men’s Russian Diver Rose Gold Stainless Steel and Black Polyurethane Mechanical Watch, Rose Gold/Black (Model: 1090)


Last updated on December 2, 2021 12:55 am


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  • Rose Gold Stainless steel case 51mm diameter x 12.5mm thick; Exhibition case back; Rose Gold exhibition dial; Luminous hands
  • Chinese Mechanical movement, 3600K Caliber, 17 jewel; Assembled in China; Watch weight: 200 grams
  • Rose Gold tone stainless steel and Black silicone band, 235mm L x 26mm W; Buckle clasp
  • Flame Fusion crystal; Screw-down crown; Stationary stainless steel bezel; 50 meter water resistant: Suitable for washing hands, light splashes, swimming in shallow depths.

10 reviews for Invicta Men’s Russian Diver Rose Gold Stainless Steel and Black Polyurethane Mechanical Watch, Rose Gold/Black (Model: 1090)

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  1. Juliesworld

    the watch has scratches all along the gold and came in a box that appears to be manufactured through another company it looks rinky-dink compared to a normal Invicta box. I am very disappointed due to the fact that it never states in the ad that the watch was refurbished or pre-owned I was under the impression I was buying a new watch never owned by anyone else.

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  2. Froggie

    This watch is very attractive and will catch your friend’s eyes. That being said you would basically want it to keep accurate time. This watch falls on its crystal on that feature. It is a wind up watch, which of course I did. In a matter of a couple of hours it was already off 6 minutes. Buy it for show but don’t expect it to go.
    PS: I have another Invicta that is a battery one. It is an excellent timepiece and extremely beautiful. I’ not running down the brand….I’m running down the model.

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  3. birdmom9726

    I really, really like this watch. I have always loved big watches, and I have always loved skeleton watches, so when I saw this in my favorite rose gold color, what was not to love???? I have very small wrists, so it probably looks like a huge weight on my arm, but I STILL love it! The detailing on the inner workings of the watch is just fabulous, and the case is big and substantially made. I also like the nice rose gold inserts in the band on both sides next to the watch face itself. This is an old-fashioned, “wind it every day” watch, but it keeps perfect time and looks awesome on my arm. Plus if I ever decide to take up scuba diving, it’s waterproof to 600 feet!!!! You just can’t beat that combination! And the price was pretty good for what you get. Just a hugely attractive timepiece that definitely stands out from the crowd. My one concern is how long the rose gold plating is going to last, but I’ll just wait and see on that. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is because of the “wind it every single day” workings, but other than that I have no complaints. I also like the detailing of the chain on the waterproof sealing cap over the winding steam. Once again, we’ll see how long it stays looking nice. So far, so good. Merry Christmas to me!

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  4. Jennie

    A well made beautiful watch that gets lots of complements. My new favourite thing.

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  5. Mrs D Jennings

    Purchased for my husband as a present he already has a few of these watches and i love this one

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  6. Elizabeth

    Bought this as a “wildcard” Christmas present for my boyfriend. He’s a big fan of watches and has been looking for a rose gold one. I had previously bought him a watch with all the gears open, and it always gets compliments. Needless to say, this watch is an absolute stunner. The pictures do not capture how radiant and expensive this watch is. My boyfriend has no complaints and has worn it everyday since. The watch is huge, but the side cap hasn’t been an issue for him, or the chain either. The watch has to be cranked frequently, which he also doesn’t mind. Overall, the watch is an eye-catcher and Invicta quality is perfection.

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  7. Flash Cavin

    This is a very interesting watch to look at. It’s eye-catching. BUT, on mine, the hour hand wasn’t lined up properly. If it was 10 minutes until 6:00, the hour hand was PAST the 6:00 position as if it was already 6:15 or 6:20. That makes things very confusing. Also didn’t like having no illumination on watch face. The other complaint is it has to be wound (a LOT) daily & the wind cover is too big. I do like Invicta, just not this watch.

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  8. David Bernstein

    This watch is more than a watch – it is a statement. You will know exactly what I mean when you open the box – WOW. You’ve never seen anything like it, and you never will, trust me!

    First of all, it is the largest wristwatch I have EVER seen. On top of that, the design is anything but conservative. The band, the rose gold, the crown, the workings inside – will draw attention, It wont fit under your cuff, or even your jacket, it will bulge out and it will be seen. Might as well roll up your sleeves – or go short sleeved if you dare – and show it off. If you are dressing up in Las Vegas, New York, Paris, Tokyo, or LA for dinner, party or club night, this is it. Dont wear it to your typical stuffy corporate reception, do wear it to the New Years Eve Black Tie party, or to the afternoon horse track or car show with short sleeves. It’s a beautiful piece, looks like $2500+ or more.

    But be prepared, you will know it’s on your wrist. The huge crown will remind the back of your hand that its there, I mean its not a problem for a night out or dinner but if you want to try to work with it on, or carry your bags through the airport, or somesuch, it’s just in the way.

    Finally, I can say, not everyone can wear this watch, and even then it won’t be wearable anywhere. I mean, it’s not like having a Flav-o-flav alarm clock hanging from your neck – but it’s close. The average dorky guy in average town USA simply cannot pull this off. But if you have stuff to strut, the statement to make, and the place to make it, this piece is totally unique attention getting/conversation piece and will round out your personal presence in a big way.

    For collectors, it’s a very unique watch, simple in that there is no date, no chrono, complex in the skeleton design and interesting waterproofing. It’s a classic manual wind, hard to find these days. Keeps good time and is interesting to take a very close look at and the construction feels very top notch all around.

    I love the watch and break it out when I am on a night out in my favorite jet set city. At home, it sits proudly on my dresser and helps nudge me to plan the next time I’ll wear it. Have Fun and Buy this! I am glad I did, bravo to Invicta for taking such a risk with this totally over the top watch.

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  9. Les Hildenbrandt

    I adore this watch. It is definitely a conversation starter and it is made to be seen. I bought it because I love skeleton watches. The color contrast, negative space and size of the various parts of the watch movement make the internal function very visible which is precisely why I bought this. This is the largest and heaviest watch I have ever seen. It is not something that I would wear while working on projects because it does get in the way. I wear it on my right hand so the crown does not dig into the back of my hand. It is sized for a man who has a large wrist but I like the way it looks on my small wrist. The rose gold is a nice tone. It seems well made and solid.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     The order arrived in time, well packed it look beautiful and strong but when my husband put on his wrist and tight on, the bracelet broke on one side.. I was very unhappy off course. He Collects invicta watches and I was excited to give him one that he doesn’t have. But it was a fiasco Christmas present ☹️

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    Invicta Men’s Russian Diver Rose Gold Stainless Steel and Black Polyurethane Mechanical Watch, Rose Gold/Black (Model: 1090)
    Invicta Men’s Russian Diver Rose Gold Stainless Steel and Black Polyurethane Mechanical Watch, Rose Gold/Black (Model: 1090)


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