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Casio watch strap watchband Resin Band black for AQ-S810W AQ-S810


Last updated on December 4, 2021 5:59 am


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Perfect Fit replacement watch band for CASIO AEQ-110BW, AEQ-110W, AQ-S810W, W-735H, W-736H Genuine Resin Band Plastic Buckle Color: Black Fits CASIO: AEQ-110BW AEQ-110BW-9 AEQ-110BW-9A AEQ-110BW-9AV AEQ-110W AEQ-110W-1 AEQ-110W-1A AEQ-110W-1AV AEQ-110W-1B AEQ-110W-1BV AEQ-110W-2A2V AQ-S810W AQ-S810W-1 AQ-S810W-1A AQ-S810W-1A3 AQ-S810W-1A3V AQ-S810W-1A AQ-S810W-1AV AQ-S810W-1B AQ-S810W-1BV W-735H W-735H-1 W-735H-1A W-735H-1A2 W-735H-1A2V W-735H-1A3 W-735H-1A3V W-735H-1A W-735H-1AV W-736H W-736H-1 W-736H-1A W-736H-1AV W-736H-2 W-736H-2A W-736H-2AV W-736H-3 W-736H-3A W-736H-3AV Lug Width/Band Width: mm/18mm MPN: 10410723, 10438046

Specification: Casio watch strap watchband Resin Band black for AQ-S810W AQ-S810

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Casio
Model number 10410723
Part Number 10410723
Display Type Analog and digital
Clasp Tang Buckle
Case diameter 1.00
Band Material Resin
Band width 18 millimeters
Band Color Black
Dial color Black
Special features Genuine Factory Replacement Band
Movement Japanese quartz
Product Warranty For warranty information about this product, please click here

10 reviews for Casio watch strap watchband Resin Band black for AQ-S810W AQ-S810

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  1. Ralph Street Sr.

    I ordered a black band and it listed my specific model of watch as a fit. When it arrived the package said it was a black band, but was actually a dark olive green. I decided I could live with that since it is not a dress watch so I tried to install it. The lugs were too long to allow the pins to set in the recess. I tried several tricks to get it installed, but is was just too thick. I will have to trim the lug down some to get it on. In short, I got the wrong color and it did not fit a model it listed as compatible. The other option is to return it, which is what I may do.

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  2. k.

    I’m not sure if it is the design of the watch or poor tolerance on the manufacturing of this genuine Casio band, but replacing this band is incredibly difficult. Have an AQ-S810W, and it has survived everything I could throw at it over the last 6-7 years, except replacing the band. Getting the pins lined back up with the holes in the watch took an act of god. Unfortunately if I have to replace the band again, I’ll just get rid of the watch instead. On the plus side, it arrived quickly.

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  3. Robert D. Barwick

    Simply does not fit. The tolerances are off in such a way that the band can’t be installed.

    I have given up on Casio band replacement for my W736H. It is simply too non-user-friendly. Better to throw the thing away and but a new watch of some sort. Casio and the suppliers make understanding fit for particular models very difficult is not impossible. In this case, my model number was listed but it is not true.

    I did learn that Gorilla Tape works to patch a broken band for a life of several weeks at a time!. That is the only hope for my old watch at this point.

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  4. O. Boucher

    The watch band fits. It is a trouble to install. I tried the small screw drivers for a long time, and got frustrated. I ended up buying a watch repair kit, for a different project, and the spring bar tool that came with it worked in about 15 minutes each side. The kit was only $17.

    When I first got it, I looked at it under lamp light and it looked black. Now, in natural light, it is green and the clasp is the only thing black. The website said it was black. It does not matter too much because it is a work watch. I waited too long to do a return. You can see the color difference between the head, new band and the old band, in the photos. In the photo, the silver tool is what I used to put the replacement band on and off.

    It is a difficult band to find a replacement for, and a difficult band to replace.

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  5. CyberGuy

    Fits perfectly in my Casio. Make sure you have the right tool to install it. It’s only a few bucks here on Amazon and will save you some time. It’s worth noting that even with the right tool one side took me 30 seconds to snap in, while they other one took me 25 minutes. Patience is key.

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  6. MGJ

    Everyone takes about how hard it was to install. Using a small pen like object (I used the tip of a protractor), I got both straps replaced in around 20th minutes from opening the package. The real problem was my pins weren’t in the best shape and I’ve was pretty bent. If my pins were straight, it would have taken half the time.

    The bands are factory and fit perfect. Much better than buying a new watch

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  7. Aurélie

    Je viens de recevoir les bracelets de rechange, mais ceux-ci ne se montent pas sur ma montre, alors que j’ai bien sélectionné le bon modèle.
    En effet, il y a une légère différence de hauteur au niveau de la fixation, vers la tige, qui empêche le clipsage.

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  8. Anthony R Griffin

    Nothing wrong with the product itself, but it is incredibly difficult to fit. I found a video online that showed how to do it it, so I didn’t just fiddle around at random. To cut a long story short, after hours of attempting this, I managed to remove the old band but couldn’t get the new one to fit. The problem is not so much the strap itself but the fiddly little metal pin that has to be compressed and inserted just so. In the end I took it to a jeweler who couldn’t fit it either, telling me that the material of the watch itself was split so the pin wouldn’t stay in.This was probably due to my efforts to remove the pin. I’m returning the strap for a refund, and now have a functional watch that I can’t wear on my wrist!

    Anyway, I don’t recommend this strap to anyone who isn’t very skilled in manipulating tiny springy things, or who is not prepared to pay a jeweler to fit it.

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  9. D

    Very difficult to attach to the watch, but this is not the watch band’s fault at all. The watch’s design and tight fit of the band made the placement and anchoring of the pins that hold the band to the watch extremely difficult. It’s almost as though Casio has designed the watch in a way that makes it easier to purchase a new watch than replace the band. Again, not the band’s fault.

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  10. MICHELE C.

    Gli attacchi corrispondono perfettamente ma ho preferito farlo montare da un orologiaio, anche perché non erano inclusi i perni di blocco.

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    Casio watch strap watchband Resin Band black for AQ-S810W AQ-S810
    Casio watch strap watchband Resin Band black for AQ-S810W AQ-S810


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