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Invicta Pro Diver 36mm Stainless Steel Automatic Watch


Last updated on December 1, 2021 5:38 am


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  • Imported
  • Stainless steel case 40mm diameter x 14mm thick, Exhibition case back, Black dial, Luminous hands and hour markers
  • Japanese 24 jewel automatic movement, NH35A Caliber, Assembled in Malaysia, watch weight: 155 grams
  • Stainless steel band, 210mm L x 20mm W, Band is adjustable by adding/removing links, Fold over safety clasp
  • Mineral crystal, Screw-down crown, Uni-directional black stainless steel bezel, 200 meter water resistant: Suitable for professional marine activity and surface water sports. Suitable for diving.

10 reviews for Invicta Pro Diver 36mm Stainless Steel Automatic Watch

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  1. LMC

    Ich habe die Uhr im Auftrag eines Freundes bestellt. Er nannte mir lediglich folgende, für ihn wichtige Faktoren:

    -Wasserdichtigkeit mind. 10 ATM
    -robustes Automatikwerk
    -Diver Optik
    -gute Verarbeitung
    -Uhr darf nicht zu groß sein
    -nach Möglichkeit unter 130.-

    Da ich mich mittlerweile gut bis sehr gut mit Divern auskenne, fiel mir sofort die Invicta ein. Sie ist meiner Meinung nach der ungeschlagene Preis-Leistungssieger im unteren Preissegment. Nachdem ich ihm dann Bilder gezeigt und ein paar Infos bzgl. Uhrwerk und Verarbeitung dargelegt habe, fiel der Entschluss recht schnell und ich musste die Uhr für ihn bestellen. Nun hat er sie seit knapp 4 Wochen und ist rundum zufrieden. Das robuste und zuverlässige NH35 Werk aus dem Hause Seiko tut seither brav seinen Dienst und besticht mit akzeptablen Gangwerten, welche aktuell bei ca. +8 Sekunden pro Tag liegen. Die Verarbeitung ist ungewöhnlich gut für den Preis, massive Ambandglieder, gehärtetes Mineralglas und eine ordentlich rastende Drehlünnette mit 120 Klicks. Und als zusätzliches „Schmankerl“ ist die Uhr mit einem Glasboden ausgestattet, welcher einen Blick auf Uhrwerk und verzierten Rotor gewährt.

    Kommen wir nun zum Fazit:

    Super Preis/Leistungsverhältnis, welches meiner Meinung nach in diesem Preissegment unschlagbar ist. Verarbeitung top, Uhrwerk zuverlässig, Optik toll (das ist natürlich Geschmackssache). Wer in die Welt der Automatikdiver reinschnuppern und nicht viel Geld ausgeben will, ist mit der Invicta bestens bedient!

    Falls Euch meine Rezension bei der Kaufentscheidung geholfen hat, würde ich mich freuen wenn ihr diese positiv bewertet:)

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Ordered this watch in September. At first I was pleased. Kept accurate time, looked good. Good copy of Rolex. Then the stem came out. As per instructions, I sent it in with $28.00 to the warranty center. Receive a phone message that they could replace the movement, which I didn’t think necessary, under warranty. However, the stem and screw down crown are not covered. They said the cost for that would be another $84.00. I am not going to pay more for a repair than I paid for the watch eight months ago. My first and last Invicta.

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  3. Tzar

    So, a few elephants in the room to be dealt with, particularly from the watch snobs in the forums. As soon as you mention this watch you’re belittled because it takes most of its design inspiration directly from a submariner and you can’t afford the 6 grand. And also most who buy the watch will put a Bond NATO strap on it. I’m guilty on both accounts. (And i really dislike wearing steel bracelets). The same snobs also deride anyone who buys a quartz powered watch.(I have 12 or so). So then you go and buy this automatic and still can’t win.

    I really like this watch. Yes there’s a few design flaws but it’s under £70 and the Seiko movement is a tried and tested reliable automatic.
    Obviously the overall design has the look it was going for. I don’t particularly like the huge Invicta stamped on the side but truthfully once on it’s difficult to know its there because of the polished finish. The bezel rotates anti clockwise 120 clicks. It’s quite stiff but with no play at all. The hands are easy to see and the second hand has a nice sweeping motion at 6 ticks per second (21,600 an hour).
    The crown is screwed down to help with water resistance and once undone can be hand wound and then the time adjusted as normal. After i wound it for the first time and removing at night it hasn’t stopped. Tolerance is huge at something like +- 40 seconds but after a week its still dead on.
    The lume is pretty awful and if you really stare at the cyclops over the date you can tell it’s a little wonky. I removed the bracelet straight away but it didn’t feel quality like the rest of the watch. Even though the case measures 40mm the actual face only measures 28mm. For those (like me) who like the fashion of oversized watches this can feel a little small at first at a traditional size. However, it became less noticeable after a short while.
    Weighs 154g with the bracelet and 90g with the NATO.

    Great design.
    Dependable Seiko automatic movement.

    Terrible lume.
    Dodgy cyclops.
    Can look a little small.
    Less than cheap feel to the bracelet.


    (Pictured for comparison TW Steel 50mm case 37mm face. Accurist 43mm case 37mm face.)

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  4. Logx

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Parto dalla fine: me ne hanno sostituito TRE e si sono rotti tutti nel giro di qualche tempo.

    Il primo orologio è durato 10 mesi, poi si è bloccato. Sostituito, il prodotto sostitutivo dopo 48h ha espulso un fil di ferro da sotto la ghiera. Sostituito, attendo il terzo (3°!!) orologio. In un anno è decisamente troppo, nonostante sia un bell’orologio, motivo per cui mi ostino a vedere se ne è mai stato prodotto uno funzionante.

    Anche il 3º esemplare ha smesso di funzionare, non voglio neanche commentate, girateci alla larga.

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  5. karen holland

    The watch movement itself was very good but after only 5 months the bezel fell off while I was sitting watching TV. We called Invicta and explained the problem and said ship it back and they would examine it and get it back. My costs were $11.00 to ship to them, $28.00 for return shipping and “examination. They called today and said the bezel is not covered under warranty but I could have it repaired for $69.95..a new one only cost $84. And then wanted to know if I wanted to have it back? I already paid to ship it back. I will glue the bezel back on. Customer service sucks big time.

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  6. Legionensis

    Este es un reloj polémico en el mundillo de los relojes. Un homenaje al Rolex Submariner….o una copia descarada. Según opiniones.
    En mi caso, la polémica me da igual. Casi todos los relojes estilo buceador tienen algo del Submariner, y por otra parte, pone Invicta en la esfera y grabado en el lateral de la caja. Nadie puede llamarse a engaño. Si a Rolex, o a los youtubers snobs de los canales de relojes les escuece, por mi que se rasquen. A mí me preocupa sí éste es o no un buen reloj.
    Para empezar, por 105 euros recibes el reloj en una bonita caja amarilla de falso cuero. Apta para regalo y mejor que la que incluyen marcas más caras.
    El reloj en sí, aún mejor que en las fotos. Muy bonito y….francamente elegante. El armis metálico sorprendentemente bueno. Nada que envidiar a relojes de este estilo y mucho mayor precio.
    El reloj en sí, al que he inspeccionado con ojo de perista, sorprende por lo bien acabado que está. Hace poco adquirí un Orient Mako II por el doble de precio y el Invicta no se queda atrás.
    El bisel giratorio funciona correctamente aunque no es el colmo de la solidez. La esfera es francamente bonita. Me gusta especialmente el detalle del logo de Invicta en el contrapeso del segundero.
    Tenía mis dudas acerca del cíclope, esa lupa encima de la ventana de la fecha, pero hasta eso me gusta. Pena que el lumen….deja algo que desear.
    El fondo es transparente para poder ver el movimiento automático. El rotor viene pintado de amarillo. Un detalle que me ha encantado.
    Con este calor, no me apetece ir con el armis metálico (el reloj con el armis pesa lo suyo), así que lo he sustituido por una NATO.
    En resumen, por cien aurelios de vellón, un reloj automático, con una maquinaria decente, armis metálico, bien presentado…… qué hay que pensarse?

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  7. Ron Burgundy

    Liked the watch’s look and weight but within 3 months of owning the clasp pin fell out (it actually fell apart, see photo). Feeling like it was such a minor and small part I thought for sure the one year warranty would cover a new pin. I was wrong, the band is not covered (nor is the crystal, case, strap, etc.) so if anything happens within the first year that is clearly a defect then it’s not covered. They said I could send it back for repair, at my expense, or buy a new one. So one star for a crummy little part and warranty.

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  8. Skytrooper

    Out of the five Invicta Pro Diver automatic watches I’ve bought from Amazon, only one arrived with no significant problem. The first two watches were accurate enough when stored but lost time at a rate of one to six minutes a day when worn on the wrist. The third watch had acceptable accuracy but the rotating bezel was incredibly loose, horizontally and vertically. I didn’t notice how bad the bezel was until the 30-day return period elapsed. I “fixed” the problem by wrapping four turns of waxed dental floss under the bezel. Not an ideal solution, but it works, at least for now.

    This black dial/bezel model 8926OB is an attractive watch and is the second most accurate of the five Invicta Pro Diver automatic watches I’ve owned. When stored dial up, it gained time at the rate of a few seconds a day. When worn on the wrist, it usually lost time at a rate of ten seconds or so a day. This is excellent for an inexpensive automatic watch. There are much more expensive automatic watches which aren’t this accurate.

    However, I returned this watch because the rotating bezel was extremely loose. The bezel didn’t have the excess vertical play another Pro Diver did, but the horizontal play was awful. Just lightly touching the bezel with a finger tip moved it a quarter inch. Because this watch’s accuracy was so good, I was tempted to try the dental floss “fix” and keep the watch but finally decided against it.

    I can’t comment on the bracelet as the first thing I do with Invicta watches is replace the cheap metal bracelet with a high quality NATO nylon strap. The lume on Invicta watches is mediocre but you can’t expect much better considering the price.

    My advice concerning Invicta Pro Diver automatic watches: Only buy them on Amazon when they’re on sale. When the watch arrives, inspect it closely, especially the bezel and screw-down crown. Besides two loose bezels, one of the Pro Divers I received had a very gritty screw-down crown. Either manually or with an app, carefully check the watch’s accuracy. Be sure and check the watch’s accuracy when worn on your wrist, not just stored. Check the watch for scratches or other blemishes. Invicta’s quality control is pretty bad and their warranty is virtually worthless. You need to examine and test the watch thoroughly within Amazon’s 30-day return period.

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  9. M S

    For people who don’t have time to read my complete review, here’s a brief review.

    Bought for: ₹5808
    1. Automatic Japanese Seiko movement
    2. Amazing build quality
    3. 200m water resistant
    4. Display back
    5. Screw down crown
    6. Rotating outer diver bezel
    7. Manual wind and hacking functions
    8. Looks like a Rolex Submariner

    1. Looks a lot like a Rolex Submariner
    2. A bit tall on the wrist
    3. Servicing is tough in India for Invicta watches if something goes wrong
    4. A Little heavy on the bracelet
    5. Loom is very weak on the markers.

    Some people have complain about quality issues like misaligned markers or bezel, hands fell off etc. At the time of posting this review it’s been almost a month of daily use and I’m lucky to not have any issues in my piece.

    Verdict: It’s an absolute value for money (at least for what I’ve paid) and you can definitely go for it if you like the design.

    Loooong Review:
    To be honest I’m a huge horological nerd and I absolutely love watches. I follow almost all watch communities on the internet and I have quite a decent collection of watches myself including Gshock, Seiko, Timex, automatic, manual wind and quartz movements etc. I always wanted to have an automatic diver in my collection and my first choice was a Seiko SKX which is a legendary diver watch. But when I searched I couldn’t find SKX on any website or retail stores in India. (Though later I found that Amazon is selling it in India but for an absurd price of more than 30k where as you could buy it in US for somewhere around 200 dollars) So I had no choice but to find an alternative and I came across Orient Ray and Mako line of watches which are absolutely gorgeous and original in design but they cost around 14k – 17k on Amazon India. Meanwhile I had my eyes on this Invicta Prodiver 8926OB even though a lot of people in watch community dislike Invicta as a company, but like this particular watch model. So when I checked, the prices were fluctuating between 7k to 9k and I was not willing to pay that money for an Invicta, but recently the prices dropped to around 5800 bucks and I jumped on it. Honestly, there are no regrets since.

    The dimensions are, 40mm dia bezel excluding crown, the lug width is 20mm. It wears marvellously on smaller wrist like mine even though it wears a little bit taller on the wrist. It has a 120 click rotating bezel and the action on the bezel is very solid and easy to rotate thanks to coinage on the bezel. There are applied markers and applied winged Invicta logo which looks really good and the hands are very Rolex inspired Mercedes hands, both have loom but the loom on the markers are very dim when compared to loom on the hands. There is a loom pip on the bezel at 12 o’clock position that helps in orientation of the watch in the dark. The watch has a mixture of brushed and mirror finishes that is done impeccably well and it gives a beautiful lustre to the watch especially on that aluminium insert of the bezel and glossy black dial of the watch. There is a cyclops on the mineral glass exactly above the date window that magnifies it for improved legibility. Some people don’t like the cyclops but personally, I don’t mind it. The crown is a screw down crown with crown guards. I’m really impressed with the crown on this watch. It has a perfect size to screw, unscrew or wind the watch with ease, and it is signed with Invicta cross that aligns perfectly when completely screwed in. Another impressive thing in this watch is the display back, it shows the automatic movement in all its glory.

    Speaking of the movement, it is the best part in this watch. It is a Japanese caliber NH35A movement, basically it is an unbranded version of Seiko movement caliber 4R35 which can be found in sub 30,000₹ Seiko watches. It is most popular automatic movement in micro brands too. This movement is automatic of course(for those who don’t know it doesn’t require a battery and works on your movements) but it has hacking(seconds hand stops when crown is pulled out) and manual wind functions as well. According to the official site it has an accuracy of -20 to +20 seconds per day but I’m happy to report it is given me an impressive +7 seconds per day.

    The bracelet which it comes on is completely solid with brushed and mirror finishes. End links are hollow but it is expected in this price range. I must say it looks really good on the bracelet but you can most definitely order some nato straps (preferably on AliExpress 😬 sorry amazon, you lack collection in this regard) and dress it down a bit. And because of the Rolex aesthetics, this watch is a strap monster. It looks freakin amazing with any strap you put it on.

    I must say, I’ve washed clothes wearing it, I’ve been to weddings with it, I’ve been on a bike ride with it, I went swimming with it, you name it. I’ve even dropped it once accidentally but it did not stop ticking.

    I’ve tried to take and post as many pictures as I can for you to decide but I gotta say it’s one of the best wrist watches at the price range. Absolutely go for it if you like the design and if it suits your budget. At the end of the day if something brings you joy and happiness, it’s worth it.


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  10. Catfish

    I’ve purchased several “homage” Submariners in the past 10 years. This one is the least expensive, and easily the best. By way of background, the first was a Steinheart Ocean-1. After a couple of years the bezel ring would no longer click but just free wheel and the watch gained over 10 seconds a day. Very disappointing, given the cost of the watch. The second was an Orient Snorkeler that worked okay but eventually stopped running. The third was a no-name that I bought on e-bay from Hong Kong with a miyota movement.
    There were several things that caused me to initially shy away from this Invicta in the past. Most notably was all of the Invicta badging on their products, and the negative comments about that and the watch band.
    The quality of the movement on this watch makes up for all of the badging issues. It is a Seiko hacking movement, and it is the most accurate movement of any automatic watch I’ve ever owned (and I’ve been wearing automatics since the 1960s). I’ve been wearing it for a little over a week now, and it has only gained a total of three seconds (not three seconds a day, but three seconds overall). I think that is pretty amazing for a timepiece that only cost $85.
    The watch is very handsome, and gets a lot of looks and compliments. The “INCVICTA” engraving on the left side of the case is actually very subtle and not that noticeable. This might be more of an issue for those who wear the watch on their right wrist, but for those who wear it on the left, it is hardly visible. I actually like the wing on the short end of the second hand and on the face of the watch. The luminous dot on the second hand is probably 1/8″ closer to the end of the hand than the dot on most other homages (and the real thing), but this actually causes it to sweep directly over the luminous hour dots on the face of the watch as it moves, which I think is cool. The watch band has received some negative reviews and I am not sure why. It is a thick, heavy-weight band and is of much higher quality than what was was furnished with any of the other Submariner homage watches that I have owned (by comparison, the one on the Orient was terrible to the point that it had to be replaced). Some don’t like the shiny center kinks on the provided band, but I do. It looks good and has been durable so far. One other positive attribute worth noting about this watch is the magnification quality of the date cyclops. It actually does a good job of really magnifying, unlike on some of the others that I own (only the Steinhart magnifies the date this well). Some have complained that the bezel ring is hard to turn, and I initially experienced the same thing. A youtube video suggested soaking the watch in water for up to an hour then turning the bezel ring while wet. I performed this procedure twice and it did the trick. Now the bezel ring moves easily enough but is still very tight and wiggle free. The bezel has 120 clicks vice the more common 60 clicks.
    So for 85 bucks, you get a very good looking Submariner homage with a hacking Seiko movement that is nearly as accurate as a quartz watch. Whats not to like?

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    Invicta Pro Diver 36mm Stainless Steel Automatic Watch
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